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5 teens arrested for suspected ATM skimming operation 29 Sep 2015

Newly found TrueCrypt flaw allows full system compromise 29 Sep 2015

Thousands of 'directly hackable' hospital devices exposed online 29 Sep 2015

About 2,800 Kentucky high school students notified of breach 28 Sep 2015

Mobile ad network abused in DDoS attack: CloudFlare 28 Sep 2015

State confiscates gas pump card skimmers 28 Sep 2015

VBA malware makes a comeback inside booby-trapped Word documents 28 Sep 2015

Cookies render HTTPS sessions vulnerable to data leaks 26 Sep 2015

Hilton says checking claims of hacking at hotels 26 Sep 2015

Operation Pony Express delivers malware via Microsoft Word files 26 Sep 2015

Cisco releases tool for detecting malicious router implants 25 Sep 2015

Kasidet DDOSing bot adds credit card scraping capabilities 25 Sep 2015

Kovter malware now lives solely in the Windows registry 25 Sep 2015

Over 2,000 WordPress sites are infecting users with spyware 25 Sep 2015

Suspects skimmed Margate bank customers' info, police say 25 Sep 2015

Vulnerabilities found in several SCADA products 25 Sep 2015

XcodeGhost-infected apps open gates to malware hijacking 25 Sep 2015

Audit finds holes in government computer system that stores data on customers 24 Sep 2015

Cisco patches denial-of-service, bypass vulnerabilities in IOS 24 Sep 2015

New malware infects ATMs, dispenses cash on command 24 Sep 2015

Ransomware pushers up their game against small businesses 24 Sep 2015

Second person arrested in credit fraud scheme that stole 300 identities, $5M 24 Sep 2015

Brute-forcing URL shorteners can expose sensitive corporate information 23 Sep 2015

Firefox 41 patches critical vulnerabilities 23 Sep 2015

Home Depot cashiers charged with making fraudulent credit card transactions, police say 23 Sep 2015

Large number of iOS apps infected by XcodeGhost 23 Sep 2015

Malvertisers slam Forbes, Realtor with world's worst exploit kits 23 Sep 2015

New adware facilitates the distribution of trojans for Mac users 23 Sep 2015

OPM hack: 5.6 million fingerprints (not 1.1 million) were stolen 23 Sep 2015

Security researcher exposes potentially dangerous privacy flaw in iOS-iTunes connections 23 Sep 2015

WD My Cloud NAS devices can be hijacked by attackers 23 Sep 2015

Adobe patches 23 vulnerabilities in Flash Player 22 Sep 2015

Data breach exposes Salt Lake County employee information 22 Sep 2015

Malware-infected game discovered on Google Play, up to 1 million users at risk 22 Sep 2015

SEC charges investment adviser with failing to adopt proper cybersecurity policies and procedures prior to breach 22 Sep 2015

Apple watchOS2 includes host of code-execution patches 21 Sep 2015

Ex-Morgan Stanley adviser pleads guilty in connection with data breach 21 Sep 2015

Apple removes malware-infected iOS apps from store 20 Sep 2015

Nasty URL bug brings Google Chrome to a screeching halt 20 Sep 2015

Three Symantec employees fired for issuing fake Google SSL certificates 20 Sep 2015

AT&T employees installed malware on their PCs to aid phone unlocking service 19 Sep 2015

Ghost Push Android malware infects 600,000 new users per day 19 Sep 2015

Software firm's blunder exposes 1.5M private user details on AWS server 19 Sep 2015

Critical Bugzilla flaw allows access to unpatched vulnerability information 18 Sep 2015

D-Link accidentally publishes code signing keys 18 Sep 2015

Google details plans to disable SSLV3 RC4 18 Sep 2015

Infographic: Over 170,000 Magento shops are still vulnerable to Shoplift bug 18 Sep 2015

Malicious SYNful Cisco router implant found on more devices across the globe 18 Sep 2015

Thousands of WordPress sites hijacked to distribute malware in the last two days 18 Sep 2015

VMware addresses vulnerability in vCenter server 18 Sep 2015

80% increase of malware on Windows devices 17 Sep 2015

Apple patches vulnerabilities in iOS, OS X, iTunes, Xcode 17 Sep 2015

Chinese-based cyber attacks on US military are 'advanced, persistent and ongoing' 17 Sep 2015

Comcast reaches $33 mln settlement with California privacy violations 17 Sep 2015

Dutch police arrest CoinVault ransomware authors 17 Sep 2015

Hackers breach Commack High School computer system, district officials say 17 Sep 2015

Hospital worker admits selling more than 250 patient records 17 Sep 2015

Malware links Russians to 7-year global cyberspy campaign 17 Sep 2015

New POS trojan created by mixing code from older malware 17 Sep 2015

Under DDoS attack? It could just be a distraction 17 Sep 2015

Android 5 bug allows attackers to easily unlock password-protected devices 16 Sep 2015

Bug in iOS allows writing of arbitrary files via AirDrop 16 Sep 2015

Homeland Security websites vulnerable to cyber attack: Audit 16 Sep 2015

Major malvertising operation went undetected for three weeks 16 Sep 2015

Persistent XSS flaw in SharePoint 2013 revealed, patched 16 Sep 2015

Schenider patches plaintext credentials bug in building automation system 16 Sep 2015

WordPress patches XSS, privilege escalation vulnerabilities 16 Sep 2015

Cisco router break-ins bypass cyber defenses 15 Sep 2015

CMS alerts 7,600 job applicants to personal data breach 15 Sep 2015

Confidential patient information exposed after computer theft 15 Sep 2015

FirstBank warns customers some local ATMs had illegal "skimmers." 15 Sep 2015

Popular mobile travel apps have critical security issues 15 Sep 2015

Russian pleads guilty in major hacking case 15 Sep 2015

The rise of repeated "low and slow" DDoS attacks 15 Sep 2015

Thought Heartbleed was dead? Nope - hundreds of thousands of things still vulnerable to attack 15 Sep 2015

Attackers use Google Search Console to hide website hacks 14 Sep 2015

New malware can make ATMs not give users' card back 14 Sep 2015

TLS communications exposed to KCI attacks 14 Sep 2015

At least 100 fake credit cards connected to fraud scheme 11 Sep 2015

CoreBot becomes full-fledged banking trojan 11 Sep 2015

CVS alerts photo site users after confirming July data breach 11 Sep 2015

Sutter Health says former employee mishandled patient records 11 Sep 2015

Three charged in major credit scam 11 Sep 2015

Yokogawa patches serious flaws in ICS products 11 Sep 2015

No patches available for flaws in Cisco security appliances 10 Sep 2015

PIN-changing, screen-locking Android ransomware 10 Sep 2015

SAP updates patch twenty vulnerabilities 10 Sep 2015

Adobe patches critical vulnerabilities in Shockwave Player 09 Sep 2015

DD4BC extortionist group launched over 140 DDoS attacks: Akamai 09 Sep 2015

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield announces breach, 10.5M records at risk 09 Sep 2015

ICS flaw disclosures at high levels since Stuxnet attack 09 Sep 2015

Microsoft patches Windows vulnerability exploited in the wild 09 Sep 2015

Russian hacking group uses satellites to hide C&C servers 09 Sep 2015

Zimperium releases exploit code for testing against Stagefright vulnerability 09 Sep 2015

About 2,500 customer credit cards affected in Mohu website breach 08 Sep 2015

Cal State data breach hits nearly 80,000 students 08 Sep 2015

NETGEAR patches vulnerability in Wireless Management System 08 Sep 2015

Pentagon food court computers hacked, exposing employees' bank information 08 Sep 2015

Researcher discloses zero-day flaws in Advantech WebAccess 08 Sep 2015

Verified Play Store apps found to be spreading MKero malware 08 Sep 2015

Vulnerabilities in WhatsApp web affect 200 million users globally 08 Sep 2015

Webroot, Avira patch flaws in mobile security apps 08 Sep 2015

Android pornography app takes pictures of users and blackmails them for cash 07 Sep 2015

Fiat Chrysler recalls SUVs to prevent remote hacking 07 Sep 2015

Kaspersky patches critical vulnerability in antivirus products 07 Sep 2015

Ransomware risk from over 140 million websites, researchers warn 07 Sep 2015

Mozilla bug tracker hacked, data about Firefox vulnerabilities stolen 05 Sep 2015

Cisco patches flaw in data center management products 04 Sep 2015

Encrypted medical databases shown to leak information 04 Sep 2015

Flaws in OrientDB expose databases to remote attacks 04 Sep 2015

FortiClient antivirus fixes system-level privilege escalation bug 04 Sep 2015

More ATM "Insert Skimmer" innovations 03 Sep 2015

Consumers advised to check bills after credit card 'skimming gadget' found hidden in Baton Rouge gas station pump 02 Sep 2015

Future Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Edge releases will not support RC4 encryption 02 Sep 2015

Google patches 29 vulnerabilities with release of Chrome 45 02 Sep 2015

Mobile gaming apps expose enterprise data 02 Sep 2015

Siemens patches vulnerability in RUGGEDCOM switches 02 Sep 2015

Heflin police uncover 180 credit/debit cards, ID theft tools during traffic stop 01 Sep 2015

Intel: Criminals getting better at data exfiltration 01 Sep 2015

UCLA Health notifies patients of data breach after laptop theft 01 Sep 2015

'KeyRaider' iOS malware targets jailbroken devices 31 Aug 2015

CERT warns of slew of bugs in Belkin N600 routers 31 Aug 2015

Cisco ISE carries HTML authentication bug 31 Aug 2015

Ex-Secret Service agent pleads guilty in Silk Road case; he pocketed $820,000 in bitcoin 31 Aug 2015

Hackers linked to Russian government impersonate EFF Web site to spread malware 31 Aug 2015

IBM warns of new CoreBot stealer 31 Aug 2015

Russian-speaking hackers breach 97 Web sites, many of them dating ones 31 Aug 2015

Vulnerability allowed hackers to hijack Smartsheet accounts 31 Aug 2015

Three skimmers found in two days 30 Aug 2015

Security breach affecting 10K Utah Food Bank donors 29 Aug 2015

Adobe releases hotfix to patch ColdFusion vulnerability 28 Aug 2015

Moxa patches flaws in industrial ethernet switches 28 Aug 2015

Mozilla updates Firefox 40 to patch two serious flaws 28 Aug 2015

Phishing costs an average company up to $3.7 million per year 28 Aug 2015

81% of healthcare organizations have been compromised 27 Aug 2015

BitTorrent patch throttles reflective DDoS attacks 27 Aug 2015

Business email compromise 27 Aug 2015

DD4BC are DDoS attack driving force, new report claims 27 Aug 2015

Endress+Hauser patches buffer overflow in dozens of ICS products 27 Aug 2015

FireEye intern VXer pleads guilty for Darkode droid RAT ruse 27 Aug 2015

PayPal fixes XSS flaw that allowed access to unencrypted credit card details 27 Aug 2015

Small percentage of employees responsible for most cloud security risk 27 Aug 2015

Apple iOS Ins0mnia flaw that hides malicious apps revealed by FireEye 26 Aug 2015

CERT warns of hard-coded credentials in DSL SOHO routers 26 Aug 2015

New Zeus variant "Sphinx" offered for sales 26 Aug 2015

Researchers uncover new Italian RAT uWarrior 26 Aug 2015

Sundown EK first to integrate exploit for recently patched IE flaw 26 Aug 2015

Zero-day, Angler kit exploits help drive up malvertising by 325% 26 Aug 2015

Audit: California agencies vulnerable to IT security breach 25 Aug 2015

AutoIt used in targeted attacks to move RATs 25 Aug 2015

Flaw in Android remote-support tool exploited by screen recording app 25 Aug 2015

Tor increasingly used by malicious actors: IBM 25 Aug 2015

AlienSpy RAT resurfaces as Jsocket 24 Aug 2015

Apple patches nine vulnerabilities in QuickTime for Windows 24 Aug 2015

Dyre trojan uses semi- random file names to evade detection 24 Aug 2015

Google patches Android vulnerability that allowed arbitrary code execution 24 Aug 2015

Risky mobile behaviors are prevalent in the government 24 Aug 2015

Samsung smart fridge leaves Gmail logins open to attack 24 Aug 2015

Zero-day flaws found in Dolphin, Mercury browsers for Android 24 Aug 2015

Thousands of hacked WordPress sites abused in Neutrino EK attacks 21 Aug 2015

Colorado's OIT notifies 3,000 residents of data breach 20 Aug 2015

Drupal security updates patch five vulnerabilities 20 Aug 2015

Holes found in Pocket Firefox add-on 20 Aug 2015

iOS sandbox flaw exposes companies using MDM solutions 20 Aug 2015

New data leaked from 'cheater' site Ashley Madison 20 Aug 2015

URI says data breach involves some 3,000 email accounts 20 Aug 2015

Adobe patches vulnerability in LiveCycle data services 19 Aug 2015

Hackers leak Ashley Madison user data 19 Aug 2015

Internet company hit by credit card breach 19 Aug 2015

Darkode member admits selling access to spam botnet 18 Aug 2015

Emergency IE patch fixes vulnerability under attack 18 Aug 2015

High severity flaw in Android allows arbitrary code execution 18 Aug 2015

IRS: Computer breach bigger than first thought; 334,000 victims 18 Aug 2015

Reflection DDoS attacks abusing RPC Portmapper 18 Aug 2015

Security flaw affecting more than 100 car models exposed by scientists 18 Aug 2015

Target settles Visa card issuer claims in breach 18 Aug 2015

Alerts issued for zero-day flaws in SCADA systems 17 Aug 2015

BitTorrent flaws can be exploited for DRDoS attacks 17 Aug 2015

Exploit for OS X zero-day published by researcher 17 Aug 2015

Romanian National admits to international ATM skimming scheme 17 Aug 2015

Illinois Department of Corrections inadvertently shares Social Security numbers of 1,000 employees 16 Aug 2015

UVa board hears about cyberattack, faculty hiring progress 16 Aug 2015

Administrators continue to fail in securing databases by using proper configs 15 Aug 2015

Apple releases patch for OS X vulnerability exploited in the wild 14 Aug 2015

Google has another try at patching Stagefright flaw 14 Aug 2015

OwnStar attack now aimed at BMW, Chrysler, Mercedes cars 14 Aug 2015

Android ransomware locks up devices, has additional features 13 Aug 2015

Cisco spots attackers hijacking its networking gear by modifying firmware 13 Aug 2015

DPH investigating release of patient information at medical marijuana dispensary 13 Aug 2015

SAP Security updates patch 22 vulnerabilities 13 Aug 2015

Secret Service investigates hacking at Orange County Employees Association 13 Aug 2015

Zero day in Android's Google Admin app can bypass sandbox 13 Aug 2015

Blacklists miss 90% of malware blogged IP love 12 Aug 2015

CAUGHT: Lenovo crams unremovable crapware into Windows laptops - by hiding it in the BIOS 12 Aug 2015

Data breach impacts 6,000 Georgians, including Salvation Army 12 Aug 2015

Firefox 40 patches vulnerabilities, expands malware protection 12 Aug 2015

How texting a Corvette could stop it in its tracks 12 Aug 2015

ISIS hacking group tweets support for 'lone wolf' attacks on military personnel 12 Aug 2015

Microsoft, Adobe patch dozens of security vulnerabilities 12 Aug 2015

Vulnerabilities identified in several WordPress plugins 12 Aug 2015

Angler EK exploits recently patched IE bug to deliver ransomware 11 Aug 2015

Asprox botnet, a long-running nuisance, disappears 11 Aug 2015

Darkhotel APT uses Hacking Team exploit to target specific systems 11 Aug 2015

FTC investigation finds glitch to blame in Morgan Stanley data beach 11 Aug 2015

Nine charged in U.S. insider trading scheme involving hackers 11 Aug 2015

OpenSSH 7.0 fixes authentication vulnerability, other security bugs 11 Aug 2015

Serialization vulnerabilities put many Android devices at risk 11 Aug 2015

Cyber-physical attacks: Hacking a chemical plant 10 Aug 2015

Default WSUS configuration puts organizations at risk: researchers. 10 Aug 2015

First vulnerability found in Microsoft Edge, affects other software as well. 10 Aug 2015

Fred's Inc. discloses cybersecurity breach 10 Aug 2015

HTC phone stores fingerprints in easily accessible plaintext. 10 Aug 2015

Internal LTE/3G modems can be hacked to help malware survive OS reinstalls. 09 Aug 2015

SDN switches aren't hard to compromise, researcher says. 09 Aug 2015

Rush to put death records online lets anyone be 'killed'. 08 Aug 2015

American Airlines, Sabre said to be hit in hacks backed by China. 07 Aug 2015

Google disables inline installation of Chrome extensions for deceptive developers. 07 Aug 2015

Mozilla patches Firefox zero-day exploited in the wild. 07 Aug 2015

Tech firm Ubiquiti suffers $46M cyberheist. 07 Aug 2015

Trend Micro uncovers attacks on Internet-connected petrol stations. 07 Aug 2015

80 vulnerabilities found in iOS in 2015, 10 in Android. 06 Aug 2015

Attackers could use Internet route hijacking to get fraudulent HTTPS certificates. 06 Aug 2015

BLEKey device breaks RFID physical access controls. 06 Aug 2015

Corporate networks can be compromised via Windows updates 06 Aug 2015

DDoS attacks rage on, primarily impacting U.S. and Chinese entities. 06 Aug 2015

Design flaw in Intel processors opens door to rootkits, researcher says. 06 Aug 2015

Easily exploitable Certifi-gate bug opens Android devices to hijacking. 06 Aug 2015

GameOver Zeus gang leader engaged in espionage 06 Aug 2015

Gone in less than a second. 06 Aug 2015

Hacking Team brewed potent iOS poison for non-jailbroken iThings 06 Aug 2015

Man accused of installing credit-card skimmers in Boca Raton, Delray Beach. 06 Aug 2015

Researcher hacks his way into a GlobalStar satellite 06 Aug 2015

Tesla patches Model S after researchers hack car's software. 06 Aug 2015

Updated DGA Changer malware generates fake domain stream. 06 Aug 2015

Zero-day disclosure-to-weaponization period cut in half. 06 Aug 2015

"Man-in-the-Cloud" attacks leverage storage services to steal data 05 Aug 2015

Android device makers promise monthly security fixes 05 Aug 2015

APT group gets selective about data it steals 05 Aug 2015

Nuclear nightmare: Industrial control switches need fixing, now 05 Aug 2015

Symantec patches critical vulnerabilities in Endpoint Protection 05 Aug 2015

79% of companies release apps with known vulnerabilities 04 Aug 2015

Chinese VPN used by APT actors relies on hacked servers 04 Aug 2015

Labor Department vulnerable to data breach 04 Aug 2015

Macs can be permanently compromised via firmware worm 04 Aug 2015

Malvertising hits Yahoo! ad network 04 Aug 2015

RIG Exploit Kit 3.0 succeeded in infecting 1.25 million machines 04 Aug 2015

WordPress 4.2.4 fixes three XSS vulnerabilities and one potential SQL injection 04 Aug 2015

Zero-day vulnerability in OS X exploited in the wild 04 Aug 2015

Attorney: Dakota Dunes clinic cyber attack affects data for more than 13,000 patients 03 Aug 2015

Chrome extensions can be disabled without user interaction 03 Aug 2015

Data of 4 million patients lost in MIE hacking 03 Aug 2015

DNS server attacks being using BIND software flaw 03 Aug 2015

Fake "Windows 10 Free Upgrade" emails deliver ransomware 03 Aug 2015

FDA issues alert over vulnerable Hospira drug pumps 03 Aug 2015

The leading cause of insider threats? Employee negligence 03 Aug 2015

Siouxland Pain Clinic says patient information likely exposed by hacker 01 Aug 2015

Cybercriminals are preying on existing vulnerabilities to plan future attacks 31 Jul 2015

Flaw in fingerprint access devices could make it easy to open doors 31 Jul 2015

How vulnerable are the U.S. stock markets to hackers? 31 Jul 2015

Two charged in 2011 cyber breach at Michaels retailer 31 Jul 2015

Cisco IOS-XE update time: squash that DoS bug 30 Jul 2015

GM quickly issues fix for OnStar hack, but service still vulnerable 30 Jul 2015

Google fixes Chrome issue that leaked the user's real IP from behind a VPN 30 Jul 2015

More than a third of employees would sell company data 30 Jul 2015

Most malvertising attacks are hosted on news and entertainment Web sites 30 Jul 2015

Stack ranking the SSL vulnerabilities for the enterprise 30 Jul 2015

BIND update patches critical DoS vulnerability 29 Jul 2015

Black Vine espionage group attacked aerospace, energy, healthcare industries 29 Jul 2015

Cellphones can steal data from isolated "air-gapped" computers 29 Jul 2015

China-tied hackers that hit U.S. said to breach United Airlines 29 Jul 2015

Maliciously crafted MKV video files can be used to crash Android phones 29 Jul 2015

Microsoft admits critical .NET Framework 4.6 bug, issues workaround 29 Jul 2015

Row Hammer DRAM bug now exploitable via JavaScript, most DDR3 memory chips vulnerable 29 Jul 2015

Russian hacker tool uses legitimate Web services to hide attacks 29 Jul 2015

Shellshock flaw still actively exploited 29 Jul 2015

Apple App Store and iTunes buyers hit by zero-day 28 Jul 2015

Cybercriminals use Angler exploit kit to target PoS systems 28 Jul 2015

Darkode forum returns with enhanced security measures 28 Jul 2015

One in 600 Web sites lists its .git folder, exposing sensitive data 28 Jul 2015

Over 10 million Web surfers possibly exposed to malvertising 28 Jul 2015

Patient information released in Georgia agency data breach 28 Jul 2015

Private information about research participants goes missing at McLean Hospital 28 Jul 2015

Software vulnerabilities hit a record high in 2014, report says 28 Jul 2015

Two sought for allegedly stealing more than $100K through fraudulent credit card accounts 28 Jul 2015

Xen patches new virtual-machine escape vulnerability 28 Jul 2015

Android Stagefright flaws put 950 million devices at risk 27 Jul 2015

Breach affects 3,000 clients enrolled in Georgia State program 27 Jul 2015

Census Bureau says breach didn't compromise sensitive data 27 Jul 2015

Healthfirst: 5,300 members exposed in fraud incident 27 Jul 2015

Many high-profile firms using vulnerable PHP File Manager: researcher 27 Jul 2015

Over 5,000 mobile apps found performing in-app ad fraud 27 Jul 2015

Pair of bugs open Honeywell home controllers up to easy hacks 27 Jul 2015

Patient data included on missing thumb drive, OhioHealth says 27 Jul 2015

Phishing attacks drive spike in DNS threat 27 Jul 2015

GAO: defense installation utilities at risk of cyber attack 25 Jul 2015

FCA issuing software update for 1.4M vehicles to prevent hacking 24 Jul 2015

Firewalls can't protect today's connected cars 24 Jul 2015

Red Hat patches "libuser" library vulnerabilities 24 Jul 2015

Sophos moves to patch Web Security Appliance flaws 24 Jul 2015

Census Bureau confirms 'unauthorized access' to system; Anonymous members claim responsibility 23 Jul 2015

Cyber poltergeist threat discovered in Internet of Stuff hubs 23 Jul 2015

Flash zero-day monster Angler dominates exploit kit crime market 23 Jul 2015

Four zero days disclosed in internet explorer 23 Jul 2015

Hacker: 'hundreds of thousands' of vehicles are at risk of attack 23 Jul 2015

OPM says background check system now back online after security tweaks 23 Jul 2015

Smartwatches: a new open frontier for attack 23 Jul 2015

4 arrested in schemes said to be tied to JPMorgan Chase breach 22 Jul 2015

Bartalex variants spotted dropping Pony, Dyre malware 22 Jul 2015

Bug exposes OpenSSH servers to brute-force password guessing attacks 22 Jul 2015

Google Chrome update includes 43 security fixes 22 Jul 2015

It's official: the average DDoS attack size is increasing 22 Jul 2015

Researcher discloses local privilege escalation vulnerability in OS X 22 Jul 2015

Siemens patches vulnerabilities in SIPROTEC, SIMATIC, RuggedCom products 22 Jul 2015

Car hackers urge you to patch your Chrysler, Ram, Durango, or Jeep 21 Jul 2015

Configuration issue exposes 30,000 MongoDB instances 21 Jul 2015

Security experts point to OPM's biggest cybersecurity failure 21 Jul 2015

Ashley Madison hacked, info of 37million users stolen 20 Jul 2015

Microsoft issues critical out-of -band patch for flaw affecting all Windows versions 20 Jul 2015

OPM changes privacy rules to let investigators inside all databases 20 Jul 2015

Skimming devices found at 3 ATM machines in Seminole 20 Jul 2015

Study: half of critical infrastructure IT professionals believe major attack looming 20 Jul 2015

CVS investigating possible payment card breach, shuts down photo Web site 17 Jul 2015

Details of 4.5 million individuals exposed in UCLA Health breach 17 Jul 2015

Eaton patches TCP/IP stack flaw affecting controls, relays 17 Jul 2015

Nearly all Web sites have serious security vulnerabilities 17 Jul 2015

Three men arrested for 100+ fraudulent credit cards 17 Jul 2015

Federal personnel files still very vulnerable and 'prime targets' for hackers, audit finds 16 Jul 2015

Medford police arrest man possibly connected to ATM skimming ring 16 Jul 2015

New GamaPoS malware targets U.S. companies 16 Jul 2015

Security support ends for remaining Windows XP machines 16 Jul 2015

Siemens patches authentication bypass bug in telecontrol product 16 Jul 2015

Thunder-faced Mozilla lifts Flash Firefox block after 0-days plugged 16 Jul 2015

TotoLink routers plagued by XSS, CSRF, RCE bugs 16 Jul 2015

Vulnerability exposes Cisco Videoscape devices to DoS attacks 16 Jul 2015

ATM skimmer use discovered at 7th Wichita bank 15 Jul 2015

Blue Cross Blue Shield rolls out new identity protections 15 Jul 2015

Darkode computer hacking forum shuts after investigation spanning 20 countries 15 Jul 2015

Fmr Dothan police officer faces additional identity theft charges 15 Jul 2015

Hacking Team malware hides in UEFI BIOS to survive PC reinstalls 15 Jul 2015

HTML5 can be used to hide malware in drive-by download attacks 15 Jul 2015

Misdirected email faulted in data breach affecting hundreds of UPMC insurance customers 15 Jul 2015

New RC4 attack dramatically reduces cookie decryption time 15 Jul 2015

OPM hack: U.S. has not notified 21.5 million victims of massive data breach 15 Jul 2015

