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Bash bug "Shellshock" is as large as issue as Heartbleed


Softpedia - (International) A researcher found a security vulnerability in the GNU Bourne Again Shell (Bash) command interpreter named Shellshock available through versions 1.14 and 4.3 and used in several Unix-based operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X that poses the risk of remote code execution and can be executed in many ways by applications. A patch was issued for the vulnerability CVE-2014-6271 but remained incomplete, and a second vulnerability, CVE-2014-7169, that was issued as a result remains unpatched.


Note: This news synopsis is taken from the DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report, a daily [Monday through Friday, except US Federal holidays] summary of open-source published information concerning significant critical infrastructure issues; a 10-day archive of the DOSIR can be found at:

Last Updated: 27 May 2016 10:21:49