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The File Lookup Utility is a free, enterprise-focused search engine which provides the details of any Windows executable file - including file hashes, file information and vendor information - needed to make informed whitelisting decisions.

The Lumension® Endpoint Intelligence Center accesses the Lumension® Endpoint Integrity Service (EIS), a comprehensive database of file information gathered from three sources:

Taken as a whole, this data provides deep insight into well-known files used in a typical business context.

Lumension then generates a file rating, based on provenance and prevalence.

  • Provenance is the source or ownership of the file in question, and is determined by where the data came from; a file found to match the direct-from-vendor and/or NSRL data obviously elevates the rating, as does if the file is digitally signed.
  • Prevalence is determined by how often and where the file in question is seen; if the exact same copy of the file (as determined by the unique hash of it) is found in all three sources or across more systems in the user network, then the rating is higher. For more details on file ratings, please see here.

The EIS database provides IT administrators - particularly those charged with whitelisting applications within their environment - with both the detailed file information and the file rating needed to make trust decisions on previously unknown or suspicious files. To learn more, please see the Lumension® Endpoint Integrity Service (EIS) webpage.

Last Updated: 27 May 2016 10:34:40