Oracle patches Java zero-day, 192 other security bugs 15 Jul 2015

TeslaCrypt 2.0 makes it impossible to decrypt affected files 15 Jul 2015

Current, former Guard members warned of data breach 14 Jul 2015

Flash Player update patches two Hacking Team zero days 14 Jul 2015

Microsoft patches Hacking Team zero-days, other vulnerabilities 14 Jul 2015

More ATM skimmers found in Wichita, at three Intrust Bank locations 14 Jul 2015

APT group uses Seaduke trojan to steal data from high-value targets 13 Jul 2015

Cable provider WOW says weekend attack on servers left Michigan customers without internet service 13 Jul 2015

Java zero-day used in attacks on NATO member, U.S. defense organization 13 Jul 2015

Kaseya patches two bugs in VSA IT management platform 13 Jul 2015

Mass. hospital hit with $200k OCR HIPAA settlement 13 Jul 2015

Two new Flash Player zero-day bugs found in Hacking Team leak 13 Jul 2015

Clinic announces inappropriate access of records 11 Jul 2015

Chinese APT group uses Hacking Team's Flash Player exploit 10 Jul 2015

Data breach at 'sweetest place on earth' may have compromised guests' financial info 10 Jul 2015

Grand jury indicts 11 for making credit cards at Las Vegas hotels 10 Jul 2015

Not just OPM - agency cybersecurity incidents on the rise 10 Jul 2015

OPM government data breach impacted 21.5 million 10 Jul 2015

VMware fixes host privilege escalation bug in Workstation, Player, Horizon View 10 Jul 2015

APT-style evasion techniques spotted in "Kofer" ransomware campaign 09 Jul 2015

Bug in Android ADB backup system can allow injection of malicious apps 09 Jul 2015

Credit card breach at a zoo near you 09 Jul 2015

Despite warnings, majority of firms still run some Windows Server 2003 09 Jul 2015

Estonian man pleads guilty to role in DNSChanger botnet scheme 09 Jul 2015

Hacking Team claims terrorists can now use its tools 09 Jul 2015

OpenSSL patches serious certificate forgery vulnerability 09 Jul 2015

TerraCom, YourTel to pay $3.5M to resolve consumer privacy violations 09 Jul 2015

Adobe patches Hacking Team's Flash Player zero-day 08 Jul 2015

Cybercriminal group spying on U.S., European businesses for profit 08 Jul 2015

Hacker search engine becomes the new Internet of Things search engine 08 Jul 2015

ANTlabs patches vulnerabilities in gateway products 07 Jul 2015

Crypto leaders: "exceptional access" will undo security 07 Jul 2015

Flaw allows hijacking of professional surveillance AirLive cameras 07 Jul 2015

Hackers targeting users of Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Lloyds Bank and Santander 07 Jul 2015

Microsoft security tool fails malware detection test 07 Jul 2015

Zero-day exploits leaked in Hacking Team breach 07 Jul 2015

Fraudulent BatteryBot Pro app yanked from Google Play 06 Jul 2015

Govt supplier of surveillance software gets hacked, 400GB of data leaked 06 Jul 2015

KINS malware toolkit leaked online 06 Jul 2015

Old MS Office feature can be exploited to deliver, execute malware 06 Jul 2015

Matsnu backdoor uses RSA crypto on exfiltrated data 04 Jul 2015

Node.js fixes denial of service bug 04 Jul 2015

TYPO3 Enterprise CMS update adds 7 security fixes 04 Jul 2015

Ad fraud trojan Kovter patches Flash player, IE to keep other malware out 03 Jul 2015

Dungarees Web site hacked, card information exposed 03 Jul 2015

FireKeepers data breach affects about 85,000 03 Jul 2015

Mozilla patches critical vulnerabilities with release of Firefox 39 03 Jul 2015

Cisco UCDM platform ships with default, static password 02 Jul 2015

DEA agent pleads guilty to accepting Silk Road funds 02 Jul 2015

GhostShell hackers reveal 548 targets, links to dumps 02 Jul 2015

Harvard University suffers IT security breach 02 Jul 2015

NYPD: 17 charged in counterfeit credit card scheme 02 Jul 2015

Orlando Health reports data breach for 3,200 patients 02 Jul 2015

PCI Council updates Point-to-Point Encryption Standard 02 Jul 2015

4,900 new Android malware strains discovered every day 01 Jul 2015

Attackers abuse RIPv1 Protocol for DDoS reflection 01 Jul 2015

Flaw in 802.11n standard exposes wireless networks to attacks 01 Jul 2015

iOS 8.4 fixes 33 security vulnerabilities 01 Jul 2015

LifeLock patches XSS that could've led to phishing 01 Jul 2015

Patched Apple Quicktime vulnerability details disclosed 01 Jul 2015

Researchers expose attack on iOS that can break system apps 01 Jul 2015

Schneider Electric's Wonderware products receive security patch 01 Jul 2015

130 arrested in global operation against airline ticket fraudsters 30 Jun 2015

Dridex is the most prevalent banking malware in the corporate sector 30 Jun 2015

ESET analyzes complex espionage platform used by "Animal Farm" APT 30 Jun 2015

Pentagon, OPM shut down background check systems 30 Jun 2015

Yahoo patches SSRF vulnerability in image processing system 30 Jun 2015

Flash player flaw used by APT3 group added to Magnitude exploit kit 29 Jun 2015

Hackers are exploiting Magento flaw to steal payment card info 29 Jun 2015

LG's Update Center app fails to check server's SSL certificate, MitM risk 29 Jun 2015

Many organizations using Oracle PeopleSoft vulnerable to attacks 29 Jun 2015

Security firm discloses details of Amazon Fire Phone vulnerabilities 29 Jun 2015

94% of Android devices vulnerable to bug exposing memory content 26 Jun 2015

Click-fraud attack morphs into ransomware risk in a couple of hours 26 Jun 2015

Default SSH keys expose Cisco's virtual security appliances 26 Jun 2015

Foreign national indicted on charges of defrauding IRS in UPMC data breach 26 Jun 2015

Samsung will stop blocking Microsoft software updates 'within a few days' 26 Jun 2015

Android malware dominates mobile threat landscape 25 Jun 2015

Hundreds of fraudulent credit cards seized, two suspects behind bars 25 Jun 2015

Indiana town judge says attackers gained access to classified court records 25 Jun 2015

Leaked government credentials abundant on public Web 25 Jun 2015

Md. man charged with stealing from ATMs with skimming device 25 Jun 2015

Samsung disables Windows Update, undermines the security of your devices 25 Jun 2015

Stored XSS flaw patched in Thycotic secret server 25 Jun 2015

Study: 61 percent of critical infrastructure execs confident systems could detect attack in less than a day 25 Jun 2015

The downfall of a major cybercrime ring exploiting banking trojans 25 Jun 2015

U.S. healthcare companies hardest hit by 'Stegoloader' malware 25 Jun 2015

Why a Dyre infection leads to more than just stolen banking credentials 25 Jun 2015

COA Network breached, all customer data treated as potentially compromised 24 Jun 2015

Cyber-crime economy triggers rise in malicious macros 24 Jun 2015

Deadly Windows, Reader font bugs can lead to full system compromise 24 Jun 2015

Dyre banking malware uses 285 command and control servers 24 Jun 2015

ESET patches scan engine against remote root exploit 24 Jun 2015

Feds count Cryptowall cost: $18 million says FBI 24 Jun 2015

MacKeeper flaw enables attacker to run code with admin rights 24 Jun 2015

Visibility challenges industrial control system security: survey 24 Jun 2015

Adobe fixes Flash Player zero-day exploited in the wild 23 Jun 2015

Banks targeted by hackers three times more than other sectors 23 Jun 2015

Cheap radio device can steal decryption keys from nearby laptop 23 Jun 2015

Critical RubyGems vulns can lead to installation of malicious apps 23 Jun 2015

Flash Player zero-day used by Chinese Cyber-Espionage group 23 Jun 2015

Government, Healthcare particularly lackluster in application security 23 Jun 2015

Minor Chrome release fixes high severity issues 23 Jun 2015

Most-wanted cybercriminal extradited to U.S. from Germany 23 Jun 2015

Price tag for OPM breach at least $19 million 23 Jun 2015

St. Mary's Bank issues new debit cards following breach 23 Jun 2015

Targeted attacks rise, cyber attackers spreading through networks, report says 23 Jun 2015

TCP vulnerability haunts Wind River VxWorks embedded OS 23 Jun 2015

Feds feared tens of millions impacted by OPM hack, internal memo says 22 Jun 2015

Hackers disrupt Polish airline LOT, ground 10 flights 22 Jun 2015

HP releases details, exploit code for unpatched IE flaws 22 Jun 2015

New password recovery scam hitting Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail users 22 Jun 2015

Tunica County School students' personal information leaked 22 Jun 2015

Montefiore data breach exposes information for more than 10K patients 19 Jun 2015

Static encryption key found in SAP HANA database 19 Jun 2015

Drupal security updates patch several vulnerabilities 18 Jun 2015

Nearly 5,000 patients affected by UC Irvine medical data breach 18 Jun 2015

Newark captain denies mining personal info from police database 18 Jun 2015

Reddit announces switch to HTTPSonly 18 Jun 2015

Report: average botnet in Q1 2015 made up of 1,700 infected hosts per C&C server 18 Jun 2015

Samsung to issue fix for SwiftKey keyboard bug affecting Galaxy S6 in 'coming days' 18 Jun 2015

Lancaster County alerting EMS patients about missing personal information 17 Jun 2015

MDH Board of Directors hears of medical data breach 17 Jun 2015

OPM inspector general questioned over hacking report 17 Jun 2015

Over 600 million Samsung devices vulnerable to keyboard security risk 17 Jun 2015

Plaintext credentials threaten RLE wind turbine HMI 17 Jun 2015

Potential PHI data breach at Calif. youth center 17 Jun 2015

Retrospect clients patched to prevent exposure of backup files 17 Jun 2015

Suspected gas pump identity snatchers arrested for luxe shopping sprees in Santa Clara Co 17 Jun 2015

Unpatched OS X, iOS flaws allow password, token theft from keychain, apps 17 Jun 2015

2 arrested for stealing thousands of credit, ID, Social Security cards in Highland 16 Jun 2015

Canonical patches privilege escalation vulnerability in Ubuntu 16 Jun 2015

LastPass has been hacked, change your master password now 16 Jun 2015

Stegoloader malware hides in images on legit sites 16 Jun 2015

Study: 15-30 percent of eCommerce site visitors infected with CSIM 16 Jun 2015

U.S. jobs agency thwarts 10 million hacks a month, director says 16 Jun 2015

Cisco fixes DoS vulnerability affecting carrier routing systems 15 Jun 2015

Duqu 2.0 used stolen digital certificate in attacks 15 Jun 2015

Popular WordPress SEO plugin fixes XSS bug 15 Jun 2015

Wikimedia rolling out HTTPS to encrypt all Wikipedia traffic 15 Jun 2015

44.5 million new malware variants recorded in 1 month 12 Jun 2015

Apple fixed a nasty MitM vulnerability in the latest watchOS 12 Jun 2015

Pop-under malvertising spreads CryptoWall via Magnitude exploit kit 12 Jun 2015

White House weighs sanctions after second breach of a computer system 12 Jun 2015

Auditor: 12 agencies failed to properly handle sensitive computer records 11 Jun 2015

CryptoWall 3.0 delivered in campaign started more than a week ago 11 Jun 2015

Encryption keys hard-coded in industrial access point 11 Jun 2015

Fileless malware makes almost 200,000 victims mostly in the U.S 11 Jun 2015

Malvertising campaign hits Bejeweled Blitz game on Facebook, CNN Indonesia 11 Jun 2015

Only few organizations patched recent Honeywell SCADA flaw 11 Jun 2015

OpenSSL patches Logjam bug, DoS vulnerabilities 11 Jun 2015

Serious flaw in iOS mail app exposes users to phishing attacks 11 Jun 2015

Texas Medicaid patients have private data exposed online 11 Jun 2015

Financial impact of SaaS storage breaches now $13.85 million 10 Jun 2015

Medical Informatics Engineering notifies patients of a data security compromise 10 Jun 2015

Microsoft brings HSTS to Windows 7 and 8.1 10 Jun 2015

Microsoft patches zero-day used in targeted attacks 10 Jun 2015

New APT Duqu 2.0 hits high-value victims, including Kaspersky Lab 10 Jun 2015

Skimming devices found at three more Palm Beach County gas stations 10 Jun 2015

Stuxnet still a threat to critical infrastructure 10 Jun 2015

U.S. National Vulnerability Database vulnerable to XSS attack 10 Jun 2015

VMware fixes critical security issues in Workstation, Fusion, Horizon View 10 Jun 2015

Weak remote access practices contributed to nearly all PoS breaches 10 Jun 2015

Cyber-thieves cash in from malware 09 Jun 2015

DDoS attacks increase in Q2 2015, largest one over 253Gbps strong 09 Jun 2015

Flash Player fixes 13 vulnerabilities 09 Jun 2015

HDD firmware altering modules from Equation Group may exist for Apple devices 09 Jun 2015

High-tech extortion attacks nearly doubled in first quarter, report says 09 Jun 2015

HTTPS-everywhere for government 08 Jun 2015

MalumPOS malware targets Oracle Micros PoS systems 08 Jun 2015

Many drug pumps open to variety of security flaws 08 Jun 2015

NIST updates ICS cyber security guide 08 Jun 2015

US Army website hacked 08 Jun 2015

Vawtrak banking malware found to use Tor2Web 08 Jun 2015

XZERES fixes CSRF vulnerability in small wind turbine 08 Jun 2015

Eataly New York customers affected by the card breach 06 Jun 2015

Medical devices used as pivot point in hospital attacks 05 Jun 2015

Zeus banking trojan variant goes completely undetected 05 Jun 2015

Adware-laden Skype botnet disrupted 04 Jun 2015

Hacking linked to China exposes millions of U.S. workers 04 Jun 2015

Hoard of vulnerabilities found in SysAid Help Desk 04 Jun 2015

Virginia Credit Union finds evidence of skimming at third ATM 04 Jun 2015

Cloud providers hit hard by DDoS attacks in Q1 03 Jun 2015

IoT devices entering enterprises, opening company networks to attacks 03 Jun 2015

Russian crypto-malware encrypts files completely 03 Jun 2015

Weak SSH keys opened many GitHub repositories to compromise 03 Jun 2015

Zero-day disclosed in Unity Web Player 03 Jun 2015

2,000 Virginia Credit Union debit cards being replaced after skimming scheme 02 Jun 2015

Dyre banking trojan aims at Europe and North America, infections double up 02 Jun 2015

Exploit for recently patched Flash flaw added to Magnitude, Neutrino, Nuclear Pack 02 Jun 2015

Apple vulnerability could allow firmware modifications 01 Jun 2015

Blue coat patches SSL visibility appliance against 4 security bugs 30 May 2015

Angler Exploit Kit exploiting new Adobe vulnerability, dropping CryptoWall 3.0 29 May 2015

Non-sophisticated malware steals thousands of credentials from targeted SMBs 29 May 2015

Researchers find over 50 security flaws in D-Link NAS, NVR devices 29 May 2015

Sally Beauty: Cybercriminals planted malware on PoS Systems for 6 weeks 29 May 2015

Thousands targeted by credit card skimmer in Seatac 29 May 2015

Unity Rehab Centers leak highly sensitive patient info 29 May 2015

Apache Cordova glitch allows tampering with mobile app behavior 28 May 2015

Flash Player vulnerability exploited 2 weeks after Adobe's patch release 27 May 2015

Florida Department of State leaks SSNs of 13,000 people 27 May 2015

Rockwell addresses weak password protections in its HMI software 27 May 2015

Apache HBase fixes denial-of-service, info disclosure flaw 26 May 2015

IRS says thieves stole tax info from 100,000 26 May 2015

Jefferson Hospital warns about 800 patients of data breach 26 May 2015

Massive campaign uses router exploit kit to change routers' DNS servers 26 May 2015

New Linux-based router worm used in social network scheme 26 May 2015

Police seeking suspect in ATM thefts at Kearny Bank in North Arlington 26 May 2015

Synology fixes XSS, command injection vulnerabilities in NAS software 26 May 2015

Beacon Health System target of phishing attack 25 May 2015

New PoS malware hits victims via spam campaign: FireEye 25 May 2015

Apache Hive infrastructures vulnerable to authentication flaw in HiveServer2 22 May 2015

Emerson patches SQL injection vulnerability in ICS product 22 May 2015

Flawed Android factory reset allows recovery of sensitive data 22 May 2015

mSpy finally admits they've been hacked 22 May 2015

Thousands of patients at 3 Bergen County hospitals notified personal info stolen in data breach 22 May 2015

URMC: Nurse took patient info to new employer 22 May 2015

Charter communications fixes website data leak vulnerability 21 May 2015

Hundreds of cloud services potentially vulnerable to Logjam attacks 21 May 2015

San Pablo doctor's office broken into, patient data exposed 21 May 2015

Amount of new malware strains more than doubled in second half of 2014 20 May 2015

Apples fixes security bugs with first update for Watch OS 20 May 2015

CPS confirms data breach impacting 4,000 students 20 May 2015

Cyberattack on CareFirst exposes data on 1.1 million customers in D.C., MD and VA 20 May 2015

DDoS attacks increase and methods changed in Q1 2015, report says 20 May 2015

Millions of routers vulnerable to attacks due to NetUSB bug 20 May 2015

Student information exposed in Southwest Licking data breach 20 May 2015

TLS protocol flawed, HTTPS connections susceptible to FREAK-like attack 20 May 2015

Address bar spoofing bugs found in Safari, Chrome for Android 19 May 2015

Attackers use trojanized version of PuTTY to steal SSH credentials 19 May 2015

Data breach may have hit White Plains Hospital 19 May 2015

Google fixes sandbox escape in Chrome 19 May 2015

Malvertising leads to Magnitude exploit kit, ransomware infection 19 May 2015

State finds 103 credit-card skimmers in 3-month inspection of gas pumps 19 May 2015

Researchers hacked airplane controls mid-flight, FBI affidavit reveals 18 May 2015

St. Louis Federal Reserve suffers DNS breach 18 May 2015

Thieves use skimmer to get away with $50,000 from Lincolnwood ATM 18 May 2015

MetroHealth reports data breach for 981 heart patients due to malware 16 May 2015

Apache fixes vulnerability affecting security manager protections 15 May 2015

China-based hackers launch attack on Penn State College of Engineering 15 May 2015

UPMC: Some patients' personal information may have been compromised in data theft 15 May 2015

APT17 DeputyDog hackers are pushing Blackcoffee malware using TechNet 14 May 2015

Cisco TelePresence vulnerable to unauthorized root access, denial of service 14 May 2015

Sally Beauty confirms data breach 14 May 2015

Theft ring accused of using Oregon data breach to help steal $2 million in tax refunds 14 May 2015

Washington Post mobile site temporarily shut down in apparent hack 14 May 2015

"VENOM" flaw in virtualization software could lead to VM escapes, data theft 13 May 2015

Adobe rolls out critical update for Reader and Acrobat 13 May 2015

Flash Player addresses security holes 13 May 2015

Flaw found in OSIsoft product deployed in critical infrastructure sectors 13 May 2015

Microsoft fixes 46 flaws in Windows, IE, Office, other products 13 May 2015

Mozilla Firefox 38 fixes 13 vulnerabilities, 5 are critical 13 May 2015

Oil & gas firms hit by cyberattacks that forgo malware 13 May 2015

Russian cyber espionage group planning to hit banks 13 May 2015

XSS, CSRF vulnerabilities identified in WSO2 Identity Server 13 May 2015

DDoS botnet relies on thousands of insecure routers in 109 countries 12 May 2015

US Passport Agency contractor stole applicants' data to steal their identities 12 May 2015

Angler EK makes it difficult to track down malvertising sources 11 May 2015

MacKeeper patches serious remote code execution flaw 11 May 2015

US Secret Service alerts InterContinental Hotel Group of data breach 09 May 2015

Rockwell Automation fixes flaw in factory communication solution 08 May 2015

Wordpress sites backdoored, leaking credentials 08 May 2015

Apple fixes webkit vulnerabilities in Safari browser 07 May 2015

Cisco plugs critical vulnerability in UCS Central Software 07 May 2015

Firekeepers Casino releases statement on data breach 07 May 2015

WordPress 4.2.2 fixes DOM-based XSS bug affecting millions of websites 07 May 2015

Lenovo patches vulnerabilities in system update service 06 May 2015

Serious security flaws found in Hospira LifeCare drug pumps 06 May 2015

Tinba banking trojan checks for sandbox before launching 06 May 2015

Crimeware infects one-third of computers worldwide 05 May 2015

Cybercriminals borrow from APT playbook in attack against PoS vendors 05 May 2015

New AlphaCrypt ransomware delivered via Angler EK 05 May 2015

New infostealer tries to foil analysis attempts by wiping hard drive 05 May 2015

Data breach at Las Vegas Hard Rock 04 May 2015

PayPal fixes remote code execution flaw in Partner Program website 04 May 2015

Sally Beauty investigating a possible second data breach 04 May 2015

3 suspects charged with credit, debit card fraud 02 May 2015

Dyre banking trojan jumps out of sandbox 01 May 2015

Kearny bank branch in North Arlington says skimmer was hooked up to ATM 01 May 2015

Mozilla moving toward full HTTPS enforcement in Firefox 01 May 2015

Security bug in ICANN portals exploited to access user data 01 May 2015

Unnoticed for years, malware turned Linux and BSD servers into spamming machines 01 May 2015

2 men arrested with hundreds of fraudulent credit cards 30 Apr 2015

Barracuda fixes critical MITM flaws in its Web filter 30 Apr 2015

Campus announces data breach 30 Apr 2015

Cybercriminals use RawPOS malware to target hotels, casinos 30 Apr 2015

Health information for more than 1,700 Holston Valley Medical Center patients found in recycling bin 30 Apr 2015

MySQL bug can strip SSL protection from connections 30 Apr 2015

Partners HealthCare notifies 3,300 patients of email breach 30 Apr 2015

Bartalex malware used to deliver Dyre banking trojan to enterprises 29 Apr 2015

Hacker exploits Android devices with self-implanted NFC chip 29 Apr 2015

InFocus projectors plagued by authentication flaws 29 Apr 2015

Routers built with RealTek SDK affected by remote command-injection bug 29 Apr 2015

Threats on government networks remain undetected for 16 days 29 Apr 2015

Cyber attack causes Rutgers internet service interruptions 28 Apr 2015

Cyber gang stealing $15 million from banks dismantled by Romanian authorities 28 Apr 2015

Email delivery service SendGrid confirms data breach 28 Apr 2015

Malware delivered via malicious macro in Word document embedded in PDF 28 Apr 2015

US plays host to largest number of phishing sites 28 Apr 2015

WordPress zero-day vulnerability 28 Apr 2015

Hackers get access to patient information at Saint Agnes Health Care 27 Apr 2015

Hackers tricked AT&T, Network Solutions employees in Tesla attack 27 Apr 2015

Seaton data breach may affect 39,000 patients 27 Apr 2015

Wordpress 4.2 affected by zero-day stored XSS, PoC available 27 Apr 2015

Over 25,000 iOS apps affected by bug breaking HTTPS 25 Apr 2015

AT&T customers in California notified of unauthorized account access 24 Apr 2015

Login vulnerability exposes SAP ASE databases 24 Apr 2015

Russians hacked Pentagon network 24 Apr 2015

Banking botnets persist despite takedowns 23 Apr 2015

Improper parsing of SSID info exposes Wi-Fi client's memory contents 23 Apr 2015

Net Nanny parental control software vulnerable to HTTPS spoofing 23 Apr 2015

'No iOS Zone' Wi-Fi zero-day bug forces iPhones, iPads to crash and burn 22 Apr 2015

Malware uses invisible command line argument in shortcut file 22 Apr 2015

White House, US State Department hit with Advanced CozyDuke threat 22 Apr 2015

WordPress 4.1.2 fixes critical XSS flaw 22 Apr 2015

Fake antivirus delivered to users in the US via Fiesta exploit kit 21 Apr 2015

Highly popular WordPress plugins vulnerable to XSS attacks 21 Apr 2015

iOS apps from developers vulnerable to HTTPS data decryption 21 Apr 2015

New fileless malware found in the wild 21 Apr 2015

Romanian charged in ATM scheme extradited to NJ from Spain 21 Apr 2015

Zero-day malvertising attack went undetected for two months 21 Apr 2015

Data at risk for 9,000 individuals following unauthorized access to SRI Inc. website 20 Apr 2015

Malicious hackers can exploit a vulnerability in Magento to access credit card data 20 Apr 2015

New ransomware "Threat Finder" delivered by Angler exploit kit 20 Apr 2015

New variant of Upatre malware downloader integrates full SSL encryption 20 Apr 2015

Pushdo spamming botnet gains strength again 20 Apr 2015

Russian hackers exploit Windows, Flash Player zero-day flaws in targeted attack 20 Apr 2015

1 in 4 employees enable cloud attacks 17 Apr 2015

Flash Player bug allows video, audio recording without user consent 17 Apr 2015

Pawn Storm cyberspies still at work, target NATO and the White House 17 Apr 2015

Company employees not sufficiently trained to avoid phishing, study finds 16 Apr 2015

Current threat prevention systems are not enough protection for enterprises 16 Apr 2015

D-Link failed to patch HNAP flaws in routers 16 Apr 2015

IBM's X-Force Exchange to make decades worth of cyber-threat data public 16 Apr 2015

PCI SSC releases version 3.1, eschews SSL, early TLS 16 Apr 2015

POS threat 'Punkey' allows additional malware download for greater access 16 Apr 2015

TeslaCrypt ransomware pushed by several exploit kits 16 Apr 2015

Users warned of serious flaw in deprecated Cisco Secure Desktop feature 16 Apr 2015

Adobe fixes Flash Player zero-day exploited in the wild 15 Apr 2015

AirDroid app fixes severe authentication vulnerability 15 Apr 2015

Computer hacker likely exposed data of 160,000 at Metropolitan State University 15 Apr 2015

GAO reports warns hackers could bring down plane using passenger Wi-Fi 15 Apr 2015

Google fixes 45 security flaws with release of Chrome 42 15 Apr 2015

HSBC Finance Corporation exposes mortgage account info 15 Apr 2015

Right-wing group blamed in leak of U.S. officials' home addresses 15 Apr 2015

Users in the U.S. targeted with ransomware via tax return-flavored emails 15 Apr 2015

Victim of cyber-attack replies with own backdoor 15 Apr 2015

With latest patches, Oracle signals no more free updates for Java 7 15 Apr 2015

18-year-old bug can be exploited to steal credentials of Windows users 14 Apr 2015

Alleged creator of Svpeng Android malware arrested in Russia 14 Apr 2015

Apple fixes cookie access vulnerability in safari on billions of devices 14 Apr 2015

Attackers use deceptive tactics to dominate corporate networks 14 Apr 2015

California-based home care services co. notifies employees of data breach, tax fraud 14 Apr 2015

