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The Lumension© Endpoint Intelligence Center is your resource for the latest information and tools needed to safeguard IT networks. We have brought together the hottest on:

  • OS and application vulnerabilities and patches;
  • Free file assessment tools;
  • Free endpoint assessment tools; and
  • News from the field.

Taken from a variety of known and trusted sources, the Lumension© Endpoint Intelligence Center provides information which will help IT administrators make informed decisions on both the risk profile and mitigation strategies of their network.

  • Search the vulnerabilities library for the latest on known weaknesses in both Operating Systems across many platforms (like Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Red Hat Linux, etc.) and the applications which run on them (e.g., Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, Java, etc.).
  • Search the patch library for the latest fixes to these vulnerabilities, regardless of platform or vendor.

In addition, the Lumension© Endpoint Intelligence Center makes free assessment tools available (under the Utilities and Security Tools tabs) which will help IT administrators better understand the endpoints in the network and the files running on them.

  • Use the free Hash Lookup utility to get detailed information on previously unknown or suspicious files, and the file rating needed to make trust decisions.
  • Use the free File Lookup utility to decide if a suspicious or unknown file is possibly dangerous (i.e., is it malware).
  • Use the free endpoint assessment tools - including the Application Scanner, the Device Scanner and the Vulnerability Scanner - to assess your current risk posture and to help develop your mitigation strategy.

Finally, the Lumension© Endpoint Intelligence Center presents the latest IT Security news and insights from around the world, providing IT administrators with the context and foresight needed to better position your security efforts.

  • Find late breaking news in the Latest Security News section.
  • Find more information under the Resources tab, including the latest posts from both the Lumension and IntelligentWhitelisting blogs, as well as other useful tools.

Last Updated: 27 May 2016 10:34:40