Microsoft Patch Tuesday April 2015 closes 0-day holes: 4 of 11 patches rated critical 14 Apr 2015

Misconfigured DNS servers vulnerable to domain info leak 14 Apr 2015

Web app attacks, PoS intrusions and cyberespionage leading causes of data breaches 14 Apr 2015

Attackers can easily crack Belkin routers' WPS PINs 13 Apr 2015

Attacks against SCADA systems doubled in 2014 13 Apr 2015

Law enforcement, security firms team up to disrupt Simda botnet 13 Apr 2015

Vulnerabilities identified in NY banking vendors 13 Apr 2015

Chinese hacker group among first to target networks isolated from internet 12 Apr 2015

New Shellshock worm seeks vulnerable systems at tens of thousands of IPs 11 Apr 2015

Don't be fodder for China's 'Great Cannon' 10 Apr 2015

OS X 10.9.x and older vulnerable to hidden backdoor API 10 Apr 2015

Pasco student accused of unauthorized access to school computers 10 Apr 2015

Police departments hit by ransomware virus 10 Apr 2015

Siemens patches DoS, other vulnerabilities in SIMATIC HMI products 10 Apr 2015

United States, South Africa most affected by Changeup worm 10 Apr 2015

Apple iOS 8.3 includes long list of security fixes 09 Apr 2015

Cisco threat defense tool vulnerable to DoS attack 09 Apr 2015

Deadly combination of Upatre and Dyre trojans still actively targeting users 09 Apr 2015

Feds bust 40 suspects in ID theft-fraud takedown in South Florida 09 Apr 2015

Group uses over 300,000 unique passwords in SSH log-in brute-force attacks 09 Apr 2015

I-78 traffic stop nets wanted man with 75 fake credit cards in pants, police say 09 Apr 2015

Multiple flaws found in Motorola's Surfboard SBG6580 cable modem 09 Apr 2015

Over 100 forum websites foist poorly detected malware 09 Apr 2015

2 Austin hotels hit by data breach; credit card info at risk 08 Apr 2015

FCC fines AT&T $25M for call center breaches 08 Apr 2015

Google Chrome extension criticized for data collection 08 Apr 2015

New evasion techniques help AlienSpy RAT spread Citadel malware 08 Apr 2015

Stored XSS glitch in WP-Super-Cache may affect over 1 million WordPress sites 08 Apr 2015

Two NTP key authentication vulnerabilities patched 08 Apr 2015

Widespread outages hit Windows 8/8.1 Metro Mail, Windows Live Mail, Windows Phone 8.1 mail 08 Apr 2015

Dell System Detect flagged as a risk by antivirus product 07 Apr 2015

Drive-by-login attack identified and used in lieu of spear phishing campaigns 07 Apr 2015

Fake downloads for Android vulnerability scanner lead to persistent ads 07 Apr 2015

Indictment in patient records breach 07 Apr 2015

Lazy remediation leaves most Global 2000 firms vulnerable after Heartbleed Flaw 07 Apr 2015

Majority of critical infrastructure firms in Americas have battled hack attempts 07 Apr 2015

New crypto-ransomware "quarantines" files, downloads info-stealer 07 Apr 2015

Simple FedEx email slips malware on the computer 07 Apr 2015

Word documents with scrambled text deliver banking trojan in the background 07 Apr 2015

American Express card info exposed to cybercriminals 06 Apr 2015

Angler Exploit Kit now relies on more successful infection tactics 06 Apr 2015

Flaw in Schneider Electric vamp software allows arbitrary code execution 06 Apr 2015

Google certificate expires, email clients return security warnings 06 Apr 2015

UCR data breach affects 8,000 06 Apr 2015

County agency reports data breach 04 Apr 2015

Fire Dept. alerts ambulance patients to data breach 04 Apr 2015

Hackers accessed patients' credit card information, Western Montana Clinic says 04 Apr 2015

Police: Men stole more than $65,000 from ATM 04 Apr 2015

Va. Beach employee had accidental access to millions 04 Apr 2015

WordPress, Joomla sites infected with malicious Flash file 04 Apr 2015

370,000 current, former Auburn students had personal data exposed on website, university says 03 Apr 2015

Boise police see flurry of credit card and retail fraud cases 03 Apr 2015

Denver VA blames TV station for data breach 03 Apr 2015

Mozilla revokes trust for CNNIC certificates 03 Apr 2015

New MS Word exploit kit adds statistics tool to track success of the campaign 03 Apr 2015

DoS vulnerabilities patched in Cisco Unity Connection 02 Apr 2015

Four charged in international Uganda-based cyber counterfeiting scheme 02 Apr 2015

Google decides to stop trusting CNNIC certificates 02 Apr 2015

IBM uncovers new, sophisticated bank transfer cyber scam 02 Apr 2015

Researchers spot 64-bit version of NewPosThings trojan 02 Apr 2015

Critical vulnerabilities affect JSON Web Token libraries 01 Apr 2015

Firefox 37 fixes critical flaws, adds OneCRL certificate revocation mechanism 01 Apr 2015

Fourth member of international computer hacking ring pleads guilty to hacking and intellectual property theft conspiracy 01 Apr 2015

WordPress sites compromised to redirect to Pirate Bay clone, exploit kit 01 Apr 2015

Anonymous proxies used for "Shotgun DDoS" attacks 31 Mar 2015

Bradley University systems infected with malware, SSNs exposed 31 Mar 2015

Florida Department of State exposes voter information 31 Mar 2015

Google bans 192 bad extensions affecting 14 million Chrome users 31 Mar 2015

Lebanese cyberespionage campaign hits defense, telecom, media firms worldwide 31 Mar 2015

Trojan Laziok used for reconnaissance in the energy sector 31 Mar 2015

AmEx Black Card members are more likely targets for fraud 30 Mar 2015

eBay fixes file upload and path disclosure bugs 30 Mar 2015

Former feds charged with stealing Silk Road bitcoin 30 Mar 2015

Massive DDoS against GitHub continues 30 Mar 2015

Rutgers University trying to restore computer systems after denial-of-service attack 30 Mar 2015

DDOS attacks less frequent last year, more dangerous 27 Mar 2015

GitHub has been under a continuous DDoS attack in the last 24 hours 27 Mar 2015

U.S. offers $3 million reward for alleged Russian cybercriminals 27 Mar 2015

Apple customers lured to disclose Apple ID and card data 26 Mar 2015

Cisco fixes DoS vulnerabilities in IOS software 26 Mar 2015

GE fixes buffer overflow bug in DTM library 26 Mar 2015

Microsoft revokes rogue digital certificate for Google and other web domains 26 Mar 2015

Thousands of hijacked WordPress sites redirect users to exploit kits 26 Mar 2015

Vulnerability found in popular hotel routers 26 Mar 2015

Amedisys notifies nearly 7,000 individuals of potential breach 25 Mar 2015

Default setting in Windows 7, 8.1 could allow privilege escalation, sandbox escape 25 Mar 2015

Fairbanks city website repaired after hackers attack 25 Mar 2015

Half of all Android devices vulnerable to installer hijacking attacks 25 Mar 2015

Over 15,000 vulnerabilities detected in 2014: Secunia 25 Mar 2015

Air-gapped computers can communicate through heat: Researchers 24 Mar 2015

Jailbroken iPhones unlocked with software brute-force tool in 14 hours, tops 24 Mar 2015

Kreditech investigates insider breach 24 Mar 2015

Leaked full version of NanoCore RAT used to target energy companies 24 Mar 2015

Over 22.5 million PUAs detected last month by antivirus vendor 24 Mar 2015

School district 'bitcoin hostage' situation continues; FBI, Homeland Security investigating 24 Mar 2015

Unauthorized certificates issued for several Google domains 24 Mar 2015

Yebot backdoor built for wide range of malicious operations 24 Mar 2015

Account hijacking flaw patched by Hilton Hotels in HHonors Website 23 Mar 2015

Alleged hacker brought to N.J. on charges of large-scale identity theft 23 Mar 2015

Cisco Small Business IP phones vulnerable to eavesdropping 23 Mar 2015

CryptoWall ransomware also adds infostealer to compromised systems 23 Mar 2015

DDoS attackers distracting security teams with shorter attacks: Corero Networks 23 Mar 2015

Dridex banking malware dodges detection with run-on-close macros 23 Mar 2015

Fake patient data could have been uploaded through SAP medical app 23 Mar 2015

Flash Player vulnerable to bug patched in 2011 23 Mar 2015

New point-of-sale malware PoSeidon exfiltrates card data to Russian domains 23 Mar 2015

Phishers leverage .gov domain loophole to bypass email validation 23 Mar 2015

Twitch security breached, mandatory password reset in effect for all 23 Mar 2015

Data breach reported by the Vermont Department of Labor 20 Mar 2015

Florida Hospital fires 2 for copying 9,000 patients' records 20 Mar 2015

19 airport employees ID'd as victims of possible credit card breach at LAX terminal 19 Mar 2015

At least 700,000 routers given to customers by ISPs are vulnerable to hacking 19 Mar 2015

OpenSSL's undisclosed high-severity issue is far from FREAK, POODLE, or Heartbleed 19 Mar 2015

Zero-days for Firefox, IE 11, Adobe's Flash and Reader exploited at Pwn2Own 2015 19 Mar 2015

Almost 2,000 popular Android and iOS apps are vulnerable to FREAK attack 18 Mar 2015

Apple fixes WebKit vulnerabilities with release of Safari 8.0.4 18 Mar 2015

Johnson Controls, XZERES, Honeywell patch vulnerable products 18 Mar 2015

Ransomware uses GnuPG encryption program to lock down files 18 Mar 2015

Repackaged Android apps filling third-party stores 18 Mar 2015

Teen disables hundreds of email addresses in Oak Harbor School District 18 Mar 2015

Apple American Group loses USB drive, employee SSNs exposed 17 Mar 2015

D-Link patches against critical remote command and code execution flaws 17 Mar 2015

New York City Police Department auxiliary officer charged with hacking into NYPD computer and FBI database 17 Mar 2015

Premera Blue Cross says data breach exposed medical data 17 Mar 2015

State Department unclassified network back up after four days 17 Mar 2015

Windows Live SSL certificate issued to unauthorized third party 17 Mar 2015

Advantage Dental reports data breach 16 Mar 2015

Brute force box lets researchers, cops, pop iDevice locks 16 Mar 2015

OpenSSL mystery patches due for release Thursday 16 Mar 2015

Sacred Heart Health System billing information hacked 16 Mar 2015

WPML WordPress plugin vulnerabilities expose 400,000 websites 16 Mar 2015

A Providence high school's website hacked 15 Mar 2015

BlackBerry begins slow rollout for FREAK security flaw, most devices still at risk 14 Mar 2015

Over 5.3 million Upatre infections detected in the US since January 14 Mar 2015

Adobe fixes critical Flash Player vulnerabilities 13 Mar 2015

Google leaks Whois data for over 282,000 protected domains 13 Mar 2015

Mosaic Medical patient records possibly breached 13 Mar 2015

Planned outage of internet-linked systems 13 Mar 2015

TeslaCrypt ransomware encrypts files of over 20 games 13 Mar 2015

Texas A&M admits to putting faculty, graduate assistants' Social Security number and personal information online 13 Mar 2015

2,400 unsafe mobile apps found in average large enterprise 12 Mar 2015

Cyber crooks take advantage of ad bidding networks to deliver ransomware 12 Mar 2015

Forget viruses: Evil USB drive 'fries laptops with a power surge' 12 Mar 2015

Google fixes privilege escalation vulnerabilities in Android 5.1 Lollipop 12 Mar 2015

11 charged in Blue Cross ID theft, fraud 11 Mar 2015

Apple's iTunes, App Store reopen after long outage 11 Mar 2015

Dropbox Android SDK flaw exposes mobile users to attack 11 Mar 2015

Intel Security launches new critical infrastructure security platform 11 Mar 2015

Malware uses Windows product IDs to mix mutex 11 Mar 2015

Self-deleting malware targets home routers to gather information 11 Mar 2015

Shortcut parsing glitch used by Equation group re-patched by Microsoft 11 Mar 2015

Apple fixes FREAK vulnerability in Secure Transport 10 Mar 2015

Exploit code published for Elasticsearch remote code execution flaw 10 Mar 2015

Hacking Nest Thermostat 10 Mar 2015

Key player in $5M ATM bank card scheme found guilty 10 Mar 2015

Redmond's Patch Tuesday to kill off the Windows FREAK show 10 Mar 2015

Yahoo patches critical eCommerce, small business vulnerabilities 10 Mar 2015

Computer hard drives with personal information stolen from Indiana State Medical Association 09 Mar 2015

Email spoofing flaw found in Google Admin console 09 Mar 2015

FBI investigates possible ISIS supporters' hack of Western sites 09 Mar 2015

Florida's top law agency investigating cyberattack on school standardized testing program 09 Mar 2015

Point-of-sale vendor NEXTEP probes breach 09 Mar 2015

Row Hammer DRAM bug exploited, unlocks access to physical memory 09 Mar 2015

St. Mary's: Patient information compromised in email hack 07 Mar 2015

Two arrested in the largest data breach in the US 07 Mar 2015

Cryptowall makes a comeback via malicious help files 06 Mar 2015

Fake "Flash Player Pro" update delivers password-stealing trojan 06 Mar 2015

SF General investigates security breach involving patient records 06 Mar 2015

SSL/TLS cipher suite downgrade affects all supported Windows versions 06 Mar 2015

Suspected US Department of Defense hacker arrested in UK 06 Mar 2015

Angler exploit kit and domain shadowing: A deadly combination 05 Mar 2015

DPS investigating phishing email scam 05 Mar 2015

Credit card breach at Mandarin Oriental 04 Mar 2015

Google fixes 51 vulnerabilities with release of Chrome 41 04 Mar 2015

Strong SSL/TLS ciphers downgraded to use weak crypto key in FREAK attack 04 Mar 2015

Banking malware targets almost 1,500 financial institutions in 86 countries 03 Mar 2015

D-Link fixes router flaws following public disclosure 03 Mar 2015

Lossy image compression can hide malicious code in PDF files 03 Mar 2015

Mass infection malware attack targets Android 03 Mar 2015

New POS malware uses mailslots to avoid detection 03 Mar 2015

Phishers target victims of iOS device theft 03 Mar 2015

0-day flaw in Seagate NAS devices endangers thousands 02 Mar 2015

Natural Grocers investigating card breach 02 Mar 2015

Pioneer Bank customer data at risk 02 Mar 2015

Privilege escalation glitch found in Toshiba software 02 Mar 2015

Report: Air traffic control system vulnerable to cyberattack 02 Mar 2015

Vulnerabilities in Blu-ray players open door for network compromise 02 Mar 2015

Uber data breach impacts 50,000 current and former drivers 28 Feb 2015

Apps bypass Google Play verification and spew tempest of ads 27 Feb 2015

Critical vulnerability found in Jetty web server 27 Feb 2015

It's official - FCC enacts expansive net-neutrality rules 26 Feb 2015

Lizard Squad hijacks Lenovo website, emails 26 Feb 2015

Mozilla fixes 17 vulnerabilities in Firefox 36 25 Feb 2015

New DDoS attack and tools use Google Maps plugin as proxy 25 Feb 2015

Ramnit botnet shut down 25 Feb 2015

Anthem says hack may affect more than 8.8 million other BCBS members 24 Feb 2015

Popular mobile apps remain vulnerable to MitM flaws found last year 24 Feb 2015

Cisco IPv6 processing bug can cause DoS attacks 23 Feb 2015

Comodo's PrivDog breaks HTTPS security possibly worse than Superfish 23 Feb 2015

CSIS security group warns of fake emails using its name 23 Feb 2015

Data of American Apparel employees exposed in Anthem breach 23 Feb 2015

No sign of data breach after Centcom laptops stolen, U.S. Attorney says 23 Feb 2015

Norton update caused Internet Explorer to crash 23 Feb 2015

Older vulnerabilities a top enabler of breaches, according to report 23 Feb 2015

Superfish SSL interception library found in several applications 23 Feb 2015

Illinois police department paid $500 ransom to hacker who disabled computer 21 Feb 2015

Commercial spyware found in enterprise environment 20 Feb 2015

Hackers now popping Cisco VPN portals 20 Feb 2015

Tax related spear-phishing aims at CTOs in tech companies 20 Feb 2015

Android malware takes over device's shutdown process 19 Feb 2015

DoubleFantasy is Equation group's first attack wave 19 Feb 2015

Lenovo to stop pre-installing controversial software 19 Feb 2015

Over 250,000 home routers found with duplicate SSH keys 19 Feb 2015

Accused Russian hacker to face charges in US court 18 Feb 2015

Author of Android Xbot malware includes curse at AV companies 18 Feb 2015

Credit card info stolen in BigFish Games site compromise 18 Feb 2015

UMaine probing data breach affecting more than 900 18 Feb 2015

Arabic threat group attacking thousands of victims globally 17 Feb 2015

Firmware of over a dozen hard drive brands altered to lodge malware 17 Feb 2015

Flaw in Netgear Wi-Fi routers exposes admin password, WLAN details 17 Feb 2015

Ongoing cyber attack on banks worldwide creates billion dollar loss 17 Feb 2015

Siemens fixes security flaws in Simatic Step 7 (TIA Portal) 17 Feb 2015

Vawtrak trojan downloaded via malicious macro for Microsoft Word 17 Feb 2015

Banking trojan Dyreza sends 30,000 malicious emails in one day 16 Feb 2015

City of Columbia website attacked again 16 Feb 2015

16 million mobile devices infected by malware 13 Feb 2015

In the wake of TurboTax fraud, email scams emerge 13 Feb 2015

RIG exploit kit source code leaked online 13 Feb 2015

Federal officials now involved after data breach in Johnson City 12 Feb 2015

Google Play, browser flaws expose Android devices to remote code execution 12 Feb 2015

Several PayPal-mimicking phishing sites taken offline 12 Feb 2015

Cyber Caliphate hackers take over Twitter account of Newsweek 11 Feb 2015

Former San Francisco police officer accused of corporate espionage 11 Feb 2015

Researchers bypass all Windows protections by modifying a single bit 11 Feb 2015

Simplocker ransomware for Android returns with new version 11 Feb 2015

About 40,000 MongoDB databases found open online 10 Feb 2015

Defense contract management agency probes hack 10 Feb 2015

Microsoft patches critical Windows, Internet Explorer vulnerabilities in Patch Tuesday update 10 Feb 2015

Researcher publishes 10 million usernames and passwords 10 Feb 2015

Samsung clarifies privacy policy: What your Smart TV can really hear 10 Feb 2015

API vulnerability exposed accounts of Delmarva Power customers 09 Feb 2015

Box Sync for Mac exposed sensitive information 09 Feb 2015

DDoS malware for Linux distributed via SSH brute force attacks 09 Feb 2015

LG fixes authentication bypass vulnerability in on-screen phone app 09 Feb 2015

Microsoft corporate clients targeted with volume license phishing email 09 Feb 2015

New York plans cybersecurity reviews of insurers after breach 09 Feb 2015

Adobe Flash Player security update fixes 18 vulnerabilities 06 Feb 2015

Anthem warns of phishing scam in light of cyber attack 06 Feb 2015

Zero-day flaw in WordPress plugin used to inject malware into sites 06 Feb 2015

Flash Player patches zero-day vulnerability 05 Feb 2015

Kovter trojan distributed via malvertising on Huffington Post 05 Feb 2015

Massive breach at health care company Anthem Inc 05 Feb 2015

White Lodging says 14 hotels are impacted by data breach 05 Feb 2015

Accused Silk Road operator convicted on U.S. drug charges 04 Feb 2015

Apple iOS now targeted in massive cyber espionage campaign 04 Feb 2015

D.C. special-ed student information inadvertently posted online since 2010 03 Feb 2015

Dangerous Internet Explorer vulnerability opens door to powerful phishing attacks 03 Feb 2015

Security flaws in SerVision HVG video gateway grant access to the web interface 03 Feb 2015

Another Flash zero day emerges 02 Feb 2015

Beware of phishing scam pretending to be Better Business Bureau questionnaire 02 Feb 2015

Dyre banking trojan uses worm to spread via Microsoft Outlook 02 Feb 2015

Investigation into UMass Memorial Medial Group data breach ongoing 02 Feb 2015

Raptr hacked, user info and passwords compromised 02 Feb 2015

Security of confidential docs called into question after Williamsburg storage facility fire 02 Feb 2015

Hackers compromise business IM service HipChat 01 Feb 2015

BMW fixes security flaw in its in-car software 30 Jan 2015

Facebook malware poses as Flash update, infects 110K users 30 Jan 2015

Multiple security weaknesses in Microsoft Outlook for iOS revealed by developer 30 Jan 2015

New "F0xy" malware uses clever techniques to stay hidden 30 Jan 2015

Skeleton Key malware linked to backdoor trojan 30 Jan 2015

Vulnerability in Connected Drive allows unlocking BMW cars via mobile phone 30 Jan 2015

Missing Riverside Hospital laptop may have contained data of 7,900 patients 29 Jan 2015

Romanian national admits role as ringleader of $5 million ATM skimming scheme 29 Jan 2015

ZeroAccess click-fraud botnet back in action again 29 Jan 2015

Apple fixes tens of vulnerabilities in OSX, iOS, Safari, Apple TV 28 Jan 2015

D-Link routers vulnerable to unauthorized DNS changing 28 Jan 2015

Flash Player update patches two critical vulnerabilities 28 Jan 2015

French Lick Resorts report credit card breach 28 Jan 2015

Serious vulnerability in Blackphone exposed messages, location 28 Jan 2015

UF gives details about malware attack 28 Jan 2015

Android Wi-Fi Direct DoS vulnerability discovered 27 Jan 2015

Apple to Patch Thunderstrike, vulnerabilities disclosed by Google 27 Jan 2015

GHOST glibc remote code execution vulnerability affects all Linux systems 27 Jan 2015

Regin cyber-espionage platform manned by the NSA 27 Jan 2015

Secret Service investigating ATM thefts along I-10 corridor 27 Jan 2015

Super Bowl fans warned about vulnerable NFL mobile app 27 Jan 2015

Supposedly clean Office documents download malware 27 Jan 2015

Harel Chiropractic Clinic in Hudson notifies patients of breach of unsecured personal information 26 Jan 2015

PHP 5.6.5 fixes flaw leading to remote code execution 24 Jan 2015

“Friendlier” Critroni ransomware variants spotted in the wild 23 Jan 2015

Google Apps admin panel falls for XSS, issue researcher gets $5,000 23 Jan 2015

Remote code execution flaw found in iPass Open Mobile Windows Client 23 Jan 2015

Three OS X vulnerabilities disclosed by Google 23 Jan 2015

US gas stations exposed to cyberattacks 23 Jan 2015

Angler exploit kit goes after new Adobe Flash 0-day flaw 22 Jan 2015

Click-fraud malware brings thousands of dollars to YouTube scammers 22 Jan 2015

Consumer Alert: Stolen identities used by thieves in student loan scheme 22 Jan 2015

Google fixes 62 security bugs with release of Chrome 40 22 Jan 2015

Mobile banking apps are risky business for Android users 22 Jan 2015

Remote code execution vulns hit Atlassian kit 22 Jan 2015

Tesla Model S hacked to start without key 22 Jan 2015

Data breach hits MPISD employees 21 Jan 2015

Hard-coded FTP credentials found in Schneider Electric SCADA Gateway 21 Jan 2015

Java patch plugs 19 security holes 21 Jan 2015

Ransomware incidents on an upward trend, FBI warns 21 Jan 2015

Siemens fixes vulnerabilities in SCALANCE, SIMATIC solutions 21 Jan 2015

CSRF flaw allowed attackers to hijack GoDaddy domains 20 Jan 2015

Michigan police bust card fraud ring 20 Jan 2015

Oracle addresses 167 bugs in critical patch update 20 Jan 2015

Verizon races out fix for email security flaw 20 Jan 2015

VideoLan says flaws exist in codecs library, not VLC 20 Jan 2015

2+ million US cars can be hacked remotely, researchers claim 19 Jan 2015

Potential code execution flaw haunts PolarSSL library 19 Jan 2015

Google reveals security flaw in Windows 7, 8.1, patch to be shipped in February 16 Jan 2015

One-click mobile fraud variant throws browser for a loop 16 Jan 2015

Payment cards targeted in attack on pet supplies website 16 Jan 2015

Teen arrested for last year's DDoS attack on PSN and Xbox networks 16 Jan 2015

Typosquatting abuse of 500 most popular websites analyzed 16 Jan 2015

Bogus Oracle patches flung by malicious websites 15 Jan 2015

Google AdSense used for malvertising campaign 15 Jan 2015

LinkedIn phishing uses HTML file to steal credentials 15 Jan 2015

Mobile malware up 77 percent in 2014 15 Jan 2015

STL Co. employee causes HIPAA breach 15 Jan 2015

Adobe updates Flash Player to fix 9 vulnerabilities 14 Jan 2015

Apache patches Qpid message broker against DoS condition 14 Jan 2015

CryptoWall makes a comeback, version 3.0 spotted in the wild 14 Jan 2015

Free tool searches GitHub for sensitive company data 14 Jan 2015

Man pleads guilty to installing credit card skimmers in Idaho Falls 14 Jan 2015

Mozilla fixes 9 vulnerabilities in Firefox 35 14 Jan 2015

Notepad++ releases "Je suis Charlie" edition, website gets defaced 14 Jan 2015

Remote overlay attack toolkit targets Brazilian bank customers 14 Jan 2015

American Airlines says 10k AAdvantage accounts may have been accessed 13 Jan 2015

Crayola red-faced after yellow-belly Facebook hijackers post blue jokes 13 Jan 2015

Google discloses new unpatched Windows 8.1 privilege escalation flaw 13 Jan 2015

Insert 'Skeleton Key', unlocks Microsoft Active Directory. Simples - hackers 13 Jan 2015

Microsoft patches critical Windows security vulnerability 13 Jan 2015

Park 'N Fly airport parking confirms data breach 13 Jan 2015

Siemens patches SIMATIC WinCC apps for iOS against password-related flaws 13 Jan 2015

Unpatched security flaws impact Corel software products 13 Jan 2015

Wall charger steals keystrokes from Microsoft wireless keyboards 13 Jan 2015

Buffer overflow glitch in Wonderware Server gets fix from Schneider Electric 12 Jan 2015

Hospital device may be opening for hackers 12 Jan 2015

LA traffic sign gets hacked, advises motorists to read a book 12 Jan 2015

Malware coders adopt DevOps to target smut sites 12 Jan 2015

New variant of Vawtrak banking trojan delivered by Chanitor downloader 12 Jan 2015

Number of IE vulnerabilities fixed by Microsoft doubled in 2014 12 Jan 2015

Pro-ISIS group hijacks Twitter accounts of regional US media 12 Jan 2015

Thousands of critical government buildings face high risk of cyberattacks 12 Jan 2015

U.S. military social media accounts apparently hacked by Islamic State sympathizers 12 Jan 2015

Governor signs law requiring health insurance companies to encrypt personal information 11 Jan 2015

Andromeda botkit used for Bitcoin mining purpose 09 Jan 2015

Library flaw could crash HART-based ICS field devices 09 Jan 2015

Lizard Stresser runs on hacked home routers 09 Jan 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM affected by self-XSS vulnerability: Researchers 09 Jan 2015

OpenSSL release patches 8 vulnerabilities 09 Jan 2015

Schneider patches buffer overflow in Wonderware server 09 Jan 2015

Unauthorized root command execution possible in ASUS routers 09 Jan 2015

8chan attacked with Lizard Stresser and knocked offline 08 Jan 2015

Banking trojans disguised as ICS/SCADA software infecting plants 08 Jan 2015

Hackers use Pastebin to deliver backdoor code 08 Jan 2015

Thunderstrike shocks OS X with firmware bootkit 08 Jan 2015

vBulletin warns of vBSEO vulnerability 08 Jan 2015

Attackers spread Dridex banking trojan via malicious macros 07 Jan 2015

Credit cards among data possibly accessed in AMResorts breach 07 Jan 2015

CryptoWall 2.0 ransomware capable of executing 64-bit code 07 Jan 2015

HuffPo visitors targeted with malvertising, infected with ransomware 07 Jan 2015

New Emotet variant targets banking credentials of German speakers 07 Jan 2015

Stealthy 'XOR.DDoS' trojan infects Linux systems, installs rootkit 07 Jan 2015

Custom greeting card seller Moonpig fixes security blunder 17 months after responsible disclosure 06 Jan 2015

HTTPS can be set as your super-cookie 06 Jan 2015

Microsoft warns of malicious macros targeting users in the UK and the US 06 Jan 2015

Over $5 million stolen from Bitstamp's Bitcoin wallets 06 Jan 2015

Researchers find several UEFI vulnerabilities 06 Jan 2015

Stolen patient information prompts data breach warning from Shoreview company 06 Jan 2015

Thieves jackpot ATMs with 'Black Box' attack 06 Jan 2015

Wi-Fi password phishing attacks automated with new tool 06 Jan 2015

Google discloses unpatched Windows 8.1 vulnerability 05 Jan 2015

Morgan Stanley fires employee, cites data theft 05 Jan 2015

New Steam stealer malware sample gets analyzed, points to Australian national 05 Jan 2015

PayPal complete account hijacking bug gets fix, no award given 05 Jan 2015

The hidden dangers of third party code in free apps 05 Jan 2015

Chick-fil-A says customer data may have been cracked 02 Jan 2015

Georgia Tech student indicted for UGA website hack 01 Jan 2015

New York man charged with credit card fraud 31 Dec 2014

Number of botnet control servers increased in 2014 - report 31 Dec 2014

Want to have your server pwned? Easy: Run PHP 31 Dec 2014

WordPress Symposium plug-in plagued by file upload vulnerability 31 Dec 2014

Android malware increasingly packaged with HTML5 apps 30 Dec 2014

Fake Apple store purchase notification lures to phishing page 30 Dec 2014

Majority of 4G USB modems, SIM cards exploitable 30 Dec 2014

MileagePlus accounts of United Airlines frequent flyers accessed by unauthorized party 30 Dec 2014

Researchers find 64-bit version of Havex RAT 30 Dec 2014

Target hackers hit 30 Dec 2014

XXE bug patched in Facebook careers third-party service 30 Dec 2014

Sony: PlayStation Network is back online now, really 28 Dec 2014

Exploit for Android same origin policy flaw is leveraged against Facebook users 27 Dec 2014

Internet Systems Consortium website has been compromised to serve malware 27 Dec 2014

Old fashioned data breach: Independence Blue Cross paper records tossed in trash 27 Dec 2014

Malware families distributed through malicious campaign targeting WordPress sites 24 Dec 2014

Rackspace restored after DDOS takes out DNS 24 Dec 2014

Apple patches NTP vulnerabilities in first automated patch 23 Dec 2014

RSA report dives deep into Backoff PoS malware 23 Dec 2014

Security breach at NVIDIA triggers employee credentials reset 23 Dec 2014

The first polymorphic ransomware emerges, spreads on its own 23 Dec 2014

'Vawtrak' banking malware continues to evolve 22 Dec 2014

Easily exploitable NTP vulnerabilities put ICS operators at risk 22 Dec 2014

Former correctional officer pleads guilty to wire fraud, ID theft 22 Dec 2014

Police: Students' information compromised in South Western HS data breach 22 Dec 2014

Records for 620 Mercy Medical cancer patients compromised 22 Dec 2014

Staples says 1.16 million credit card numbers stolen in breach 22 Dec 2014

Tor exit node cluster shut down 22 Dec 2014

Northwestern Memorial apologizes for stolen laptop with patient data 20 Dec 2014

AutoIt script loads new "Spark" point of sale malware into RAM 19 Dec 2014

Boston Children's Hospital to pay $40,000 fine over data breach 19 Dec 2014

Critical flaw on over 12M routers allows device hijacking, network compromise 19 Dec 2014

Critical Git flaw allows attackers to compromise developers' machines 19 Dec 2014

Emerson patches series of flaws in controllers used in oil and gas pipelines 19 Dec 2014

Hackers used sophisticated SMB Worm Tool to attack Sony 19 Dec 2014

New Zeus variant targets users of 150 banks 19 Dec 2014

Privilege escalation vulnerability found in Linux kernel 19 Dec 2014

"USBdriveby" emulates mouse and keyboard to hijack computers 18 Dec 2014

Ars Technica readers urged to change passwords in wake of hack 18 Dec 2014

Exploits for Silverlight, Flash Player and Internet Explorer most used in 2014 18 Dec 2014

Files of more than 40,000 federal workers breached in cyberattack 18 Dec 2014

ICANN systems breached via spear-phishing emails 18 Dec 2014

Researcher publishes JavaScript DoS tool 18 Dec 2014

SAP patches bugs in business apps 18 Dec 2014

Serious vulnerabilities found in Schneider Electric's ProClima solution 18 Dec 2014

Syrian Electronic Army hacks website of International Business Times 18 Dec 2014

URL LOL: Delta splats web flight boarding pass snoop bug 18 Dec 2014

Whittier raid nets guns, drugs hundreds of fraudulent credit cards 18 Dec 2014

10-year-old "mailx" vulnerability fixed in Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 17 Dec 2014

Backdoor found in Android phones manufactured by Coolpad 17 Dec 2014

NYC premiere of "The Interview" canceled amid terrorist threat 17 Dec 2014

phpBB asking users to change passwords following hack 17 Dec 2014

Researchers confirm multiple Google App Engine security sandbox bypasses 17 Dec 2014

Xsser malware targeting iOS, Android devices 17 Dec 2014

Banking trojan abuses Pinterest in C&C routines 16 Dec 2014

CA Technologies fixes vulnerable CA Release Automation 16 Dec 2014

Credit card fraud ring used over 3,800 stolen cards 16 Dec 2014

Data compromised at Union First Market Bank 16 Dec 2014

Illinois hospital reports data blackmail 16 Dec 2014

VCU Health System: CDs with patient info donated 16 Dec 2014

CloudFlare SSL certificate used for phishing scam 15 Dec 2014

Honeywell OPOS suite affected by serious vulnerability 15 Dec 2014

Researcher identifies XSS vulnerability affecting Citibank website 15 Dec 2014

Shellshock worm exploiting unpatched QNAP NAS devices 15 Dec 2014

SoakSoak malware campaign affects over 100,000 websites 15 Dec 2014

'Security by antiquity' bricks payment terminals 12 Dec 2014

Batten down the patches: New vuln found in Docker container tech 12 Dec 2014

Hackable intercom lets you SPY on fellow apartment-dwellers 12 Dec 2014

Malwarebytes anti-exploit upgrade mechanism vulnerable to MitM attacks 12 Dec 2014

Microsoft pulls a patch and offers PHANTOM FIX for the mess 12 Dec 2014

Upatre downloader spreading Dyreza banking trojan 12 Dec 2014

Ursnif malware steals data, infects files in US, UK 12 Dec 2014

Black Energy malware may be exploiting patched WinCC flaw 11 Dec 2014

Elderly zombie Asprox botnet STILL mauling biz bods, says survey 11 Dec 2014

FreeBSD developers VANQUISH Demon bug 11 Dec 2014

OphionLocker, the new ransomware on the block 11 Dec 2014

Patch against critical flaw in HD FLV Player still leaves the plug-in vulnerable 11 Dec 2014

'Critical' security bugs dating back to 1987 found in X Window 10 Dec 2014

Flash Player fixes remote code execution bug exploited in the wild 10 Dec 2014

Flaw in AirWatch by VMware leaks info in multi-tenant environments 10 Dec 2014

Recursive DNS resolvers affected by serious vulnerability 10 Dec 2014

Red October cyber spy op goes mobile via spear-phishing 10 Dec 2014

SQL injection, other vulnerabilities found in InfiniteWP admin panel 10 Dec 2014

Taxi app Uber plugs 'privacy-threatening' web security flaw 10 Dec 2014

Third-party bundling made IBM products most vulnerable: Study 10 Dec 2014

Trihedral fixes vulnerability in SCADA monitoring and control software 10 Dec 2014

Fraud from bots represents a loss of $6 bln in digital advertising 09 Dec 2014

Hackers breached payment solutions provider CHARGE Anywhere: Undetected since 2009 09 Dec 2014

Info on millions of AliExpress customers could have been harvested due to site flaw 09 Dec 2014

Microsoft releases critical IE security update on Patch Tuesday 09 Dec 2014

New version of Destover malware signed by stolen Sony certificate 09 Dec 2014

Newly discovered 'Turla' malware targets Linux systems 09 Dec 2014

Officials report breach to OU nursing college's web server 09 Dec 2014

POODLE attack also affects some TLS implementations 09 Dec 2014

SEO poisoning campaign ensnares several thousand websites, security expert finds 09 Dec 2014

Attackers knock PlayStation Network offline for hours 08 Dec 2014

Fugitive arrested in Tampa credit-card fraud ring 08 Dec 2014

Google App Engine plagued by tens of vulnerabilities: Researchers 08 Dec 2014

New variant of Neverquest banking trojan targets North America 08 Dec 2014

TD Bank settles Massachusetts data breach probe, to pay $625,000 08 Dec 2014

Yik Yak flaw de-anonymizes user, allows control over account 08 Dec 2014

'Sign in with LinkedIn' spoof allows baddies to penetrate Slashdot, and more 05 Dec 2014

Bebe stores confirms credit card breach 05 Dec 2014

Health insurance online threats revealed 05 Dec 2014

Pizza orders reveal credit card scheme, and a secondhand market 05 Dec 2014

VMware warns of vCenter cross-site-scripting bug 05 Dec 2014

'DeathRing' malware found pre-installed on smartphones 04 Dec 2014

Big Blue patches big blooper in Endpoint Manager for mobes 04 Dec 2014

Critical PayPal bug left all accounts vulnerable to hijacking 04 Dec 2014

Critical remote code execution flaw found in WordPress plugin 04 Dec 2014

Details emerge on Sony wiper malware Destover 04 Dec 2014

Asprox operators have started recruiting for a larger botnet 03 Dec 2014

DA: Great Neck doctor stole patient information from computer system 03 Dec 2014

DNSimple suffers downtime due to 25 Gbps DDoS attack 03 Dec 2014

Firmware update kills Lenovo Home Media Network HDDs 03 Dec 2014

Iranian CLEAVER hacks through airport security, Cisco boxen 03 Dec 2014

LastPass master password can be decrypted 03 Dec 2014

New "LusyPOS" malware uses Tor for C&C Communications 03 Dec 2014

Vulnerability in WhatsApp leads to losing conversations 03 Dec 2014

FBI investigating Sony Pictures hack possibly linked to leaked footage of 'Annie,' 'Mr. Turner' movies 02 Dec 2014

Lizard Squad announces DDoS attacks for Christmas time 02 Dec 2014

Low-risk cyber security issue found at nuclear plant 02 Dec 2014

Mozilla fixes vulnerabilities, disables SSL 3.0 in Firefox 34 02 Dec 2014

OpenVPN versions released since 2005 affected by critical flaw 02 Dec 2014

Thousands of names, social security numbers of people getting unemployment in NH leaked 02 Dec 2014

Unauthorized intruders gain access to ART Payroll database 02 Dec 2014

Cybercriminals testing new PoS malware 'Poslogr' 01 Dec 2014

FIN4 attack group targets firms for stock market profit 01 Dec 2014

Fort Lauderdale's website down for hours after threat from Anonymous hackers 01 Dec 2014

Officials seize 292 domain names to protect consumers during holiday season 01 Dec 2014

XSS vulnerability in Alcatel-Lucent carrier-grade switches 01 Dec 2014

Data breach reported at Chicago, Evanston parking garages 29 Nov 2014

University Hospitals: Employee gained unauthorized access to 692 patient files in breach 29 Nov 2014

118 online airline fraud suspects arrested in international operation 28 Nov 2014

Syrian Electronic Army Thanksgiving hack of Microsoft, NBC, Dell, Forbes used Gigya comment platform 28 Nov 2014

New DareDevil PoS malware also infects ticket machines and electronic kiosks 27 Nov 2014 fixes web application vulnerabilities 27 Nov 2014

DoS vulnerability found in MatrikonOPC Server for DNP3 26 Nov 2014

Hacking Team surveillance malware masquerades as legitimate bookmark manager 26 Nov 2014

Man pleads guilty to selling StealthGenie spyware 26 Nov 2014

Adobe patches Flash Player to add additional protection against attack 25 Nov 2014

DroidJack RAT hits hacker forums, comes from legitimate app developers 25 Nov 2014

Former Parkland hospital employee admits stealing patient information to market his home health care business 25 Nov 2014

New Docker version solves critical bugs, update immediately 25 Nov 2014

Anonymous claims responsibility for taking down Cleveland's website after shooting 24 Nov 2014

Fraud service uses charity websites to validate stolen credit card data 24 Nov 2014

Sony quietly POODLE-proofs Playstations 24 Nov 2014

Symantec uncovers stealthy nation- state cyber attack platform 24 Nov 2014

Beth Israel fined $100,000 for patient data breach 21 Nov 2014

DoubleDirect hackers snaffle fandroid and iPhone-strokers' secrets 21 Nov 2014

Facebook bug remains unpatched, risk is partially mitigated 21 Nov 2014

Persistent XSS flaw fixed in WP Statistics plug-in for WordPress 21 Nov 2014

Security breach reveals personal data on Prince George's school employees 21 Nov 2014

Siemens fixes critical vulnerabilities in WinCC SCADA products 21 Nov 2014

WordPress 4.0.1 released to address critical XSS, other vulnerabilities 21 Nov 2014

Angler exploit kit adds new Flash exploit for CVE-2014-8440 20 Nov 2014

Attackers using compromised Web plug-ins in CryptoPHP blackhat SEO campaign 20 Nov 2014

DDoS attacks over 10 Gbps jump in Q3 20 Nov 2014

Developers fix XSS vulnerability in jQuery Validation Plugin script 20 Nov 2014

Drupal patches denial of service vulnerability; details disclosed 20 Nov 2014

Governments act against webcam-snooping websites 20 Nov 2014

Multiple vulnerabilities found in Hikvision DVR devices 20 Nov 2014

Advanced variant of "NotCompatible" Android malware a threat to enterprises 19 Nov 2014

Chrome 39 includes 42 security fixes, disables fallback to SSL 3.0 19 Nov 2014

Citadel variant targets password managers 19 Nov 2014

FTC gets federal court to shut down $120M tech support scam 19 Nov 2014

Privilege escalation risk fixed in Android Lollipop, lower versions vulnerable 19 Nov 2014

Apple releases OS X Yosemite and iOS updates 18 Nov 2014

BWH doctor tied up in armed robbery; patient data stolen from laptop 18 Nov 2014

Feds: Identity thieves hit 2 metro Detroit hospitals 18 Nov 2014

Flashpack exploit kit uses ad networks to deliver Cryptowall, Dofoil malware 18 Nov 2014

Legit Windows Phone apps can be replaced by malicious ones through copy/paste 18 Nov 2014

Microsoft fixes critical Kerberos flaw under attack with out-of-band patch 18 Nov 2014

New variant of Matsnu trojan uses configurable DGA 18 Nov 2014

Alleged creators of WireLurker malware arrested in China 17 Nov 2014

Attack reveals 81 percent of Tor users but admins call for calm 17 Nov 2014

BusyBox devices compromised through Shellshock attack 17 Nov 2014

Majority of top 100 paid iOS, Android apps have hacked versions 17 Nov 2014

Research finds 1 percent of online ads malicious 17 Nov 2014

Steam password stealer is stored on Google Drive 17 Nov 2014

U.S. State Department's unclassified email systems hacked 17 Nov 2014

WinShock PoC clocked: But DON'T PANIC... It's no Heartbleed 17 Nov 2014

New variant of Dofoil trojan emerges with strong evasion features 16 Nov 2014

New encryption ransomware offers file decryption trial 15 Nov 2014

Google misses trojan SMS app in Play Store for more than a year 14 Nov 2014

OnionDuke APT malware distributed via malicious Tor exit node 14 Nov 2014

Personal info on more than 70,000 posted online by debt sellers 14 Nov 2014

Seattle Public Schools security breach impacts thousands of students 14 Nov 2014

Sheriff's office pays ransom to unlock files encrypted by CryptoWall 14 Nov 2014

Internet voting hack alters PDF ballots in transmission 13 Nov 2014

Mobile Pwn2Own 2014: iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, Fire Phone hacked 13 Nov 2014

Stow man charged with cyber crimes 13 Nov 2014

18 critical vulnerabilities patched in Flash Player 12 Nov 2014

18-year-old remotely exploitable vulnerability in Windows patched by Microsoft 12 Nov 2014

Air-gapped systems targeted by Sednit espionage group 12 Nov 2014

Coast Guard contractor pleads guilty to stealing personal information 12 Nov 2014

Microsoft patches Windows, IE, Word, SharePoint and IIS 12 Nov 2014

Post office suspends telecommuting due to breach 12 Nov 2014

US confirms climate agency websites hacked 12 Nov 2014

Hacker steals payment data from One Love Organics website 11 Nov 2014

Parking data breach at Eastern Iowa Airport 11 Nov 2014

Uroburos espionage group is still active, relies on new remote access trojan 11 Nov 2014

BrowserStack HACK ATTACK: Service still suspended after rogue email 10 Nov 2014

Darkhotel attackers target business travelers via hotel networks 10 Nov 2014

Emoticons blast three security holes in Pidgin :-( 10 Nov 2014

Highmark subsidiary suffers data loss; some Pa. residents affected 10 Nov 2014

iOS security issue allows attackers to swap good apps for bad ones 10 Nov 2014

SQL injection vulnerability patched in IP.Board forum software 10 Nov 2014

U.S. Postal Service says data breach hits employees, call center 10 Nov 2014

Hackers breach Wyoming library system 08 Nov 2014

53M customer email addresses were also stolen in Home Depot breach 07 Nov 2014

After Silk Road 2, global law enforcement seizes other dark markets 07 Nov 2014

Belkin flings out patch after Metasploit module turns guests to admins 07 Nov 2014

Massive credit card scam found in Paulding Co 07 Nov 2014

Metasploit module released for new UXSS vulnerability in Android browser 07 Nov 2014

N.C. dermatology center discovers hacked server two years after attack 07 Nov 2014

Troopers seize nearly $200k in fake credit cards, cash 07 Nov 2014

WireLurker: Apple blocks Trojanized apps, revokes certificate 07 Nov 2014

Australia, UK and US are most affected by Dridex banking trojan 06 Nov 2014

Cisco patches three out of four buggy small business RV series routers 06 Nov 2014

Feds arrest alleged 'Silk Road 2' admin, seize servers 06 Nov 2014

New "WireLurker" malware targets iOS, Mac OS X users via trojanized applications 06 Nov 2014

Crypto attack that hijacked Windows Update goes mainstream in Amazon Cloud 05 Nov 2014

Ex-Army reservist stole fellow soldiers' identities to buy luxury cars 05 Nov 2014

LUS Fiber victim of Internet attack 05 Nov 2014

New technique makes phishing sites easier to create, more difficult to spot 05 Nov 2014

Palm Springs Federal Credit Union loses hard drive with customer data 05 Nov 2014

Suspect installed card skimmers at RTD stations 05 Nov 2014

227,747 new malware samples created daily 04 Nov 2014

BlackEnergy cyberespionage group targets Linux systems and Cisco routers 04 Nov 2014

Compromised EDU domain used to send out ZeuS-laden emails 04 Nov 2014

Maryland, federal authorities seek ATM skimmer who has netted more than $100,000 04 Nov 2014 redirects to Rig Exploit Kit, infects users with malware 04 Nov 2014

ID theft reported at Jessie Trice health center 03 Nov 2014

New version of Backoff PoS malware appears 03 Nov 2014

Researchers notice uptick in 'Poweliks' trojan infections 03 Nov 2014

VMware: Yep, ESXi bug plays 'finders keepers' with data backups 03 Nov 2014

Meade School District dealing with information breach 01 Nov 2014

Android dialer hides, resists attempts to remove it 31 Oct 2014

Capital One employee accesses customer info without authorization 31 Oct 2014

iOS app vulnerability exposed GroupMe accounts 31 Oct 2014

New RAT hijacks COM objects for persistence, stealthiness 31 Oct 2014

RIG Exploit Kit used in Drupal CMS exploit incidents 31 Oct 2014

Upatre malware dropper sent to Bitstamp exchange users 31 Oct 2014

"AirHopper" malware uses radio signals to steal data from isolated computers 30 Oct 2014

Danish court finds Pirate Bay cofounder guilty of hacking CSC servers 30 Oct 2014

Drupalocalypse! Devs say it's best to assume your CMS is owned 30 Oct 2014

Mobile payment app contender CurrentC sees testers' details stolen 30 Oct 2014

Phishing attack leads to title firm breach 30 Oct 2014

Popular Science website infected, serving malware 30 Oct 2014

Security breach at Lewisburg Area School District 30 Oct 2014

Cybercriminals create platform for automating rogue credit card charges 29 Oct 2014

Gmail drafts used to exfiltrate data and send malicious instructions 29 Oct 2014

ICS-CERT warns of ongoing attack campaign targeting industrial control systems 29 Oct 2014

Microsoft releases Fix It tool to disable SSL 3.0 in IE to muzzle Poodle attack 29 Oct 2014

Vulnerability found in firmware update process of ASUS routers 29 Oct 2014

White House says unclassified network hit in cyberattack 29 Oct 2014

'ScanBox' keylogger targets Uyghurs, US think tank, hospitality industry 28 Oct 2014

ASU-Beebe still investigating possible data breach 28 Oct 2014

Attackers exploit ShellShock via SMTP to distribute malware 28 Oct 2014

City of Phoenix under attack by hacker activists 28 Oct 2014

EvilToss and Sourface hacker crew 'likely' backed by Kremlin 28 Oct 2014

Sophisticated Chinese espionage group after Western advanced technology 28 Oct 2014

'Replay' attacks spoof chip card charges 27 Oct 2014

Attackers breach PoS systems of Delaware Ferry service 27 Oct 2014

Banking trojan Dridex delivered through Microsoft Word macros 27 Oct 2014

Targeted attacks against businesses jump 27 Oct 2014

Tor exit node found maliciously modifying files 27 Oct 2014

Adobe Digital Editions now encrypts data collected from users 24 Oct 2014

Backoff PoS malware boomed in Q3 24 Oct 2014

Cisco fixes 3-year-old vulnerability affecting security appliances 24 Oct 2014

iMessage SPAM floods US mobile networks 24 Oct 2014

Malware on Breyer Horses website for about 18 months, payment card data at risk 24 Oct 2014

Three-month database of customer payment info leaked at 24 Oct 2014

With a $10 million fine, the FCC is leaping into data security for the first time 24 Oct 2014

1.2 million networking devices vulnerable due to NAT-PMP issues 23 Oct 2014

Akamai sees record-setting spikes in size and volume of DDoS attacks 23 Oct 2014

CryptoWall 2.0 delivered through malvertising on Yahoo and other large sites 23 Oct 2014

'Operation Pawn Storm' cyber-espionage campaign hits organizations 22 Oct 2014

Apple warns users of attack targeting iCloud site 22 Oct 2014

Attackers change home routers' DNS settings via malicious code injected in ads 22 Oct 2014

Koler worm spreads via SMS, holds phones for ransom 22 Oct 2014

Malware directs stolen documents to Google Drive 22 Oct 2014

Windows zero-day exploited in targeted attacks through PowerPoint 22 Oct 2014

Apple fixes security flaws with release of iOS 8.1 21 Oct 2014

Cisco products vulnerable to POODLE attacks 21 Oct 2014

FBI arrests Weather Service employee for alleged cyber hacking 21 Oct 2014

One week after patch, Flash vulnerability already exploited in large-scale attacks 21 Oct 2014

Palo Alto Networks boxes spray firewall creds across the net 21 Oct 2014

Staples investigates possible card data breach 21 Oct 2014

Microsoft pulls another dodgy patch 20 Oct 2014

Dropbox users are served a phishing page delivered over SSL 18 Oct 2014

Apple releases MEGA security patch round for OS X, Server and iTunes 17 Oct 2014

Modular malware for OS X relies on open-source keylogger code 17 Oct 2014

New technique allows attackers to hide stealthy Android malware in images 17 Oct 2014

Sandworm vulnerability seen targeting SCADA-based systems 17 Oct 2014

SAP patches DoS flaw in Netweaver 17 Oct 2014

All-in-one printers can be used to control infected air-gapped systems from far away 16 Oct 2014

Attackers abuse UPnP devices in DDoS attacks, Akamai warns 16 Oct 2014

Bad news, fandroids: He who controls the IPC tool, controls the DROID 16 Oct 2014

Botnets used in "Wolf of Wall Street" spam campaign 16 Oct 2014

New OpenSSL updates fix POODLE, DoS bugs 16 Oct 2014

XSS risk found in links to New York Times articles prior to 2013 16 Oct 2014

Cyberswim announces data breach lasting for more than three months 15 Oct 2014

Drupal fixes highly critical SQL injection flaw 15 Oct 2014

FireEye, Microsoft, Cisco team up to take down RAT-flinging crew 15 Oct 2014

Flash Player 15 update plugs remote code execution bugs 15 Oct 2014

Microsoft patches two more 0-days actively used by attackers 15 Oct 2014

Mozilla fixes critical bugs in Firefox 33 15 Oct 2014

SSL 3.0 falls in the face of POODLE attack, needs to be disabled 15 Oct 2014

UC Davis Health email breach exposes 1,326 patients' data 15 Oct 2014

BlackBerry 10 devices open to bug that allows malicious app installation 14 Oct 2014

Dallas warns that 'small number' of laptops containing patient information are missing from ambulances 14 Oct 2014

Dropbox denies being hacked, points to third-party services 14 Oct 2014

Malicious YouTube ads lead to exploits, ransomware 14 Oct 2014

Malware-like browser pop-ups used by advertisers to push apps on Android 14 Oct 2014

Massive Oracle security update lands on Microsoft Patch Tuesday 14 Oct 2014

Russian espionage group used Windows 0-day to target NATO, EU 14 Oct 2014

850,000 people potentially impacted by WorkSource Oregon security breach 13 Oct 2014

Kmart confirms month-old data breach, payment card data stolen 13 Oct 2014

The snappening: Snapsaved admits to hack that leaked SnapChat photos 13 Oct 2014

HP to remove digital signature that code-signed malware 10 Oct 2014

Multiple vulnerabilities found in BMC Track-It! help desk software 10 Oct 2014

New mobile trojan masquerading as Tic-tac-toe game targets Android devices 10 Oct 2014

New Rovnix variant targets users in EU countries 10 Oct 2014

Aggressive Selfmite SMS worm variant goes global 09 Oct 2014

Dairy Queen customer data compromised by Backoff malware 09 Oct 2014

Flaw in PayPal authentication process allows access to blocked accounts 09 Oct 2014

G.H. Bass & Co. reports data breach at Orlando store 09 Oct 2014

Hackers breach NDSCS computers 09 Oct 2014

Laptops stolen from Albertina Kerr's Gresham campus include medical information 09 Oct 2014

Multiple vulnerabilities found in SAP enterprise software 09 Oct 2014

Shellshock exploits spreading Mayhem botnet malware 09 Oct 2014

4,000 veterans personal information compromised 08 Oct 2014

Adobe spies on reading habits over unencrypted web because your 'privacy is important.' 08 Oct 2014

ATM programmer's reference manual leaked online 08 Oct 2014

Google fixes 159 security bugs with release of Chrome 38 08 Oct 2014

Largest US bond insurer suffers major data leak 08 Oct 2014

Several Siemens industrial products affected by ShellShock bug 08 Oct 2014

SSDP reflection attacks spike in Q3 08 Oct 2014

There is anti-BadUSB protection, but it's a bit sticky 08 Oct 2014

Belkin says router outages should be resolved 07 Oct 2014

Boise police arrest dozen people accused of using stolen credit accounts 07 Oct 2014

Bugzilla vulnerability exposes undisclosed bugs 07 Oct 2014

Mass. Maritime website hacked by apparent Islamic extremist group 07 Oct 2014

Monster banking trojan botnet claims 500,000 victims 07 Oct 2014

Siemens swats security bugs affecting PCS 7 07 Oct 2014

Tyupkin is new ATM malware that allows cash extraction without card 07 Oct 2014

Yahoo! changes tune after saying servers were hacked by Shellshock 07 Oct 2014

Apple updates XProtect security feature to block iWorm malware 06 Oct 2014

AT&T hit by insider breach 06 Oct 2014

Bash bug payload downloads KAITEN DDoS malware source code 06 Oct 2014

Data leak reported with five-month delay by Touchstone Medical Imaging 06 Oct 2014

King of Prussia woman charged with health care fraud, identity theft 06 Oct 2014

Trojans-SMS are top threat on Android, INTERPOL and Kaspersky say 06 Oct 2014

Yahoo, WinZip servers compromised through Shellshock vulnerability 06 Oct 2014

Twitch bombers deliver malware and PUPs 04 Oct 2014

CryptoWall 2.0 available in the wild, has new obfuscator 03 Oct 2014

Deputies seize over 400 fake credit cards 03 Oct 2014

Destructive Android trojan poses as newest Angry Birds game 03 Oct 2014

"BadUSB" code published 02 Oct 2014

76M households hit by JPMorgan data breach 02 Oct 2014

Data breach on Flinn Scientific server lasted for four months 02 Oct 2014

Major security flaw in Xen hypervisor disclosed 02 Oct 2014

OS X botnet malware uses Reddit to get IPs of control servers 02 Oct 2014

Researchers bypass Redmond's EMET, again 02 Oct 2014

Second same-origin policy bypass flaw haunts Android browser 02 Oct 2014

VMware releases software updates to fix ShellShock bug 02 Oct 2014

Bash bug flung against NAS boxes 01 Oct 2014

Cedars-Sinai says number of patient files in data breach much higher 01 Oct 2014

FDA publishes cybersecurity guidance for medical device manufacturers 01 Oct 2014

Four hackers accused of $100m US military software and gaming IP theft 01 Oct 2014

High risk vulnerability patched in Joomla 01 Oct 2014

Joomla re-issues security update after patches glitch 01 Oct 2014

Lost disc with Jersey City Medical Center patient data is finally found, hospital says 01 Oct 2014

Provo City School District warning employees of data breach 01 Oct 2014

Schneider Electric fixes remotely exploitable flaw in 22 different products 01 Oct 2014

Xsser mRAT, advanced spyware for iOS, discovered 01 Oct 2014

'Shellshock' attacks could already top 1 billion: Report 30 Sep 2014

Apple patches Shellshock bug in OS X 30 Sep 2014

Asprox botnet malware sent through fake Viber email notification 30 Sep 2014

New data breaches hit Supervalu, Albertson's 30 Sep 2014

OpenVPN open to pre-auth Bash Shellshock bug - researcher 30 Sep 2014

Seller of StealthGenie mobile spyware app indicted and arrested 30 Sep 2014

Variant of Upatre malware dropper seen in bank emails 30 Sep 2014

All CloudFlare customers benefit from Universal SSL 29 Sep 2014

American Family Care alerts customers of stolen laptops containing patient information 29 Sep 2014

Cisco lists 31 products vulnerable to the Shellshock vulnerability 29 Sep 2014

Ello social network recovers after DDoS attack 29 Sep 2014

New remote code execution flaws found in Shellshock-patched Bash 29 Sep 2014

RadEditor web editor vulnerable to XSS attacks 29 Sep 2014

Signed CryptoWall delivered via malvertising campaign on top-ranked websites 29 Sep 2014

Apple quickly issues iOS 8.0.2 update 26 Sep 2014

Credit card breach that hit Jimmy John's is larger than originally thought 26 Sep 2014

Dyre banking trojan delivered via voice message email notification 26 Sep 2014

Dyre malware takes inventory of software on infected systems 26 Sep 2014

Honeypot catches malware exploiting Shellshock Bash bug 26 Sep 2014

iThemes users asked to change passwords following attack 26 Sep 2014

Phishers go after unprecedented breadth of targets 26 Sep 2014

Bash bug "Shellshock" is as large as issue as Heartbleed 25 Sep 2014

BlackEnergy malware linked to targeted attacks 25 Sep 2014

Critical signature forgery flaw found in Mozilla NSS crypto library 25 Sep 2014

Florida man admits $30M fake payment card scheme 25 Sep 2014

Apple yanks buggy iOS 8 update 24 Sep 2014

Fiberlink wipes one smartphone or tablet every three minutes 24 Sep 2014

Jimmy John's confirms data breach at 216 shops, including in Longmont, Broomfield 24 Sep 2014

Mitigations for Spike DDoS toolkit-powered attacks 24 Sep 2014

More trouble for jQuery as second compromise reported 24 Sep 2014

Mozilla to part ways to SHA-1 24 Sep 2014

New Tinba banking trojan variant is stealthier, uses public key signing 24 Sep 2014

SMB employees targeted with fake termination emails 24 Sep 2014

Apple's new iPhone 6 vulnerable to last year's TouchID fingerprint hack 23 Sep 2014

Data breach at Owensboro medical practice 23 Sep 2014

DDoS attackers turn fire on ISPs and gaming servers 23 Sep 2014

Digital currency tech chief pleads guilty in fraud 23 Sep 2014 compromised to serve malware via drive-by download 23 Sep 2014

Serious vulnerabilities found in wireless thermostats 23 Sep 2014

'Skimming' suspect arrested at East Longmeadow bank 22 Sep 2014

Exercise-tracking app not QUITE fit for purpose 22 Sep 2014

Hackers target Destiny and Call of Duty servers with DDoS attack 22 Sep 2014

Kyle and Stan malvertising network nine times bigger than first reported 22 Sep 2014

Payment card info of 880k Viator customers compromised 22 Sep 2014

Yahoo fixes RCE flaw leading to root server access 22 Sep 2014

Apple fixes numerous vulnerabilities with release of Mac OS X 10.9.5 19 Sep 2014

Apple fixes "backdoors" with release of iOS 8 18 Sep 2014

Dyre trojan caught in the cookie jar 18 Sep 2014

Four charged with making credit cards with 'skimmed' info 18 Sep 2014

Hackers penetrated systems of key defense contractors 18 Sep 2014

Home Depot breach bigger than Target at 56 million cards 18 Sep 2014

Malicious advertisements distributed by DoubleClick, Zedo networks 18 Sep 2014

Amazon fixes persistent XSS vulnerability affecting Kindle library 17 Sep 2014

Analysts spot 'Critolock,' ransomware claims to be CryptoLocker 17 Sep 2014

AppBuyer iOS malware targets jailbroken iPhones 17 Sep 2014

Bank tellers helped steal identities, $850G, A.G. says 17 Sep 2014

Drupal patches XSS vulnerability in spam module 17 Sep 2014

Macro based malware is on the rise 17 Sep 2014

Series of vulnerabilities found in Schneider Electric SCADA products 17 Sep 2014

Twitter fixes vulnerability potentially impacting company's ad revenue 17 Sep 2014

Website of U.S. oil and gas company abused in watering hole attack 17 Sep 2014

Adobe gets delayed Reader update out the door 16 Sep 2014

Archie exploit kit targets Adobe, Silverlight vulnerabilities 16 Sep 2014

Aventura Hospital and Medical Center reports data breach 16 Sep 2014

Breach at Goodwill vendor lasted 18 months 16 Sep 2014

Malicious Kindle eBooks can give hackers access to your Amazon account 16 Sep 2014

Probe: website must boost security 16 Sep 2014

Tanzanian national guilty in tax fraud scheme involving more than 600 victims 16 Sep 2014

THREE QUARTERS of Android mobes open to web page spy bug 16 Sep 2014

'Tiny banker' malware targets US financial institutions 15 Sep 2014

Dragonfly malware targeting pharmaceutical companies 15 Sep 2014

Freenode suffers breach, asks users to change their passwords 15 Sep 2014

Insider credit card breach leads to $400,000 Saks shopping spree 15 Sep 2014

LinkedIn feature exposes email addresses 15 Sep 2014

SNMP DDoS scans spoof Google public DNS server 15 Sep 2014

Twitch chat malware spreads, wipes dry Steam accounts 15 Sep 2014

Vulnerabilities found in website of Google-owned Nest 15 Sep 2014

16 indicted in north Texas ID theft, bank scam 12 Sep 2014

2 arrested in Lowndes County, deputies recover 160 fake credit cards 12 Sep 2014

Four vulnerabilities patched in IntegraXor SCADA 12 Sep 2014

TGH fires worker accused in data breach 12 Sep 2014

Chinese attack groups operate in parallel in cyber espionage campaigns 11 Sep 2014

Massive Gmail credential leak is not result of a breach 11 Sep 2014

Person detained after security incident on plane at Sea-Tac Airport 11 Sep 2014

Researchers find malicious extension in Chrome Web Store 11 Sep 2014

TorrentLocker unpicked: Crypto coding shocker defeats extortionists 11 Sep 2014

Zemot malware dropper strain delivered via Asprox botnet and exploit kits 11 Sep 2014

Apache warns of Tomcat remote code execution vulnerability 10 Sep 2014

Computer hardware containing patient data stolen from Ohio plastic surgery office 10 Sep 2014

Details disclosed for critical vulnerability patched in Webmin 10 Sep 2014

Adobe fixes critical flaws in Flash Player, delays Reader and Acrobat updates 09 Sep 2014

Apple beefs up security, sends iCloud access alert 09 Sep 2014

Compromised Web server exposes personal info at California State University, East Bay 09 Sep 2014

Dyre banking trojan targets Salesforce customers 09 Sep 2014

Hackers going Nuclear following Blackhole takedown 09 Sep 2014

Home Depot confirms months-long hack 09 Sep 2014

Malvertising on YouTube and Amazon delivers sophisticated malware 09 Sep 2014

Man indicted for stealing patient records from Flowers Hospital 09 Sep 2014

Phishing miscreants are THWARTING secure-sleuths with AES crypto 09 Sep 2014

Police: Beef O' Brady's electronic payment network hacked 09 Sep 2014

September Patch Tuesday: Microsoft closes door on IE zero day attacks 09 Sep 2014

Use home networking kit? DDoS bot is BACK...and it has EVOLVED 09 Sep 2014

Vendor fixes vulnerabilities in wireless traffic sensors 09 Sep 2014 hacked, financial information exposed 09 Sep 2014

Dodgy Norton update borks UNDEAD XP systems 08 Sep 2014

Hackers target Apple Max OS X with 25 malware variants 08 Sep 2014

New timing attack could de-anonymize Google users 08 Sep 2014

AltaMed employee suspected of identity theft, company notifies clients 06 Sep 2014

Computer glitch may have exposed student data 05 Sep 2014

Coursera privacy issues exposed 05 Sep 2014

Cyberespionage group starts using new Mac OS X backdoor program 05 Sep 2014

Social engineering campaign leads to malicious Chrome extension 05 Sep 2014

Bartell Hotels payment systems compromised 04 Sep 2014

CERT warns of Android apps vulnerable to MitM attacks 04 Sep 2014

Hackers break into 04 Sep 2014

Home router DNS settings changed via Web-based attack 04 Sep 2014

Old Slider Revolution vulnerability massively exploited 04 Sep 2014

Researchers discover two SQL injection flaws in WordPress security plugin 04 Sep 2014

Updated Vawtrak banking malware strain expands target list 04 Sep 2014

VirusTotal mess means YOU TOO can track Comment Crew! 04 Sep 2014

Cybercriminals love PayPal, financial phishing on the rise 03 Sep 2014

Firefox 32 moves to kill MITM attacks 03 Sep 2014

Goodwill blames credit card breach on third-party vendor 03 Sep 2014

Hacker may have sent bomb threat at O.C. schools; no explosives found 03 Sep 2014

Linux systems infiltrated and controlled in a DDoS botnet 03 Sep 2014

Semalt botnet hijacked nearly 300k computers 03 Sep 2014

Apple fixes glitch in Find My iPhone app connected to celebrity photo leak 02 Sep 2014

FBI starts investigation of celeb photo hack 02 Sep 2014

Home Depot probing possible hacking; customer data may be at risk 02 Sep 2014

iOS phone phlaw can UNMASK anonymous social media users 02 Sep 2014

Namecheap says accounts compromised in hacking incident 02 Sep 2014

SHARE 'N' SINK: OneDrive corrupting Office 2013 files 02 Sep 2014

Rigged industrial software site points to watering hole attack 01 Sep 2014

Tor-enabled Bifrose variant used in targeted attack 01 Sep 2014

Hackers steal customer payment data from ClamCase 29 Aug 2014

KER-CHING! CryptoWall ransomware scam rakes in $1 MEEELLION 29 Aug 2014

Louisiana experiences second data breach with state-issued debit cards 29 Aug 2014

MangaGamer alerts customers of security breach 29 Aug 2014

Memorial Hermann notifies patients of privacy breach 29 Aug 2014

New BlackPoS strain disguises as antivirus service 29 Aug 2014

Patient info stolen from Duke Health office 29 Aug 2014

Phishers targeting crypto currency and retail sites 29 Aug 2014

Syrian Malware Team makes use of enhanced BlackWorm RAT 29 Aug 2014

Dairy Queen confirms breach of payment systems 28 Aug 2014

FBI, Secret Service studying 'scope' of reported bank cyberattacks 28 Aug 2014

Malvertising hits high-profile websites, Java, deviantART, TMZ, Photobucket 28 Aug 2014

Microsoft purges 1,500 copycat, fraudulent Windows 8.1 apps 28 Aug 2014

Mozilla reports user data leak from Bugzilla project 28 Aug 2014

470 million sites exist for 24 hours, 22% are malicious 27 Aug 2014

Crypto-malware steals email addresses and passwords, spreads itself 27 Aug 2014

Ground system for weather satellites contains thousands of 'high-risk' bugs 27 Aug 2014

Ouch...right in the VIDEO GAME: Lizard Squad attacks Xbox, Twitch 27 Aug 2014

Scratched PC-dispatch patch patched, hatched in batch rematch 27 Aug 2014

Updated NetTraveler backdoor has encrypted configuration file 27 Aug 2014

50 security flaws fixed in Google Chrome 26 Aug 2014

Backoff PoS malware has at least eight variants 26 Aug 2014

Hardcoded password in Netis, Netcore routers offers backdoor to devices 26 Aug 2014

Unlisted Comcast customer details exposed by the thousands 26 Aug 2014

263.35 Gbps of traffic aimed at one Sony server during DDoS attack 25 Aug 2014

FlashPack exploit kit shared through social media buttons add-on 25 Aug 2014

Researchers exploit flaw to tie Secret users to their secrets 25 Aug 2014

Bomb threat tweets cause AA plane to be diverted 24 Aug 2014

Backoff PoS malware impacts more than 1,000 businesses 23 Aug 2014

MeetMe social network systems breached 23 Aug 2014

Credentials can be stolen in UI state inference attack 22 Aug 2014

Data breach discovered at OTTO's Portland locations 22 Aug 2014

NYPD cop faces jail time for credit card scams, taking payoffs from identity thief 22 Aug 2014

Vulnerability found in Google Wallet, Alipay payment SDKs 22 Aug 2014

Vulnerability in Akeeba Backup for Joomla went undetected for years 22 Aug 2014

38-day long DDoS siege amounts to over 50 petabits in bad traffic 21 Aug 2014

Most popular Android apps open users to MITM attacks 21 Aug 2014

University of Alaska internet outage caused by denial of service attack 21 Aug 2014

Cryptolocker flogged on YouTube 20 Aug 2014

Graphic library flaw exposes apps created with Delphi, C++ Builder 20 Aug 2014

Traffic lights system hacked in Michigan 20 Aug 2014

UPS now the third company in a week to disclose data breach 20 Aug 2014

Vulnerability in WordPress Mobile Pack exposes password-protected posts 20 Aug 2014

'Reveton' ransomware upgraded with powerful password stealer 19 Aug 2014

Bug in iOS Instagram app fixed, impacts Facebook accounts 19 Aug 2014

Four-year old flaw exploited by Stuxnet still targeted 18 Aug 2014

Gyroscopes on Android devices can be used to eavesdrop on users' conversations 18 Aug 2014

New attack binds malware in parallel to software downloads 18 Aug 2014

New TorrentLocker ransomware uses CryptoLocker and CryptoWall components 18 Aug 2014

Nuke regulator hacked by suspected foreign powers 18 Aug 2014

Online data breach affects employees of Children's Mercy Hospital 18 Aug 2014

Tennessee-based hospital network hacked, 4.5 million records stolen 18 Aug 2014

Windows security update causing system crash 18 Aug 2014

Average peak size of DDoS attacks spiked in Q2 17 Aug 2014

50% of corporate passwords crackable within a few minutes 15 Aug 2014

Don't think you're SAFE from Windows zombies just 'cos you have an iPhone - research 15 Aug 2014

Grocery stores in multiple states hit by data breach 15 Aug 2014

Hackers crash Clay Co. phones during Relay for Life fundraiser 15 Aug 2014

Medical worker stole patient identities, committed credit card fraud, Bergen prosecutor says 15 Aug 2014

New Bugat malware uses HTML injections taken from Gameover Zeus 15 Aug 2014

Huge credit card fraud lab uncovered 14 Aug 2014

Microsoft's Visual Studio Online outage hits users worldwide 14 Aug 2014

New Gameover Zeus botnet forming, the US sees most infections 14 Aug 2014

Vitamin seller website attacked, payment cards and other info compromised 14 Aug 2014

Vulnerabilities found in Disqus plugin for WordPress 14 Aug 2014

Internet routers hitting 512K limit, some become unreliable 13 Aug 2014

iOS malware hijacks revenue from 22 million ads 13 Aug 2014

Kovter ransomware thrives in Q2 2014, reaches 43,713 infections in a single day 13 Aug 2014

MCSO worker indicted for impersonation, distributing confidential info 13 Aug 2014

New Google Chrome 36 Stable fixes 12 vulnerabilities 13 Aug 2014

State employees notified of stolen personal information 13 Aug 2014

15 new vulnerabilities reported during router hacking contest 12 Aug 2014

Adobe Reader and Acrobat zero-day vulnerability patched in 11.0.08 12 Aug 2014

Authentication bypass bug fixed in BlackBerry Z10 12 Aug 2014

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday updates focus on Internet Explorer 12 Aug 2014

Millions of computers have backdoor enabled by default 12 Aug 2014

New Android malware Krysanec infects legitimate apps 12 Aug 2014

Security holes exposed in Trend Micro, Websense, open source DLP 12 Aug 2014

Seven critical Flash Player vulnerabilities fixed in new version 12 Aug 2014

Critical 0-days found in CPE WAN Management Protocol 11 Aug 2014

Jersey City Medical Center patient data is lost on disk 11 Aug 2014

Smart Nest thermostat easily turned into spying device 11 Aug 2014

Yahoo ad network used to spread CryptoWall ransomware 11 Aug 2014

10,000 impacted by resurging Facebook color changing app scam 09 Aug 2014

'Up to two BEEELLION' mobes easily hacked by evil base station 08 Aug 2014

Chicago Yacht Club hacked 08 Aug 2014

Critical bug in WordPress plugin allows site hijacking 08 Aug 2014

Cybercriminals steal cryptocurrency via BGP hijacking 08 Aug 2014

Network access storage devices are highly exploitable 08 Aug 2014

Oracle Database 12c's data redaction security smashed live on stage 08 Aug 2014

Two Gameover Zeus variants targeting Europe and beyond 08 Aug 2014

Attack harbors malware in images 07 Aug 2014

Attackers used multiple zero-days to hit spy agencies in cyber-espionage campaign 07 Aug 2014

Cracker takes control of 200 rooms in Chinese hotel 07 Aug 2014

Flaws in email and Web filtering solutions expose organizations to attacks 07 Aug 2014

OpenSSL receives nine security fixes 07 Aug 2014

Some mobile POS devices still affected by critical flaws months after patch 07 Aug 2014

Symantec issues update fixing Endpoint Protection zero-day 07 Aug 2014

TotalBank responds to computer security breach 07 Aug 2014

U.S. Homeland Security contractor reports computer breach 07 Aug 2014

US Plextor website hacked by CoMoDo Islamic hackers 07 Aug 2014

WordPress and Drupal fix common PHP XML parser vulnerability 07 Aug 2014

1.2 billion unique credentials, 500 million email addresses stolen by Russian cyber gang 06 Aug 2014

APT group hijacks popular domains to mask C&C communications 06 Aug 2014

Car hacking enters remote exploitation phase 06 Aug 2014

Magnitude Exploit Kit is a well-oiled crimeware 06 Aug 2014

PayPal confirms new two-factor authentication bypass issue 06 Aug 2014

Synology NAS devices hit in ransomware attack, firm advises upgrade 06 Aug 2014

TSA checkpoint systems found exposed on the net 06 Aug 2014

Twitter URL shortening service abused by spammers 06 Aug 2014

Apache Cordova vulnerabilities expose Android apps 05 Aug 2014

Baltimore man pleads guilty in identity theft and credit card fraud ring 05 Aug 2014

DDoS attack volumes plummet as NTP servers got patched 05 Aug 2014

Flaw enabled access to internal Yahoo administration panel 05 Aug 2014

Mobile users targeted with SandroRat posing as security software 05 Aug 2014

Multi function p0wnage just getting worse, researcher finds 05 Aug 2014

Oracle issues fix for Java update that crippled some Web apps 05 Aug 2014

Over 90% of enterprises exposed to man-in-the-browser attacks: Cisco 05 Aug 2014

Police: BYU student hacked into school computers to change grades 05 Aug 2014

Security flaw in Spotify for Android may enable phishing 05 Aug 2014

Cisco patches OSPF bug that sends traffic into black holes 04 Aug 2014

PF Chang's names 33 restaurants in data breach 04 Aug 2014

RAT malware communicating via Yahoo Mail 04 Aug 2014

Registry-residing malware creates no file for antivirus to scan 04 Aug 2014

Remote code execution flaw patched in Samba 4 04 Aug 2014

Synology NAS users hit with Cryptolocker variant 04 Aug 2014

Thousands of Mozilla developers' emails, passwords exposed 04 Aug 2014

"Pitty Tiger" threat actors possibly active since 2008 01 Aug 2014

Citadel malware variant allows attackers remote access, even after removal 01 Aug 2014

Fiesta Exploit Kit delivers double payload 01 Aug 2014

Hackers steal video game source code 01 Aug 2014

New point-of-sale malware "Backoff" scrapes RAM for card data 01 Aug 2014

New ransomware uses GnuPG to encrypt files 01 Aug 2014

USB device firmware can be reprogrammed to hide sophisticated malware 01 Aug 2014

Innominate patches vulnerability in mGuard industrial security routers 31 Jul 2014

POW! Apple smites Macbook Air EFI firmware update borkage 31 Jul 2014

Sandwich chain Jimmy John's investigating breach claims 31 Jul 2014

Malicious Android apps can impersonate trusted ones 30 Jul 2014

Pushdo botnet continues to stay strong 30 Jul 2014

Tor warns of attack attempting to deanonymize users 30 Jul 2014

Trio of flaws fixed in Facebook Android app 30 Jul 2014

Zero-day flaws found in Symantec's Endpoint Protection 30 Jul 2014

70 percent of IoT devices vulnerable to cyberattacks 29 Jul 2014

Credit card skimming ring stretched from Sunset Valley to Round Rock 29 Jul 2014

Instagram account hijack code published 29 Jul 2014

Many antivirus engines plagued by vulnerabilities: Researcher 29 Jul 2014

Only '3% of web servers in tops corps' fully fixed after Heartbleed snafu 29 Jul 2014

Riverside announces security breach 29 Jul 2014

Cybercriminals abuse Amazon cloud to host Linux DDoS Trojans 28 Jul 2014

Hacker breached NOAA satellite data from contractor's PC 28 Jul 2014

I2P networking tool patched against de-anonymization 28 Jul 2014

Kaspersky analyzes distribution network for Koler mobile ransomware 28 Jul 2014

XSS flaw fixed in Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall 28 Jul 2014

Englishman indicted for stealing thousands of U.S. government employee records 27 Jul 2014

Indian Health Services addresses breach of private information 26 Jul 2014

Remotely exploitable flaws fixed in Siemens SCADA system 26 Jul 2014

Citigroup business unit charged with failing to protect confidential subscriber data while operating alternative trading system 25 Jul 2014

Cloud botnets used for mining crypto-currency 25 Jul 2014

TAILS team recommends workarounds for flaw in I2P 25 Jul 2014

XML-RPC abused in brute-force attacks against WordPress sites 25 Jul 2014

50,000 sites backdoored through shoddy WordPress plugin 24 Jul 2014

Fake Googlebots used for layer 7 DDoS attacks 24 Jul 2014

More details of Onion/Critroni crypto ransomware emerge 24 Jul 2014

Popular wireless home alarms can be hacked from afar 24 Jul 2014

Self Regional announces security breach of patient info 24 Jul 2014

Six men charged in StubHub cyber-theft case 24 Jul 2014

Sony to shell out $15M in PSN breach settlement 24 Jul 2014

40% of orgs running VMware still susceptible to Heartbleed 23 Jul 2014

Android ransomware demands 12x more cash, targets English-speakers 23 Jul 2014

Apple fanbois SCREAM as update BRICKS their Macbook Airs 23 Jul 2014

DDoS attackers turn attention to SaaS and PaaS systems, Akamai reports 23 Jul 2014

Internet Explorer vulnerabilities increase 100% 23 Jul 2014

Metro News website compromised to serve malware 23 Jul 2014

Mozilla fixes 11 vulnerabilities with release of Firefox 31 23 Jul 2014

Wall Street Journal acknowledges system breach 23 Jul 2014

Attackers bypass 2FA systems used by banks in 'Operation Emmental' 22 Jul 2014

iOS backdoors expose personal data: Researcher 22 Jul 2014

Banks: Card breach at Goodwill Industries 21 Jul 2014

Fresh threat to critical infrastructure found in Havex malware 21 Jul 2014

Secondhand Point-o-Sale terminal was horrific security midden 21 Jul 2014

Significant deficiencies found in Treasury's computer security 21 Jul 2014

Thousands had data on computers stolen from California medical office 21 Jul 2014

Unpatched OpenSSL holes found on Siemens ICSs 21 Jul 2014

Kelihos trojan delivered through 19 Jul 2014

Cisco counterfeiter gets 37 months in prison, forfeits $700,000 18 Jul 2014

Critroni crypto ransomware seen using TOR for command and control 18 Jul 2014

Fake Flash Player steals credit card information 18 Jul 2014

New Android ransomware locks device completely 18 Jul 2014

Researchers analyze multipurpose malware targeting Linux/Unix Web servers 18 Jul 2014

63% of businesses don't encrypt credit cards 17 Jul 2014

Cisco patches critical issue in wireless residential gateway products 17 Jul 2014

Critical vulnerabilities fixed in Drupal 7.29 and 6.32 17 Jul 2014

DDoS attacks decrease in Q2 2014, compared to Q1 17 Jul 2014

Five vulnerabilities fixed in Apache Web Server 17 Jul 2014

Government-grade stealth malware in hands of criminals 17 Jul 2014

Microsoft's Black Thursday: Xbox Live goes down as Xbox Studio canned 17 Jul 2014

Neverquest banking trojan expands list of targets 17 Jul 2014

Pushdo trojan outbreak: 11 THOUSAND systems infected in just 24 hours 17 Jul 2014

SQL injection risk in vBulletin receives prompt patch 17 Jul 2014

Tesla Model S hacked in Chinese security contest 17 Jul 2014

OpenBSD downplays PRNG vulnerability in LibreSSL 16 Jul 2014

Oracle patches 13 vulnerabilities, including 20 in Java 16 Jul 2014

vBulletin exploitable through SQL injection 16 Jul 2014

Amazon-based malware triples in 6 months 15 Jul 2014

CNET attacked by Russian hackers, user database stolen 15 Jul 2014

Critical design flaw in Microsoft's Active Directory could allow password change 15 Jul 2014

Google's Dropcam monitoring device open for video hijacking 15 Jul 2014

Cisco patches four-year-old Apache Struts 2 issue 14 Jul 2014

Critical vulnerabilities in web-based password managers found 14 Jul 2014

FBI: We found US MILITARY AIRCRAFT INTEL during raid on alleged Chinese hacker 14 Jul 2014

Gameover ZeuS botnet pulls dripping stake from heart, staggers back from the UNDEAD 14 Jul 2014

Keyloggers found at hotel business centers, US Secret Service warns 14 Jul 2014

Kronos: New financial malware sold on Russian underground forum 14 Jul 2014

Prison guard guilty of stealing inmates' IDs 12 Jul 2014

Attackers use keyloggers, email to steal data in "NightHunter" attacks 11 Jul 2014

International hacker pleads guilty to 2011 global cyberattack 11 Jul 2014

Source code for tiny 'Tinba' banking malware leaked 11 Jul 2014

Crusty API opened Facebook accounts to hijacking 10 Jul 2014

CryptoLocker infrastructure used for other threats 10 Jul 2014

Exploit kit dropped through Akamai content delivery network 10 Jul 2014

Gmail for iOS poses man-in-the-middle attack risk 10 Jul 2014

Hackers attack shipping and logistics firms using malware-laden handheld scanners 10 Jul 2014

Kaspersky Lab details 'versatile' DDoS trojan for Linux systems 10 Jul 2014

Kaspersky quickly addresses XSS flaw impacting company website 10 Jul 2014

Nearly 70% of critical infrastructure providers suffered a breach 10 Jul 2014

Shylock malware infrastructure targeted by international authorities 10 Jul 2014

ATTACK of the Windows ZOMBIES on point-of-sale terminals 09 Jul 2014

Buffer overflow vulnerabilities in Yokogawa ICS gear patched 09 Jul 2014

Facebook helps shut down crypto-currency mining botnet 09 Jul 2014

Fake Google digital certificates issued by Indian organization 09 Jul 2014

FireEye fixes vulnerabilities in FireEye Operating System (FEOS) 09 Jul 2014

Microsoft releases critical Internet Explorer fix in Patch Tuesday update 09 Jul 2014

Adware company linked to development and distribution of Mevade malware 08 Jul 2014

Android's phone wiping fails to delete personal data 08 Jul 2014

Dothan man pleads guilty to stealing patient records from medical facility to file false tax returns 08 Jul 2014

Feds charge carding kingpin in retail hacks 08 Jul 2014

NETGEAR switches exposed to attacks from hardcoded credentials 08 Jul 2014

Over 10,000 individuals affected by Park Hill School District data leak incident 08 Jul 2014

Rosetta Flash attack mitigated by the new Adobe Flash Player 08 Jul 2014

Security breach reported at Houstonian Hotel 08 Jul 2014

Vulnerability in AVG security toolbar puts IE users at risk 08 Jul 2014

App permissions? Pah! Rogue Android soft can 'place phone calls at will' 07 Jul 2014

Attack on Dailymotion redirected visitors to exploits 07 Jul 2014

Blue Shield discloses 18,000 doctors' Social Security numbers 07 Jul 2014

Massachusetts man charged in Twitter hack 07 Jul 2014

Researchers find vulnerability in internal PayPal portal 07 Jul 2014

Researchers hack smartphone-controlled LED light bulbs 07 Jul 2014

4th of July malware campaign targets travel websites 05 Jul 2014

'CosmicDuke' malware emerges as update to MiniDuke espionage trojan 03 Jul 2014

Bitcoin phishing ads present in Bing search engine 03 Jul 2014

Enhanced KIVARS malware now attacks 64-bit systems 03 Jul 2014

Oh SNAP! Old-school '80s Unix hack to smack OSX, iOS, Red Hat? 03 Jul 2014

Ruby on Rails receives security fixes 03 Jul 2014

Security vulnerabilities fixed with release of Python 2.7.8 03 Jul 2014

You CAN'T bust into our login app's password vault, insists Roboform 03 Jul 2014

Your Android phone is a SNITCH: Wi-Fi bug makes you easy to track 03 Jul 2014

Critical flaw in WordPress newsletter plug-in endangers many blogs 02 Jul 2014

MONSTER COOKIES can nom nom nom ALL THE BLOGS 02 Jul 2014

MS No-IP takedown hits 25% of APT attackers 02 Jul 2014

New Android malware targets banking apps, phone information 02 Jul 2014

Redmond's EMET defense tool disabled by exploit torpedo 02 Jul 2014

Running Cisco's VoIP manager? Four words you don't want to hear: 'Backdoor SSH root key' 02 Jul 2014

Apple patches iOS, OSX and Safari on mega Monday 01 Jul 2014

Facebook SDK flaw allows unauthorized access to Facebook accounts 01 Jul 2014

Geodo infostealer gets help from worm 01 Jul 2014

Houston Astros' systems breached, trade talks revealed 01 Jul 2014

Microsoft boosts anti-snooping protection in, OneDrive 01 Jul 2014

Microsoft disrupts malware networks and APT operations 01 Jul 2014

Number and diversity of phishing targets continues to increase 01 Jul 2014

POS vendor: Possible restaurant breach 01 Jul 2014

"Emotet" banking malware steals data via network sniffing 30 Jun 2014

A lighter ZeuS is discovered 30 Jun 2014

Butler alumni, current and prospective students warned of data breach 30 Jun 2014

Energy companies in Europe, US hit by sophisticated attack campaign 30 Jun 2014

Google Drive update fixes data-leaking flaw 30 Jun 2014

London teen charged over Spamhaus mega-DDoS attacks 30 Jun 2014

Metro Health reports immunization records theft 30 Jun 2014

PHP fixes OpenSSL flaws in new releases 30 Jun 2014

Alabama Department of Public Health warns patient records may have been compromised 27 Jun 2014

Android SMS worm punts dodgy downloads...from your MATES 27 Jun 2014

LZO algorithm patched after 20 years 27 Jun 2014

Pony Loader 2.0 malware source code for sale 27 Jun 2014

RIG Exploit Kit used in Flash-based malvertising campaign 27 Jun 2014

The unlocked backdoor to healthcare data 27 Jun 2014

Tuscaloosa Police arrest former hospital employee for stealing data from DCH Regional Medical Center 27 Jun 2014

Yet another WordPress vuln: Image furtler plugin lets BADNESS in 27 Jun 2014

Data breaches in 2013 exposed 14% of all debit cards 26 Jun 2014

Hackers found controlling malware and botnets from the cloud 26 Jun 2014

Oil & natural gas industry forms ISAC 26 Jun 2014

VMware implements Apache Struts security fixes in vCOps 26 Jun 2014

22 vulnerabilities found in Oracle Database Java VM implementation 25 Jun 2014

County: More than 500 hospital patients' data on stolen laptop 25 Jun 2014

Cybercriminals lift over $680,000&#47500,000 EUR in one week 25 Jun 2014

GameOver trojan is still in the game 25 Jun 2014

Montana health record hackers compromise 1.3 million people 25 Jun 2014

PayPal two-factor authentication broken 25 Jun 2014

Splash Car Wash reports security breach 25 Jun 2014

AskMen compromised to distribute financial malware: Report 24 Jun 2014

Comcast Xfinity evil twin steals subscriptions 24 Jun 2014

Long Island radiology practice NRAD informs 97,000 patients of data breach 24 Jun 2014

Man police suspect of statewide credit card fraud pulled over in Grand Haven, arrested 24 Jun 2014

Microsoft says it's resolved Outlook outage for business users across the country 24 Jun 2014

New Havex malware variants target industrial control system and SCADA users 24 Jun 2014

Researchers expect large wave of rootkits targeting 64-bit systems 24 Jun 2014

Researchers go inside HackingTeam mobile malware, command infrastructure 24 Jun 2014

300,000 servers still vulnerable to Heartbleed bug 23 Jun 2014

Ad network compromise led to rogue page redirects on Reuters site 23 Jun 2014

Online daters targeted by massive phishing campaign 23 Jun 2014

Orange High School student accused of hacking into computer system, changing grades 23 Jun 2014

Two plead guilty to Albany Med identity theft charges 23 Jun 2014

A laptop containing medical information stolen from Littleton medical office 22 Jun 2014

Hackers access Metropolitan Companies employee information 21 Jun 2014

"Yo" messaging app gets hacked multiple times 20 Jun 2014

2012 RCE bug is still highly exploited in targeted attacks, Trend Micro finds 20 Jun 2014

Com Spammers behind Pinterest spam attack 20 Jun 2014

Critical flaw exposes admin passwords of nearly 32,000 servers 20 Jun 2014

OpenSSL vulnerability addressed in Android 4.4.4 updates 20 Jun 2014

Ancestry services crippled by DDoS attack 19 Jun 2014

Bitcoin miner lurking on Facebook 19 Jun 2014

Code hosting Code Spaces destroyed by extortion hack attack 19 Jun 2014

Nation state-sponsored attackers hacked two airports, report says 19 Jun 2014

Scan of Google Play apps reveals thousands of secret keys 19 Jun 2014

Simplocker changes attack vectors 19 Jun 2014

Belkin patches directory traversal bug in wireless router 18 Jun 2014

Flaws found in USCIS RFID card production systems 18 Jun 2014

Hacker changes grades of dozens of Orange High School students, reports say 18 Jun 2014

Malicious Google Play clone steals banking credentials 18 Jun 2014

Microsoft patches DoS flaw in its Malware Protection Engine 18 Jun 2014

Symantec Web Gateway 5.2 susceptible to SQL injection and XSS attacks 18 Jun 2014

Tumblr blogs compromised to redirect to diet pill spam 18 Jun 2014

Zbot variant poorly detected by AV engines 18 Jun 2014

Evernote's forum server has been hacked 17 Jun 2014

Men used more than 100 fake credit cards, deputies say 17 Jun 2014

Patient data breach at Rady Children's 17 Jun 2014

Researchers detect spike in "snowshoe" spam attacks using .club gTLD 17 Jun 2014

TowelRoot vulnerability could lead to attacks on Android devices: Researcher 17 Jun 2014

Alleged associate of NullCrew arrested on federal hacking charge involving cyber attacks on companies and universities 16 Jun 2014

Dyreza banker trojan seen bypassing SSL 16 Jun 2014

Internet Explorer script engine susceptible to attacks 16 Jun 2014

NAS boxes "pwned" by crypto currency miner 16 Jun 2014

Technology sites "riskier" than illegal sites in 2013, according to Symantec data 16 Jun 2014

Man accused of skimming 200 Chase Bank ATM cards: Prosecutors 14 Jun 2014

P.F. Chang's confirms credit card breach 14 Jun 2014

AT&T customer details accessed without authorization 13 Jun 2014

Entirely new trojan quietly wheeled into black hat forums 13 Jun 2014

Hacker claims PayPal loophole generates FREE MONEY 13 Jun 2014

ISC patches critical DoS vulnerability in BIND 13 Jun 2014

Cisco fixes XSS vulnerability in AsyncOS management interface 12 Jun 2014

Cybercriminals targeting cloud-based PoS systems via browser attacks 12 Jun 2014

Poison PDF pusher released to public 12 Jun 2014

Records of more than 33,000 patients stolen from Santa Rosa radiology facility 12 Jun 2014

Sealed with an XSS: I gave TweetDeck a heart attack, says teen comp sci boff Firo 12 Jun 2014

Adobe issues security updates for Flash Player, AIR 11 Jun 2014

Chrome, Firefox updates address security vulnerabilities 11 Jun 2014

Feedly DDoSed by ransom-threat crims: 'We refused to give in' 11 Jun 2014

Food chain, PF Chang's, investigates possible card breach 11 Jun 2014

Twitter fixes TweetDeck XSS security vulnerability 11 Jun 2014

Clandestine Fox hackers spreading malware via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 10 Jun 2014

Cyber spies targeting U.S. defense, tech firms linked to China's PLA: Report 10 Jun 2014

Microsoft patches IE8 zero day, critical Word bug 10 Jun 2014

New Zeus variant targeting online banking users in Canada 10 Jun 2014

Nigerian man admits role in computer fraud scheme 10 Jun 2014

Online gambling site hit by five-vector DDoS attack peaking at 100Gbps 10 Jun 2014

Star Advertiser credit card breach could impact hundreds, if not thousands, of customers 10 Jun 2014

Zeus alternative "Pandemiya" emerges in cybercrime underground 10 Jun 2014

Zeus being used in DDoS, attacks on cloud providers 10 Jun 2014

'Red button' attack could compromise some smart TVs 09 Jun 2014

400 patients' data may be compromised in Access Health breach 09 Jun 2014

Cybercrime remains growth industry with $445 billion lost 09 Jun 2014

Majority of comment spam generated by small number of attackers 09 Jun 2014

Possibly 350K ransomware infections, $70K earned, in Dropbox phishing scheme 09 Jun 2014

Virus infects police computer system in Durham NH 09 Jun 2014

Zeus malware control panel vulnerable 09 Jun 2014

Two accused of planting skimmer at Sierra Madre gas station 07 Jun 2014

Debian urging users patch Linux kernel flaw 06 Jun 2014

Hershey Medical Center notifies patients of potential health information breach 06 Jun 2014

Redmond is patching Windows 8 but NOT Windows 7, say security bods 06 Jun 2014

RIG Exploit Kit used to deliver "Cryptowall" ransomware 06 Jun 2014

TweetDeck scammers steal Twitter IDs via OAuth 06 Jun 2014

US Army loses 16,000 personnel records in South Korea 06 Jun 2014

American Express credit card data exposed 05 Jun 2014

Flaw lets hackers control electronic highway billboards 05 Jun 2014

New OpenSSL MitM flaw affects all clients, some server versions 05 Jun 2014

OpenSSL releases patches for critical MITM, code execution flaws 05 Jun 2014

Secret Service: Men recruited to set up ATM skimmers in Greenville 05 Jun 2014

Security bods mop blood, sigh: NEW CryptoLocker zombies? We don't see their kind 05 Jun 2014

Skype users face security risk due to unencrypted data 05 Jun 2014

New software nasty encrypts Android PHONE files and demands a ransom 04 Jun 2014

2 men charged with planting skimming devices on Houston ATMs 03 Jun 2014

BCC student accused of hacking computer system; using network to tap other accounts 03 Jun 2014

Global mobile roaming network a HOTBED of vulnerabilities 03 Jun 2014

GnuTLS patches critical remote code execution bug 03 Jun 2014

Report examines how attackers mask threat activity 03 Jun 2014

Soraya malware mixes capabilities of Zeus and Dexter to target payment card data 03 Jun 2014

US disrupts hacking schemes that stole millions 03 Jun 2014

FBI, European authorities go after GameOver Zeus botnet 02 Jun 2014

Flaws open gates to WordPress en-masse SEO beat-down 02 Jun 2014

Middle East hackers target government departments, U.S. financial institution 02 Jun 2014

New Heartbleed attack vectors impact enterprise wireless, Android devices 02 Jun 2014

Apache patches DoS, information disclosure bugs in Tomcat 30 May 2014

Arkansas State notified of data breach; up to 50,000 could be affected 30 May 2014

Card Recon tool repurposed by attackers to sniff out payment card data 30 May 2014

Malware creation breaks all records! 160,000 new samples every day 30 May 2014

Monsanto suffers data breach at Precision Planting unit 30 May 2014

New attack methods can 'brick' systems, defeat Secure Boot, researchers say 30 May 2014

America First Credit Union finds a breach in accounts that affects thousands 29 May 2014

Iranian campaign snooped on U.S. officials 29 May 2014

ProMedica patients' data may be at risk 29 May 2014

SAP NetWeaver flaw spews user tables 29 May 2014

Spy platform zero day exposes cops' wiretapped calls 29 May 2014

Compromised Apple IDs used to hold iPhones for ransom 28 May 2014

Siemens fixes DoS flaw in Rugged OS devices 28 May 2014

3 men plead guilty in ATM 'skimming' case 27 May 2014

AVAST forum hacked, user passwords being reset 27 May 2014

Computers with patient test data stolen from Denver VA hospital 27 May 2014

Don't log in to WordPress via open WiFi or your blog could get hijacked 27 May 2014

Hybrid Zberp trojan targets bank users around the world 27 May 2014

Spotify warns Android users to upgrade app following hack 27 May 2014

In wake of breach, eBay has to deal with multiple Web vulnerabilities 26 May 2014

Hospital data breach could affect more than 1,000 patients 24 May 2014

Apple patches 22 Safari Webkit vulnerabilities 23 May 2014

Researchers find large global botnet of infected PoS systems 23 May 2014

Android Outlook app could expose emails, attachments 22 May 2014

Better safe than sorry: SourceForge pushes password reset 22 May 2014

Department of Justice bashes $20 million identity refund fraud ring 22 May 2014

Hackers bypass iOS 7&#47iCloud activation lock, free thousands of iPhones (some potentially stolen) 22 May 2014

L.A. County finds 3,500 more patients affected by data breach 22 May 2014

Microsoft will patch IE zero day but doesn't give timeline 22 May 2014

Sophisticated Google Drive phishing campaign persists 22 May 2014

A billion shortened URLs go down following DoS attack 21 May 2014

New Internet Explorer zero-day details released after Microsoft fails to patch 21 May 2014

PayPal Manager bug left web stores wide open to cyber-burglars 21 May 2014

Point-of-sale attacks accounted for a third of data breaches in 2013, report says 21 May 2014

Public utility compromised after brute-force attack, DHS says 21 May 2014

Round Rock cashier linked to credit card skimming scam, police say 21 May 2014

Security breach at eBay - change your passwords now 21 May 2014

Angler exploit kit starts wielding Silverlight exploits 20 May 2014

Chrome 35 fixes 23 security flaws 20 May 2014

Fascinating MiniDuke backdoor hits again 20 May 2014

Infections increasing with ransomware, Kovter 20 May 2014

Lowe's employee info accessible online for about 10 months 20 May 2014

'Infinity' exploit kit targets IE, Firefox, Opera to deliver malware 19 May 2014

81 people arrested in international operation against BlackShades RAT users 19 May 2014

Data breach affects LECOM students 19 May 2014

LifeLock snaps shut Wallet mobile app over credit card leak fears 19 May 2014

Record month for Linux trojans 19 May 2014

Researchers discover critical flaws in the Chip and PIN system 19 May 2014

U.S. charges China with cyber-spying on American firms 19 May 2014

XSS vulnerability affected comments section of hundreds of Yahoo pages 19 May 2014

Yahoo, Microsoft and Orange domains affected by same remote code injection flaw 19 May 2014

'Elderwood' hackers continue to set pace for zero-day exploits 16 May 2014

Critical info on modems, load balancer, exposed via SNMP community string 16 May 2014

Filenames used by VOBFUS malware change depending on victim's language 16 May 2014

Hackers exploit vulnerability to breach Pennsylvania payroll company 16 May 2014

Fake Kaspersky apps discovered on Windows Phone Store and Google Play 15 May 2014

Five-year-old security vulnerability patched in Linux kernel 15 May 2014

Former Subway franchise owner admits to POS hacking 15 May 2014

Keylogger malware found on three UC Irvine health center computers 15 May 2014

Three security fixes included in Chrome 34.0.1847.137 15 May 2014

Adobe fixes Flash Player and Reader vulnerabilities reported at Pwn2Own 2014 14 May 2014

Buffer overflows patched in Yokogawa control system products 14 May 2014

Dogevault praying backups work after confirming attack 14 May 2014

Police arrest several in connection with international credit card fraud ring 14 May 2014

Microsoft releases eight security updates 13 May 2014

Bitly says hackers breached offsite database backup 12 May 2014

California man pleads guilty to Houston credit card skimming 12 May 2014

Google account passwords stolen in phishing attack 12 May 2014

Microsoft extends deadline for Windows 8.1 Update requirement 12 May 2014

1,981 Baylor Regional Medical Center patients' information compromised by phishing 09 May 2014

Bitly suffers data breach, account credentials compromised 09 May 2014

Cisco addresses five vulnerabilities in WebEx players 09 May 2014

Customers of WordPress themes developer WooThemes report credit card fraud 09 May 2014

Cybercriminals use Viknok trojan to make money via click fraud 09 May 2014

Digi ICS gateways vulnerable to Heartbleed OpenSSL bug 09 May 2014

Point DNS blitzed by mystery DDoS assault 09 May 2014

Rush to defend against Heartbleed leads to mistakes with certificates, patches 09 May 2014

Boulder Community Health investigating stolen patient records for 3rd time since 2008 08 May 2014

Ground(ctrl) advises customers to change passwords following hack attack 08 May 2014

Koler Android ransomware targets users in 31 countries 08 May 2014

Malware peddlers prefer deceptive tactics to exploits 08 May 2014

Snapchat settles FTC deception charges, will be monitored for 20 years 08 May 2014

A Hackensack traffic stop leads cops to a fraud arrest 07 May 2014

CryptoLocker ransomware moves to Android 07 May 2014

iOS 7.1 flaw lets hacker access contacts book 07 May 2014

Ruby on Rails updated to prevent hackers from stealing files from application server 07 May 2014

Syrian Electronic Army hijacks WSJ Twitter accounts 07 May 2014

Top NYC hospital pays $4.8M settlement after regulators say patient data wound up online 07 May 2014

Area college student accused in government hacking 06 May 2014

Casino operator Affinity Gaming hacked again 06 May 2014

CryptorBit demands $500 Bitcoin ransom 06 May 2014

DrawQuest shut down after hackers gain access to Amazon servers 06 May 2014

Dropbox patches shared links privacy vulnerability 06 May 2014

Windows flaw allows access to data after accounts are revoked 06 May 2014

"Covert redirect" OAuth security flaw not as serious as it sounds, experts say 05 May 2014

Man suspected of hacking Swiss banks arrested in Thailand 05 May 2014

Medical center probes possible data breach 05 May 2014

UNCW server attacked exposing sensitive information 03 May 2014

XSS vulnerability found in Google Search Appliance 02 May 2014

Microsoft updates IE against latest 0-day, updates also XP 01 May 2014

Staunch your Heartbleed patching: FreeBSD has a nasty credentials leak 01 May 2014

14 security issues addressed with the release of Firefox 29 30 Apr 2014

4chan hacked, attacker mainly targeted moderator accounts 30 Apr 2014

Patient info breached after DeKalb hospital website hacked 30 Apr 2014

Possibly the first Android worm, spreading through SMS, found in wild 30 Apr 2014

99 percent of Q1 mobile threats targeted Android 29 Apr 2014

AOL breach confirmed, bigger than initially thought 29 Apr 2014

Apple fixes vulnerability that granted anyone access to personal details of developers 29 Apr 2014

Phishers abuse Microsoft Azure to target PayPal, Apple, and Visa customers 29 Apr 2014

Researchers warn of resurgent Sefnit malware 29 Apr 2014

Siemens patches Heartbleed bug in industrial products 29 Apr 2014

4 vulnerabilities and 38 bugs fixed with the release of MyBB 1.6.13 28 Apr 2014

Apache Struts released to properly fix zero-day vulnerability 28 Apr 2014

Computer containing patient data stolen from Seton 28 Apr 2014

Critical Microsoft Internet Explorer flaw leaves one in four web users vulnerable 28 Apr 2014

Flash 0-day exploited in watering hole attacks, Adobe provides patch 28 Apr 2014

Mercy records breach 28 Apr 2014

Microsoft Internet Explorer Use-After-Free Vulnerability Being Actively Exploited 28 Apr 2014

Stop using Microsoft's IE browser until bug is fixed, US and UK warn 28 Apr 2014

XSS vulnerability in leveraged for large-scale DDoS attacks 28 Apr 2014

Former Hopkins grad students' personal data exposed online 26 Apr 2014

Exploiting Facebook Notes to launch DDoS 25 Apr 2014

Heartbleed bug patched on all US government websites 25 Apr 2014

Nine members of cybercrime ring sentenced to a total of 24 years for attacks on banks 25 Apr 2014

Security patches released for IP.Board 3.3.x and 3.4.x 25 Apr 2014

Apache warns of faulty zero day patch for Struts 24 Apr 2014

Cisco: Hey, IT depts. You're all malware hosts 24 Apr 2014

Major Twitter spam attack 'traced' to fellow social media site 24 Apr 2014

Mobile bad bots running across most top mobile operators 24 Apr 2014

NetSupport Manager vulnerability could lead to data leakage 24 Apr 2014

No encryption means easy compromise of Viber location data, communications 24 Apr 2014

Social security numbers stolen from Tufts Health members 24 Apr 2014

Spammers use non-Latin characters to evade spam filters 24 Apr 2014

Amazon Cloud IaaS Service servers riddled with vulnerabilities 23 Apr 2014

AOL Mail locks down email servers to deal with spam tsunami 23 Apr 2014

DDoS attacks increasingly used as a smokescreen for data theft 23 Apr 2014

Man arrested for 'skimming' thousands of credit cards at South Riding restaurant 23 Apr 2014

Patient information may have been on stolen Coordinated Health laptop 23 Apr 2014

Prosecutor: ID theft scheme cost US Treasury $10M 23 Apr 2014

SMS trojan FakeInst targets users in 66 countries 23 Apr 2014

Django 1.6.3 released to address 3 security issues 22 Apr 2014

Husband of reality star back in federal court on theft charges 22 Apr 2014

Iowa State IT staff discover unauthorized access to servers 22 Apr 2014

More than 110 NH doctors defrauded through filing of fake tax returns 22 Apr 2014

Patch iOS, OS X now: PDFs, JPEGs, URLs, Web pages can pwn your kit 22 Apr 2014

Supposedly patched router backdoor was simply hidden 22 Apr 2014

Three laptops stolen from New York podiatry office, 6,475 at risk 22 Apr 2014

Verizon publishes 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report 22 Apr 2014

Critical update makes P2P Zeus trojan even tougher to remove 21 Apr 2014

Heartbleed attack targeted enterprise VPN 21 Apr 2014

Oracle gives Heartbleed update, patches 14 products 21 Apr 2014

Heartbleed causes to change users' passwords 20 Apr 2014

Sophos names spam-relaying "dirty dozen" countries for Q1 2014 19 Apr 2014

Cybercriminals can hijack Steam accounts with Steam Guard enabled 18 Apr 2014

ICS-CERT warns of Heartbleed vulnerabilities in Siemens gear 18 Apr 2014

Major security flaws threaten satellite communications 18 Apr 2014

Reddit users discover iOS malware threat 18 Apr 2014

Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Stealer.a is one of the most widespread mobile trojans 18 Apr 2014

Attackers use reflection techniques for larger DDoS attacks 17 Apr 2014

Glendale resident found guilty of bank fraud, ID theft 17 Apr 2014

Java RAT UNRECOM mines for Litecoins, infects Android devices 17 Apr 2014

Retailer Michaels Stores confirms payment card data breach 17 Apr 2014

SEC's information technology at risk of hacking: report 17 Apr 2014

Tor relays vulnerable to Heartbleed dropped from anonymity network 17 Apr 2014

UPMC data breach may affect as many as 27,000 employees 17 Apr 2014

65% of US organizations experienced SQL injection attacks, study finds 16 Apr 2014

Adobe Reader for Android 11 updated to fix remote code execution vulnerability 16 Apr 2014

Feds: Victoria's Secret outlet employee used credit card skimmer 16 Apr 2014

Oracle fixes 104 security holes with April 2014 CPU 16 Apr 2014

POS malware, RATs and banking trojans used by cybercrime group 16 Apr 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked 16 Apr 2014

Expert finds SQL injection, RCE vulnerabilities in Flickr Photo Books 15 Apr 2014

Hardware manufacturer LaCie suffered year-long data breach 15 Apr 2014

Heartbleed: VMware starts delivering patches 15 Apr 2014

Police: 4 used fake credit cards at Nashville Walmarts 15 Apr 2014

RCE, information disclosure and XSS flaws found in PayPal Partner Program 15 Apr 2014

Akamai admits issuing faulty OpenSSL patch, reissues keys 14 Apr 2014

Flash SMS flaw in iOS can be exploited to make the lock screen unresponsive 14 Apr 2014

Jetpack pushes update to close critical security hole 14 Apr 2014

Man accused of bank fraud, stealing 99 Cents Only store customer identities 14 Apr 2014

Google rewards experts for XXE vulnerability in Toolbar Button Gallery 12 Apr 2014

Nine people accused of stealing millions of dollars with Zeus malware 12 Apr 2014

BlackBerry, Cisco products vulnerable to OpenSSL bug 11 Apr 2014

Cyber attacks are targeting Heartbleed flaw, says US CERT 11 Apr 2014

Expert shows that hackers can abuse Chrome speech recognition API flaw 11 Apr 2014

Lubbock Cardiology Clinic advertises security breach in electronic health records 11 Apr 2014

Audit: State sold computers with Social Security numbers, tax info still on them 10 Apr 2014

Deltek suffers data breach, hackers gain access to credit card information 10 Apr 2014

Not just websites hit by OpenSSL's Heartbleed - your PC, phone and more may be in peril 10 Apr 2014

SQL injection vulnerability fixed in Orbit Open Ad Server 10 Apr 2014

BlackBerry patches remote code execution vulnerability 09 Apr 2014

Companies advise users to change passwords due to possible Heartbleed attacks 09 Apr 2014

Four vulnerabilities fixed with the release of Adobe Flash Player 09 Apr 2014

Man behind racketeering, other cybercrime, pleading guilty 09 Apr 2014

Supermarket gift card swindle admitted 09 Apr 2014

Uh oh! Here comes the first bug in the Windows 8.1 Update 09 Apr 2014

WordPress 3.8.2 addresses 2 vulnerabilities, includes 3 security hardening changes 09 Apr 2014

2013 threat report: 8 mega data breaches, 552 million identities exposed 08 Apr 2014

Cybercriminals use sophisticated PowerShell-based malware 08 Apr 2014

Expert finds 8 files vulnerable to SQL injection in Yahoo HK promotions page 08 Apr 2014

Google kills fake anti-virus app that hit No. 1 on Play charts 08 Apr 2014

Google patches 31 flaws in Chrome 08 Apr 2014

Information disclosure flaw in Flickr fixed after two months 08 Apr 2014

Last call for XP, Office 2003 updates: April Patch Tuesday fixes 11 vulnerabilities 08 Apr 2014

Microsoft drops Windows XP support 08 Apr 2014

OpenSSL 1.0.1g released to prevent hackers from eavesdropping on communications 08 Apr 2014

Yahoo email anti-spoofing policy breaks mailing lists 08 Apr 2014

Chicago-area doctors' group announces data breach 05 Apr 2014

DDoS attack enabled by persistent XSS vulnerability on top video content provider's site 05 Apr 2014

Farm supply store Rural King hacked, attackers access financial information 05 Apr 2014

'Phishing' attack involving MSU employees' payroll information second in last 6 months 04 Apr 2014

85% of links spotted in cyberattacks in 2013 led to compromised legitimate sites 04 Apr 2014

Android trojan Waller sends premium SMSs, steals money from QIWI wallets 04 Apr 2014

Delray man accused of stealing debit card information at ATMs 04 Apr 2014

Eight defendants charged in identity theft fraud scheme involving personal identifying information from AT&T customer files 04 Apr 2014

Five-year-old discovers Xbox password bug, hacks dad's Live account 04 Apr 2014

Millions of consumers at risk from mobile POS flaws 04 Apr 2014

Names, addresses, Social Security numbers of 2,500 stolen from state health department 04 Apr 2014

Upatre downloader distributed via banking-themed spam campaign 04 Apr 2014

Bankeiya info-stealer trojan used in attacks against Japanese users 03 Apr 2014

Couple pleads guilty in LIRR 'skimmer' scam 03 Apr 2014

Cybercriminals add new component to Sality to hijack the DNS addresses of routers 03 Apr 2014

ISPs exposed to DNS DDoS attacks due to millions of vulnerable home routers 03 Apr 2014

LewisGale patients notified of data breach 03 Apr 2014

Medical data breach involves more than 170,000 additional victims 03 Apr 2014

Social Security numbers of 530 Polk County School District employees exposed 03 Apr 2014

Yahoo encrypts data center links, boosts other services 03 Apr 2014

Zeus malware found with valid digital certificate 03 Apr 2014

Apple releases Safari 7.0.3, fixes security 02 Apr 2014

Cybercriminals abuse security camera recorders and routers to mine for Bitcoins 02 Apr 2014

Oculus VR finds SQL injection flaw, asks Developer Center users to change passwords 02 Apr 2014

Passwords, messages of 158k+ users leaked 02 Apr 2014

CryptoDefense ransomware leaves decryption key accessible 01 Apr 2014

Cyber attacks paralyze state math and reading tests 01 Apr 2014

Duo arrested in Portland for fake credit cards 01 Apr 2014

Email marketing service Mad Mimi hit by DDoS attacks, blackmailed 01 Apr 2014

Experts unhappy with Oracle's Java Cloud patching process, vulnerability details published 01 Apr 2014

Hotmail-gate: Windows 8 code leaker pleads guilty to theft of trade secrets 01 Apr 2014

Middle Eastern hackers use remote access trojan to infect 24,000 machines worldwide 01 Apr 2014

Password bug lets me see shoppers' credit cards in eBay ProStores, claims infosec bod 01 Apr 2014

Two U.S. hackers admit to international cyber crime in N.J. court 01 Apr 2014

Hackers can unlock Tesla cars by stealing owners' passwords 31 Mar 2014

Phishing emails net medical records, Social Security numbers at Tacoma's Franciscan Health System 31 Mar 2014

Smartphones at risk of malicious code injection through HTML5-based apps 31 Mar 2014

Tallahassee woman charged with filing more than $23,000 in fraudulent medical claims 31 Mar 2014

Albuquerque police website under cyberattack 30 Mar 2014

Sally Beauty's security breach grows in scope 29 Mar 2014

'Massive credit card counterfeiting' scheme uncovered 28 Mar 2014

Critical vulnerabilities patches in Schneider Electric serial modbus driver 28 Mar 2014

Cybercriminals hijack WordPress websites with free premium plugins 28 Mar 2014

Data stolen from 5,000 patients 28 Mar 2014

FTC settles with Fandango, Credit Karma over SSL issues in mobile apps 28 Mar 2014

Philips smart TVs open to remote attacks via default wireless connection, researchers say 28 Mar 2014

Uncommon new worm targets Word and Excel files 28 Mar 2014

Cerberus app users warned about data breach 27 Mar 2014

Hidden crypto currency-mining code spotted in apps on Google Play 27 Mar 2014

Parkside students' data may have been exposed by computer virus 27 Mar 2014

When ZOMBIES attack: DDoS traffic triples as 20Gbps becomes the new normal 27 Mar 2014

WinRAR spoofing vulnerability being exploited in malware campaign 27 Mar 2014

Arrests made in international ATM skimming 26 Mar 2014

Windows trojan packs punch, downloads ransomware "Cribit." 26 Mar 2014

ATM malware, controlled by a text message, spews cash 25 Mar 2014

Fairmont Police & Secret Service investigating credit card fraud 25 Mar 2014

Gameover ZeuS now targets users of employment websites 25 Mar 2014

Nearly 14,000 Auburn students, staff victims of cyber attack 25 Mar 2014

10,000 GitHub users inadvertently reveal their AWS secret access keys 24 Mar 2014

Basecamp gets DDoSed and blackmailed 24 Mar 2014

Microsoft: 0day exploit targeting Word, Outlook 24 Mar 2014

2 men charged after police find hundreds of stolen credit cards 22 Mar 2014

Theft of computers endangers data of 55,900 S.F. patients 22 Mar 2014

Drexel Hill man charged with bank fraud, ID theft in $232,000 scam 21 Mar 2014

GitHub falls victim of another DDoS attack 21 Mar 2014

Two indicted in 20,000-victim credit card fraud 21 Mar 2014

21-year-old Australian arrested for hacking US online gaming company 20 Mar 2014

BlackOS: New malicious software used by cybercriminals to redirect traffic 20 Mar 2014

Computers stolen, possible ID breach at UCSF 20 Mar 2014

Google encrypts all Gmail connections 20 Mar 2014

New Zorenium bot boasts ability to run on iOS 20 Mar 2014

Over 31,000 IoT devices and computers infected by cryptocoin-mining worm 20 Mar 2014

Tor Browser in Apple's App Store contains adware and spyware 20 Mar 2014

UMCP reports another cybersecurity breach 20 Mar 2014

Weakness in Android update service puts all devices at risk for privilege escalation 20 Mar 2014

'Zotob' hacker 'Diabl0' arrested in Bangkok after three-year hunt 19 Mar 2014

Ex-Microsoft employee charged with passing blogger trade secrets 19 Mar 2014

Expert finds RCE flaw in Yahoo after logging in with "Admin&#47Admin" credentials 19 Mar 2014

Hacked EA server used to host Apple phishing page 19 Mar 2014

Mozilla releases Firefox 28, fixes vulnerabilities presented at Pwn2Own 19 Mar 2014

Oracle releases Java 8, several security improvements included 19 Mar 2014

Security researcher accidentally crashes Google Play when testing PoC app 19 Mar 2014

$30 RAT, WinSpy, involved in two phishing campaigns 18 Mar 2014

ESET uncovers server botnet that infected over 25,000 UNIX machines 18 Mar 2014

IRS: Employee took home personal info on 20K workers 18 Mar 2014

Two Ukrainians and one American charged for role in global cybercrime operation 18 Mar 2014

Google addresses Chrome OS vulnerabilities presented at Pwnium 2014 17 Mar 2014

Google's public DNS hijacked for 22 minutes 17 Mar 2014

Health Source of Ohio file breach affects 8,800 patients 17 Mar 2014

Mt. Gox CEO doxing was a ploy to spread Bitcoin-stealing malware 17 Mar 2014

Outage hits Google Talk, Hangouts 17 Mar 2014

Sally Beauty confirms card data breach 17 Mar 2014

US announces transition of oversight over Internet's domain name system 17 Mar 2014

iOS 7 has weak random number generator 16 Mar 2014

Computer virus may have compromised Valley View Hospital patient information 14 Mar 2014

More than 330 credit cards compromised by skimmers at Wesley Chapel Hess gas station 14 Mar 2014

Pwn2Own 2014 ends, $850k distributed to successful hackers 14 Mar 2014

Stolen laptop from St. Mary's Hospital in Tucson contains patient information 14 Mar 2014

Wm Morrison supermarket suffers payroll data theft 14 Mar 2014

Adobe patches a critical flaw in Shockwave Player 13 Mar 2014

Ethical hacker backer hacked, warns of email ransack 13 Mar 2014

Harper University Hospital patient records stolen 13 Mar 2014

PayPal rewards researcher for finding EL injection vulnerability in Zong 13 Mar 2014

Phishing campaign targets Google Docs, Drive users 13 Mar 2014

Pwn2Own 2014: Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari hacked on day one 13 Mar 2014

Rbrute trojan hacks Wi-Fi routers to help spread Sality 13 Mar 2014

Target says it declined to act on early alert of cyber breach 13 Mar 2014

Adobe updates Flash Player 12 to address two vulnerabilities 12 Mar 2014

Chrome updated to 33.0.1750.149, 7 security issues fixed 12 Mar 2014

Computer theft at UC San Francisco 12 Mar 2014

Hackers can steal private WhatsApp chats with other Android apps 12 Mar 2014

Harvard Law National Security Journal hacked, abused to promote rogue pharmacies 12 Mar 2014

Security breach compromises credit-card info at Bloomfield medical practice 12 Mar 2014

Twitter crashed - again - on Tuesday 12 Mar 2014

162,000 WordPress sites abused to amplify DDoS attack 11 Mar 2014

Apple iOS 7.1 fixes more than 20 code-execution flaws 11 Mar 2014

Hackers steal details of thousands of individuals from Archdiocese of Seattle 11 Mar 2014

Microsoft Patch Tuesday rounds up IE flaws 11 Mar 2014

Researchers attack secured Internet activity to mine personal data 11 Mar 2014

Experian lapse allowed ID theft service access to 200 million consumer records 10 Mar 2014

Joomla receives patches for zero-day SQL injection vulnerability, other flaws 10 Mar 2014

Saboteurs slip Dendroid RAT into Google Play 10 Mar 2014

BAE Systems publishes white paper on "Snake" cyber espionage campaign 08 Mar 2014

Statistics company Statista hacked, email addresses and passwords possibly stolen 08 Mar 2014

comiXology's Phantom Zone breached by villainous Haxxor 07 Mar 2014

FBI bust credit card fraud ring 07 Mar 2014

FBI probes Johns Hopkins University data breach 07 Mar 2014

Over 40 bugs, including 4 security vulnerabilities, fixed in Joomla 3.2.3 07 Mar 2014

Ransomware authors: We are not scammers, we don't need your files 07 Mar 2014

Siesta cyber espionage campaign targets many industries 07 Mar 2014

'Dendroid' RAT trojanizes apps, enables compromise of Android devices 06 Mar 2014

Bitcoin exchange, Poloniex, loses 12.3 percent of funds 06 Mar 2014

Bitstamp warns of phishing emails after being hit by hackers 06 Mar 2014

Cisco patches flaws in routers, wireless LAN controllers 06 Mar 2014

Computers with L.A. County patients' personal data are stolen 06 Mar 2014

Sally Beauty responds to rumors about credit card data being stolen by hackers 06 Mar 2014

2 men guilty in sale of trade secrets to China 05 Mar 2014

California student arrested in fraud scheme 05 Mar 2014

ChewBacca and Zeus malware found on Tor 05 Mar 2014

GNU security library GnuTLS fails on cert checks: Patch now 05 Mar 2014

ND University System reports server breach; personal information for ex-students, faculty potentially accessed 05 Mar 2014

New Android devices sold with pre-installed malware 05 Mar 2014

New design flaw found in crypto's TLS: Pretend to be a victim online 05 Mar 2014

Smucker's shuts down online store after hackers access payment card data 05 Mar 2014

Two arrested at Brooklyn bank with A.T.M. fraud device 05 Mar 2014

19 security fixes included in latest Chrome 33 update 04 Mar 2014

300,000 routers compromised in DNS hijacking campaign 04 Mar 2014

Bitcoin bank Flexcoin shuts down after hackers emptied hot wallet 04 Mar 2014

Researchers create legal botnet abusing free cloud service offers 04 Mar 2014

Stolen laptop leads to compromised unencrypted personal data 04 Mar 2014

Flaw in Yahoo! Suggestions allowed hackers to delete 1.5 million posts and comments 03 Mar 2014

Four vulnerabilities found in Oracle Demantra 03 Mar 2014

Meetup down for days due to DDoS attack allegedly ordered by a competitor 03 Mar 2014

Police: I-80 car search nets 116 fake credit cards hidden in cereal box 03 Mar 2014

Casino operator Las Vegas Sands admits hackers have stolen customer data 01 Mar 2014

Security breached, patient information compromised at doctor's office 01 Mar 2014

Uroburos: Espionage rootkit allegedly created by Russian intelligence agency 01 Mar 2014

Apple slams shut TEN code execution holes in QuickTime on Windows 28 Feb 2014

Experts find vulnerabilities in RSA Conference 2014 Android application 28 Feb 2014

First American Bank reports data breach in Chicago taxis 28 Feb 2014

Gameover borrows kernel-mode rootkit from Necurs malware 28 Feb 2014

Gameover malware tougher to kill with new rootkit component 28 Feb 2014

Cyberattack forces Kan. school district off the Internet 27 Feb 2014

D-Link fixes persistent SSL certificate vulnerability in DCS IP cameras 27 Feb 2014

Fake "payment certificate" notifications used to deliver cross-platform RAT 27 Feb 2014

Flaws in Amazon's mobile apps could have been exploited to crack passwords 27 Feb 2014

Security firm discloses Apple iOS 'malicious profile' vulnerability impact on MDM 27 Feb 2014

Three alleged hackers arrested in Korea for stealing information from hundreds of sites 27 Feb 2014

UK man charged with hacking Federal Reserve 27 Feb 2014

Avaya to patch zero days that turn IP phone into radio transmitters 26 Feb 2014

Bitcoin-stealing Mac malware disguised as Angry Birds game 26 Feb 2014

Guilty pleas adding up for group charged with stealing more than $5 million in ATM 'skimming' 26 Feb 2014

IU reports possible data breach 26 Feb 2014

Viruses can spread via Wi-Fi access points like the common cold, researchers show 26 Feb 2014

Android malware using TOR anonymity network makes a debut 25 Feb 2014

Apple finally patches critical SSL flaw in OS X 25 Feb 2014

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox goes offline amid turmoil 25 Feb 2014

Cybercriminals use Pony botnet to steal 700,000 account credentials, virtual currencies 25 Feb 2014

EC-Council says its servers haven't been hacked 25 Feb 2014

Apple fixes critical crypto bug in iOS, OS X fix to be released "soon" 24 Feb 2014

Banking malware distributed via YouTube ads 24 Feb 2014

Fortinet upgrades and extends its Next-Generation firewall 24 Feb 2014

Neiman Marcus says 350,000 cards are impacted by breach, not 1.1 million 24 Feb 2014

Two men accused in Murfreesboro credit card theft scheme 24 Feb 2014

Researchers bypass protections in Microsoft's EMET security tool 23 Feb 2014

'Skimmers' captured 342 credit cards 22 Feb 2014

Glitch hits Google Drive, Docs, trips them for hours 21 Feb 2014

Inspira Health Network informs patients of possible data breach after computer thefts 21 Feb 2014

Leak of iBanking bot source code opens up new opportunities for cybercriminals 21 Feb 2014

Massive DDoS attack launched against Namecheap's DNS platform 21 Feb 2014

Mistake made by BitCrypt developers allows experts to recover encrypted files 21 Feb 2014

Mom, son, daughter charged in gas pump ID skimming ring 21 Feb 2014

Operation GreedyWonk: Flash zero-day used in attack on visitors of foreign policy sites 21 Feb 2014

Cisco fixes flaws in several products 20 Feb 2014

Google fixes 28 security flaws in Chrome 33 20 Feb 2014

Major vulnerability in Tinder dating app allowed user tracking 20 Feb 2014

Microsoft issues Fix it for critical IE 0-day exploited in attacks 20 Feb 2014

DoS, XSS, and data injection flaws fixed in Rails 4.0.3, 3.2.17 and 4.1.0.beta2 19 Feb 2014

Microsoft crash reports reveal Houdini hack campaign hitting firms 19 Feb 2014

Two different cybercriminal groups are using IE 10 zero-day in their operations 19 Feb 2014

U-Md computer security attack exposes 300,000 records 19 Feb 2014

US businesses suffered 660,000 internal security breaches 19 Feb 2014

Zeus malware-botnet variant spotted 'crawling' 19 Feb 2014

Bank of the West job applicants told that hackers might have stolen their details 18 Feb 2014

Hackers posted details of 300,000 accounts on Pastebin in the last 12 months 18 Feb 2014

Hackers show they've stolen 828 Gb of data from systems of Las Vegas Sands 18 Feb 2014

Linksys announces firmware fix to neutralize "The Moon" worm 18 Feb 2014

New variant of Zeus banking trojan concealed in JPG images 18 Feb 2014

Nursing homes are exposed to hacker attacks 18 Feb 2014

Kickstarter suffers data breach 17 Feb 2014

SEA hacks Forbes, steals and leaks 1M user records 17 Feb 2014

GitHub fixes RCE and 2FA brute-force vulnerabilities 15 Feb 2014

Cybercriminals abuse Twilio and for SMS phishing attack 14 Feb 2014

IE zero-day served by DeputyDog cybercriminals from US Veterans of Foreign Wars site 14 Feb 2014

Thousands of FTP sites compromised to serve malware and scams 14 Feb 2014

Android apps with Trojan SMS malware infect 300,000 devices, net crooks $6m 13 Feb 2014

ASUS fixes vulnerabilities in RT-N66U, RT-N66R and RT-N66W routers 13 Feb 2014

Fake SSL certificates used to impersonate Facebook, Google, banks 13 Feb 2014

FBI, Secret Service investigating Sands hacking 13 Feb 2014

Linksys home routers targeted and compromised in active campaign 13 Feb 2014

Oracle confirms existence of 30 security holes in Java Cloud Service 13 Feb 2014

400Gbps NTP-based DDoS attack hits Cloudflare 12 Feb 2014

Bitcoin-stealing Mac malware distributed via and MacUpdate 12 Feb 2014

Bitstamp suspends Bitcoin withdrawals due to DOS attack 12 Feb 2014

Denial-of-service vulnerability puts Apache Tomcat servers at risk 12 Feb 2014

Gameover Zeus most active banking trojan in 2013, researchers report 12 Feb 2014

Pre-installed security software leaves computers vulnerable to remote hijack, experts reveal 12 Feb 2014

US government delivers cybersecurity framework for critical infrastructure 12 Feb 2014

Adobe patches critical vulnerabilities in Shockwave 11 Feb 2014

Corkow trojan targets bank customers, Bitcoin owners and Android developers 11 Feb 2014

Malicious versions of Flappy Bird game send SMSs to premium rate numbers 11 Feb 2014

Microsoft addresses critical IE vulnerabilities for Patch Tuesday 11 Feb 2014

New POS malware JackPOS targets companies in Canada, Brazil, India and Spain 11 Feb 2014

Older Flash Player vulnerability exploited in the wild 11 Feb 2014

Windows XP isn't the only software getting the knife in 8 weeks 11 Feb 2014

CSRF vulnerability in Instagram allowed hackers to make private profiles public 10 Feb 2014

New 'Mask' APT campaign called most sophisticated yet 10 Feb 2014

Snapchat bug lets hackers aim DENIAL of SERVICE attacks at YOUR MOBE 10 Feb 2014

Trojan steals Bitcoins and targets OS X 10 Feb 2014

RoR Paperclip infested by content type spoofing bug 09 Feb 2014

Expert hacks private repositories on GitHub by combining 5 low-severity bugs 08 Feb 2014

Bank of America customers targeted in massive Bredo malware distribution campaign 07 Feb 2014

Cybercriminals hijack router DNS settings to lure users to fake banking websites 07 Feb 2014

Facebook bug prevents revocation of app permissions 07 Feb 2014

HVAC company makes statement on Target data breach 07 Feb 2014

Romanian charged in NJ for alleged ATM 'skimming' 07 Feb 2014

University of Miami Health System loses records including Social Security numbers 07 Feb 2014

Beebe Healthcare says 1,900 patients affected by security incident 06 Feb 2014

Insecure file sharing puts corporate data at risk 06 Feb 2014

OMC: No evidence data breach was initiated internally 06 Feb 2014

13 security holes fixed with the release of Firefox 27 05 Feb 2014

Adobe Flash flaw exploited in the wild, update now 05 Feb 2014

iFrame attack injects code via PNGs 05 Feb 2014

Rogue GOM Player update that installed malware at Japanese nuclear plant analyzed 05 Feb 2014

Experts identify 12 rogue Chrome extensions installed by 180,000 users 04 Feb 2014

Gameover ZeuS adds nasty trick 04 Feb 2014

NameChanger Fake AV has over 200 names, uses social engineering kit to spread 04 Feb 2014

St. Joseph Health System confirms data security incident 04 Feb 2014

Suspicious activity in Washoe inmate's account leads to credit card fraud lab 04 Feb 2014

Hotel company investigates data breach, card fraud 03 Feb 2014

PayPal and eBay websites defaced by Syrian Electronic Army 03 Feb 2014

DailyMotion still infected, serving fake AV malware 31 Jan 2014

Experts find 28 security issues in Oracle's Java Cloud Service 31 Jan 2014

Tor-based malware ChewBacca used to steal card data from POS systems 31 Jan 2014

Yahoo Mail accounts compromised in coordinated attack 31 Jan 2014

Barracuda Networks identifies rogue SignNow version in App Store 30 Jan 2014

Georgia man admits damaging firm's systems after learning he was going to be fired 30 Jan 2014

GoDaddy admits giving up info that led to Twitter username extortion 30 Jan 2014

Remote code execution vulnerability impacts Wikipedia and other MediaWiki sites 30 Jan 2014

Security 101 fail: 3G&#474G modems expose control panels to hackers 30 Jan 2014

Service promising Twitter followers hijacks accounts and uses them for spam 30 Jan 2014

URM Stores narrows list of regional grocers hit by credit card fraud 30 Jan 2014

Before shutdown, ransomware op spreading "Icepol" caused 42,000 U.S. infections 29 Jan 2014

High-volume DDoS attacks top operational threat to businesses, service providers 29 Jan 2014

Neiman Marcus hack involved two pieces of malware 29 Jan 2014

Rovio confirms hackers defaced Angry Birds website, no user data compromised 29 Jan 2014

Target: Hackers attacked with stolen credentials 29 Jan 2014

VPN bypass attack possible also on Android KitKat 29 Jan 2014

BBB warns of scam charging $9.84 to credit cards 28 Jan 2014

Coder behind notorious bank-hacking tool pleads guilty 28 Jan 2014

Foursquare flaw could have been exploited to obtain users' email addresses 28 Jan 2014

Google Chrome 32.0.1700.102 fixes memory corruption bug in V8 28 Jan 2014

Java bot can launch DDoS attacks from Windows, Mac and Linux machines 28 Jan 2014

NetSky worm spreads via email attachments 28 Jan 2014

Patnote virus used to distribute ZeuS trojan 28 Jan 2014

Researchers discover first Android bootkit, 350,000 devices already infected 28 Jan 2014

Air Force researchers plant rootkit in a PLC 27 Jan 2014

Bitcoin exchange CEO charged with laundering $1 million through Silk Road 27 Jan 2014

Cybercriminals steal FTP credentials with fake FileZilla 27 Jan 2014

Expert finds remote code execution vulnerability in Yahoo server 27 Jan 2014

GitHub down due to DDoS attack 27 Jan 2014

Hasbro's website compromised, serves malware 27 Jan 2014

McGuire's alerts customers to credit card breach 27 Jan 2014

Mozilla fixes Thunderbird flaw that allowed hackers to insert malicious code into emails 27 Jan 2014

Suspected email hackers for hire charged in four countries 27 Jan 2014

UC Davis Health System emails compromised 27 Jan 2014

Microsoft says law enforcement documents likely stolen by hackers 26 Jan 2014

Operators of credit card counterfeiting service charged 25 Jan 2014

U.S. retailer Michaels warns of possible payment card breach 25 Jan 2014

Vulnerability that allowed hackers to hijack accounts fixed 25 Jan 2014

CNN blogs and social media accounts hacked by Syrian Electronic Army 24 Jan 2014

Coca-Cola: Stolen laptops had personal information of 74,000 24 Jan 2014

Gmail, other Google services hit by outage on Friday 24 Jan 2014

Records of Saint Francis Hospital patients stolen in privacy breach 24 Jan 2014

Reports about smart fridges sending spam emails are inaccurate, experts say 24 Jan 2014

Site operator arrested, accused of paying hacker to get him racy photos 24 Jan 2014

Windows trojan Droidpak pushes malware onto Android devices 24 Jan 2014

Bug exposes IP cameras, baby monitors 23 Jan 2014

Chrome eavesdropping exploit published 23 Jan 2014

Experts spot third variant of Mac trojan used by governments in targeted attacks 23 Jan 2014

Facebook awards $33,500 bounty for critical flaw 23 Jan 2014

FBI warns retailers to expect more credit card breaches 23 Jan 2014

Mining pool "Give Me Coins" hacked, 10,000 Litecoins stolen 23 Jan 2014

Neiman Marcus says 1.1 million cards affected by data breach 23 Jan 2014

Potentially major XSS&#47JavaScript flaw found in Office 365 23 Jan 2014

Snapchat's account registration CAPTCHA system hacked 23 Jan 2014

When ZOMBIES go shopping; 40m Target customer breach? That's NOTHING! 23 Jan 2014

CaroMont employee loses patient information in theft 22 Jan 2014

Credit unions say Target breach cost them $30 million - so far 22 Jan 2014

Russia accused of conducting global cyber espionage campaign 22 Jan 2014

Small number of malicious TOR exit relays snooping on traffic 22 Jan 2014

VA software glitch exposed veterans' personal information 22 Jan 2014

World Economic Forum's website plagued by XSS and other security issues 22 Jan 2014

XSS filter bypass bug found in Chrome and Safari 22 Jan 2014

Android malware disguised as security update steals SMSs and intercepts phone calls 21 Jan 2014

Cutwail-like spambot hides malicious activity in its traffic 21 Jan 2014

DHS alerts contractors to bank data theft 21 Jan 2014

Feds: Thieves with Bluetooth-enabled data skimmers stole over $2 million 21 Jan 2014

Hacker breaks into ThrustVPS, launches phishing attack from firm's own servers 21 Jan 2014

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Microsoft's Office Blogs site mere hours after redesign 21 Jan 2014

Google pulls Chrome extensions after new owners subvert web tools 20 Jan 2014

Starbucks fixes vulnerable iOS app, geolocation issue persists 20 Jan 2014

Target credit card fraud suspects arrested at Texas border 20 Jan 2014

Android vulnerability can be exploited to capture data of VPN users 18 Jan 2014

At least one smart refrigerator used in massive cyberattack 17 Jan 2014

Bitcoin's so over. We're mining Primeco...Oh SNAP, my box is a ZOMBIE! 17 Jan 2014

Hackers stole 11 Gb of customer information from Target's systems 17 Jan 2014

Humor website serves malware, again 17 Jan 2014

Personal information of Puerto Rico doctors stolen 17 Jan 2014

SCADA company patches HMI zero day disclosed at S4 conference 17 Jan 2014

Trojan disguised as legitimate applications uses infected PCs to mine Litecoins 17 Jan 2014

AVG confirms one of its webservers was hacked and defaced 16 Jan 2014

Cisco: Thousands of web hosting centers now launchpads for attacks 16 Jan 2014

Cybercriminals are distributing malware with fake Flash Player served from SkyDrive 16 Jan 2014

Fine! We'll keep updating WinXP's malware sniffer after April, says Microsoft 16 Jan 2014

Highly critical vulnerability fixed with the release of Drupal 7.26 and 6.30 16 Jan 2014

Microsoft confirms: Staff inboxes hijacked amid 'Syrian army' cyber-blitz 16 Jan 2014

Neiman Marcus offers update on credit card breach 16 Jan 2014

Orlando couple stole $550,000 in massive ID-theft 'phishing scam,' FDLE says 16 Jan 2014

Researchers discover a point-of-sale malware written in VBScript 16 Jan 2014

Security patches released for IP.Gallery 4.2.1 and 5.0.5 16 Jan 2014

Spammers target Snapchat, Bitly, and Kik Messenger 16 Jan 2014

Starbucks iOS app stores passwords in clear text 16 Jan 2014

Adobe Flash Player 12 addresses critical vulnerabilities 15 Jan 2014

Adobe Reader and Acrobat 11.0.06 hold critical security improvements 15 Jan 2014

Amazon, Google, and GoDaddy cloud services increasingly abused by cybercriminals 15 Jan 2014

Android gamers targeted with trojanized version of Minecraft PE 15 Jan 2014

Google Chrome 32.0.1700.77 security fixes 15 Jan 2014

Oracle fixes 144 vulnerabilities, including 36 Java flaws, with January 2014 CPU 15 Jan 2014

SCADA researcher drops zero-day, ICS-CERT issues advisory 15 Jan 2014

Spammers target Google hospitality listings 15 Jan 2014

User financial info compromised in US Fund for Unicef breach 15 Jan 2014

Java version of Icefog espionage campaign hit 3 US oil, gas companies 14 Jan 2014

Light Patch Tuesday addresses 6 bugs, including XP zero-day, with 4 bulletins 14 Jan 2014

Mt. Gox fixes vulnerability that might have been exploited to hijack accounts 14 Jan 2014

Vulnerability leaves Cisco small biz routers wide open to attack 14 Jan 2014

22% of small US retailers are not PCI compliant, study shows 13 Jan 2014

Hackers slurp credit card details from US luxury retailer Neiman Marcus 13 Jan 2014

Man admits hijacking YouTube channels, hacking AOL CEO's email account 13 Jan 2014

Microsoft Twitter accounts, blog hijacked by SEA 13 Jan 2014

NORCOM investigating data breach of emergency calls 13 Jan 2014

Syrian Electronic Army hacks into Xbox Twitter accounts too 13 Jan 2014

Target CEO confirms hackers installed malware on POS registers 13 Jan 2014

Target says customers signing up for free credit monitoring after data breach 13 Jan 2014

Hospital system probing data breach 10 Jan 2014

Sefnit trojan endangers users even after removal 10 Jan 2014

Target raises estimate of customers hit by breach 10 Jan 2014

There are still at least 22,000 devices infected with Flashback Mac malware 10 Jan 2014

40% of iOS banking apps leak sensitive data through system logs 09 Jan 2014

Anatomy of a 22-year-old X Window bug: Get root with newly uncovered flaw 09 Jan 2014

Malware stole data from computer at Japanese nuclear power plant 09 Jan 2014

Man admits hacking former employer's systems to damage servers and reputation 09 Jan 2014

Network Time Protocol abused in DDoS attacks on gaming servers 09 Jan 2014

Scam emails distribute malware that steals Bitcoins from Bitcoin-Qt users 09 Jan 2014

The Straight Dope forum hacked, user passwords stolen 09 Jan 2014

Yahoo malvertising attack linked to larger malware scheme 09 Jan 2014

DailyMotion serves fake AV in malvertising attack 08 Jan 2014

Expert finds clickjacking flaw in Google and open redirect in Facebook 08 Jan 2014

GAO: Security breach response by feds is uneven 08 Jan 2014

New Zeus variant stymies malware analysis, has rootkit capabilities 08 Jan 2014

Nvidia takes customer site offline after SAP bug found 08 Jan 2014

OpenSUSE forums defaced via unknown vBulletin 0-day 08 Jan 2014

Spammers use Asprox botnet to distribute malicious Atmos Energy emails 08 Jan 2014

BU employees' direct-deposit pay stolen through alleged Internet scam 07 Jan 2014

Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Twitter domains impacted by Tajikistan registrar hack 07 Jan 2014

Loudoun schools' data accidentally breached 07 Jan 2014

Prison Locker virus threatens to flood market 07 Jan 2014

T-Mobile warns customers that hackers obtained their SSNs 07 Jan 2014

Windows zero-day used in attack targeted at embassies from Middle Eastern capital 07 Jan 2014

World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League admits being hacked 07 Jan 2014

Steam and Origin gamers knocked offline by SEPARATE DDoS attacks 06 Jan 2014

Yahoo hacked, 2.5 million European users possibly infected with malware 06 Jan 2014

Stolen medical data prompts $150K fine 04 Jan 2014

Trojan targeting WoW accounts disguised as Curse client 04 Jan 2014

3 vulnerabilities fixed in Elgg 1.8.17 03 Jan 2014

Critical backdoor in Linksys and Netgear routers found 03 Jan 2014

Facebook fixes open redirect vulnerability on "How are you feeling?" page 03 Jan 2014

OpenSSL website hacked through insecure password at hosting provider 03 Jan 2014

Slovenian jailed for creating code behind 12 MILLION strong 'Mariposa' botnet army 03 Jan 2014

4.6M Snapchat users' info compromised in breach 02 Jan 2014

Defendants plead guilty in large ATM skimming operation 02 Jan 2014

Skype's Twitter account, blog hacked to spread anti-Microsoft messages 02 Jan 2014

Virus attacks Greenland Town Hall computers 02 Jan 2014

'Wichcraft admits credit card security breach at all NYC locations 31 Dec 2013

Barry University notifies patients records may have been hacked 31 Dec 2013

Hackers knock League of Legends offline 31 Dec 2013

Windows crash reports open to hijacking 31 Dec 2013

2 involved in Purdue grade changing-scheme plead guilty 30 Dec 2013

4 vulnerabilities fixed in MyBB 1.6.12 30 Dec 2013

8 people arrested in Spain for role in $45M&#47 €33M cybercriminal scheme 30 Dec 2013

Laptop with data of SC insurance pool customers stolen 30 Dec 2013

Malware on USB drives used to empty ATMs 30 Dec 2013

OpenSSL website defaced; code repositories untouched 30 Dec 2013

Vulnerabilities in SD cards can be exploited for MTM attacks 30 Dec 2013

Colorado notifies 1,918 of Medicaid records breach 29 Dec 2013

Cybercriminals abuse Network Time Protocol for DDOS attacks 27 Dec 2013 page set up to serve JavaScript trojan 27 Dec 2013

Inspira: No patient information on stolen computer 27 Dec 2013

Popular Boston restaurant group reports credit card data theft 27 Dec 2013

Researchers reveal Snapchat security issues 27 Dec 2013

Target: Debit PIN data stolen in Black Friday weekend credit breach 27 Dec 2013

Joke no more: Comedy virty currency Dogecoin gets real in big Xmas heist 26 Dec 2013

Computer with possible personal data stolen from Inspira Medical Center Vineland, police say 24 Dec 2013

Researchers report security flaw in Samsung's Galaxy S4 24 Dec 2013

VMware patches privilege vulnerability in ESX, ESXi 24 Dec 2013

Web server malware for Nginx, Apache advertised on underground market 24 Dec 2013

Popular registrar Namecheap fixes DNS hijack bug 23 Dec 2013

Texas county's phone systems hacked, attackers go on international calling spree 23 Dec 2013

Chase limits debit cards used at Target stores 22 Dec 2013

Cards stolen in Target breach flood underground markets 20 Dec 2013

Credit card info breached at Nevada casinos 20 Dec 2013

Cryptolocker creators infected nearly 250,000 systems, earned $300k since September 20 Dec 2013

DSHS mistakenly sends personal information of up to 7,000 to old addresses 20 Dec 2013

Former State employee accused of emailing personal info 20 Dec 2013

Microsoft says cybercriminals behind ZeroAccess have abandoned the botnet 20 Dec 2013

Ripon Police seize 550 fake credit cards 20 Dec 2013

Spotted: New keylogging malware steals Tumblr log-in credentials 20 Dec 2013

Full 4096-bit RSA keys extracted by listening to the sound made by computers 19 Dec 2013

Macbook webcams CAN spy on you - and you simply CAN'T TELL 19 Dec 2013

OpenX&#47Revive Adserver zero-day actively exploited in the wild 19 Dec 2013

Target says hackers likely accessed 40 million cards 19 Dec 2013

ZeuS trojan variant targets accounts of BTC China customers 19 Dec 2013

Apple's Mavericks OS release comes with Safari browser patches 18 Dec 2013

CERT Poland warns of DDoS botnet targeting Windows and Linux machines 18 Dec 2013

Experts analyzed DGA.Changer malware served in attack 18 Dec 2013

New DDoS bot has a fancy for ferrets 18 Dec 2013

Skimmer trojan targets ATMs made by one of the world's largest manufacturers 18 Dec 2013

Washington Post servers infiltrated, employee credentials stolen 18 Dec 2013

Browlock cybercriminals use malvertising to lure victims to malicious site 17 Dec 2013

Chewbacca latest malware to take a liking to TOR 17 Dec 2013

Google and HP recall HP Chromebook 11 chargers due to fire and burn hazards; charger can overheat and melt 17 Dec 2013

ICS-CERT warns of flaws in wind farm management app 17 Dec 2013

Mozilla blocks rogue add-on that made computers scan sites for flaws 17 Dec 2013

Report: In 2013, more than one million U.S. computers were infected with banking trojans 17 Dec 2013

Social Security numbers of 18,800 Colorado state workers exposed 17 Dec 2013

UNC at Chapel Hill suffers data breach, 6,000 people impacted 17 Dec 2013

Attackers exploited ColdFusion vulnerability to install Microsoft IIS malware 16 Dec 2013

Bogus VPN website used to distribute keylogger malware 16 Dec 2013

Botnet enlists Firefox users to hack Web sites 16 Dec 2013

MisoSMS mobile botnet used in at least 64 spyware campaigns 16 Dec 2013

XSS vulnerabilities patched in IP.Board 3.3.x and 3.4.x 16 Dec 2013

Teachers' personal info may have been stolen 14 Dec 2013

Cryptolocker copycat targets US, European users 13 Dec 2013

Hacker tool allows cybercriminals to automatically register Tumblr accounts 13 Dec 2013

Serious vulnerability in Safari exposes user passwords 13 Dec 2013

Two arrested in elaborate identity theft scheme involving Emory students 13 Dec 2013

App that claims to notify users of Bitcoin market changes hides RAT 12 Dec 2013

Cybercriminals trick unsuspecting U.S. users into delivering goods to Russia 12 Dec 2013

Facebook users hit with phishing and malware combo attack 12 Dec 2013

Guardsman accused of stealing military IDs for militia 12 Dec 2013

Records security breach at Cottage Hospital 12 Dec 2013

Weak security in most mobile banking apps 12 Dec 2013

Conventioneers' credit card data stolen in Boston 11 Dec 2013

Cybercriminals now enlisting database cloud services 11 Dec 2013

DOE was aware of security issues that exposed employees to hackers 11 Dec 2013

Experts identify 164 fraudulent domains similar to the ones of antivirus vendors 11 Dec 2013

Flash Player vulnerabilities patched by Adobe 11 Dec 2013

Hackers can launch MitM attacks on apps bundled with Widdit advertising SDK 11 Dec 2013

LA Gay & Lesbian Center hacked, credit cards and SSNs possibly compromised 11 Dec 2013

Newly patched Office 365 vulnerability used in "Ice Dagger" targeted attacks 11 Dec 2013

Nvidia exploit could turn render farms into password crackers, Bitcoin miners, researchers claim 11 Dec 2013

Quadrillion-dollar finance house spam Reg reader with bankers' private data 11 Dec 2013

Researchers spot 64-bit version of ZeuS malware 11 Dec 2013

UConn Health Center says employee inappropriately accessed patients' personal information 11 Dec 2013

Yahoo Mail still down for some users, after an attempted fix 11 Dec 2013

Chinese hackers used Syrian crisis to phish European governments before G20 Summit 10 Dec 2013

Disqus scrambles after leak fuels Swedish tabloid expose 10 Dec 2013

Firefox 26 makes Java plugins click-to-play, fixes 14 security flaws 10 Dec 2013

Kaiser Permanente reports privacy breach to 49,000 patients 10 Dec 2013

Microsoft fixes 24 vulnerabilities 10 Dec 2013

MouaBad malware allows cybercriminals to make phone calls 10 Dec 2013

Personal information at risk after laptops stolen from N.J. health insurance company 10 Dec 2013

Data-stealing malware pretends to be Microsoft IIS server module 09 Dec 2013

Guilty verdict in first ever cybercrime RICO trial 09 Dec 2013

Laptop containing SIU patient data stolen from doctor's office 09 Dec 2013

Man pleads guilty to role in $725,000&#47 €529,000 hacking and ID theft scheme 09 Dec 2013

Other browser makers follow Google's lead, revoke rogue certificates 09 Dec 2013

RBS website disrupted by DDoS attack 07 Dec 2013

2.4 million Maricopa County Community College employees, students exposed 06 Dec 2013

Citadel malware variant captures screenshots of Bitcoin-related websites 06 Dec 2013

Fiendish CryptoLocker ransomware survives hacktivists' takedown 06 Dec 2013

Microsoft teams up with Feds, Interpol in ZeroAccess botnet zombie hunt 06 Dec 2013

PayPal DDoS attackers plead guilty, some may walk free 06 Dec 2013

Russian authorities prosecute BlackHole creator and 12 other suspects 06 Dec 2013

Siemens patches authentication bypass flaw in SINAMICS ICS software 06 Dec 2013

Android flashlight app developer settles FTC charges of sharing geolocation data 05 Dec 2013

Cybercriminals hijack WP sites with backdoored SEO plugin 05 Dec 2013

International payment card fraud ring based in Latvia shut down 05 Dec 2013

JPMorgan warns 465,000 card users on data loss after cyberattack 05 Dec 2013

Personal and financial details compromised in Maple Grove Farms of Vermont hack 05 Dec 2013

Researchers analyze Dexter and Project Hook PoS malware campaigns 05 Dec 2013

Credentials of 38,000 Pixel Federation users leaked by hacker 04 Dec 2013

Credit card fraud comes of age with advances in point-of-sale botnets 04 Dec 2013

Important security fixes included in Ruby on Rails 4.0.2 and 3.2.16 04 Dec 2013

Logins stolen from Facebook, Google, ADP payroll processor 04 Dec 2013

Passwords reset after 'Pony' botnet stole 2 million credentials 04 Dec 2013

VMware patches privilege escalation vulnerability 04 Dec 2013

Washington grocery stores recover from cyberattack 04 Dec 2013

706 domains used to sell counterfeit items seized by international law enforcement 03 Dec 2013

Acoustical mesh network used to infect air-gapped computers 03 Dec 2013

Flaw in Android 4.3 can be exploited to remove device locks with rogue apps 03 Dec 2013

Former UNL student pleads guilty in security breach 03 Dec 2013

Huge quantity of Bitcoins stolen from Sheep Marketplace 03 Dec 2013

Study: 340,000 new malicious websites detected in past 30 days 03 Dec 2013

D-Link patches security holes in DI-524, DI-524UP, DIR-100 and DIR-120 routers 02 Dec 2013

Hackers target Bitcoin Talk via vulnerability in AnoymousSpeech registrar 02 Dec 2013

Legitimate apps bundled up with secret Bitcoin miner 02 Dec 2013

Popular Bitcoin forum targeted in DNS and DDoS attack 02 Dec 2013

Windows XP zero-day under active attack 02 Dec 2013

PayPal "Limited Account Access" emails used for phishing 30 Nov 2013

Flash SMS flaw in Google Nexus devices can be exploited to reboot them 29 Nov 2013

JPEGS leveraged for targeted attacks 29 Nov 2013

UW Medicine alerts 90,000 patients on stolen data 29 Nov 2013

Virus takes user's photo via webcam 29 Nov 2013

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox adds 'extra security' with one-time password card 28 Nov 2013

You have a Skype voicemail. PSYCHE! It's just some fiendish Trojan-flinging spam 28 Nov 2013

10 million new malware strains identified so far in 2013, Q3 study shows 27 Nov 2013

Linux worm Darlloz targets routers, security cameras, and set-top boxes 27 Nov 2013

Researchers track down members of Nigerian cyber gang 27 Nov 2013

Secret Service looks into fraud credit, debit card purchases 27 Nov 2013

UPMC uncovers records tampering 27 Nov 2013

Atrax: Cybercrime kit capable of stealing data, launching DDoS, mining for Bitcoins 26 Nov 2013

AutoCAD malware paves the way for future attacks 26 Nov 2013

Blackhole and Cool Exploit Kit nearly extinct 26 Nov 2013

Experts warn of an increase in the usage of Blackshades RAT 26 Nov 2013

Experts warn of new banking trojan Neverquest 26 Nov 2013

Ruby on Rails CookieStore vulnerability plagues prominent websites 26 Nov 2013

VBScript malware deletes files from infected systems 26 Nov 2013

'Phishing' attack dupes dozen of U Iowa employees 25 Nov 2013

Bitcoin payment solutions provider BIPS hacked, 1,295 BTC stolen 25 Nov 2013

Evernote warns users whose passwords have been exposed in Adobe breach 25 Nov 2013

ICANN terminates accreditation of registrar Dynamic Dolphin 25 Nov 2013

Patient data may have been leaked, doctors group warns 25 Nov 2013

Twitter adds Forward Secrecy to thwart surveillance efforts 25 Nov 2013

Rackspace patches Windows Updater vuln 24 Nov 2013

Vermont confirms security breach to health care exchange website 24 Nov 2013

Kaspersky publishes spam report for October 2013 23 Nov 2013

'High impact' Gmail password security hole blew accounts wide open 22 Nov 2013

Arrest in Sachem schools data breach 22 Nov 2013

Colorado county says hacker stole $146,000 from its bank accounts through email virus 22 Nov 2013

Drupal 7.24 and 6.29 released to fix several vulnerabilities 22 Nov 2013

Mystery traffic redirection attack pulls net traffic through Belarus, Iceland 22 Nov 2013

Number of digitally signed malware samples increases by 50% 22 Nov 2013

A look at security effectiveness by industry 21 Nov 2013

Apache Tomcat servers targeted by self-replicating malware 21 Nov 2013

SAP trojan based partially on Carberp code 21 Nov 2013

Bugs hit global payment company PayPal 20 Nov 2013

Cupid Media hack exposed 42M passwords 20 Nov 2013

E-Sports to pay $1M to settle covert Bitcoin mining complaint 20 Nov 2013

Google adds Android and Apache to open source security rewards programme 20 Nov 2013

i2Ninja financial malware uses I2P to maintain secure communications 20 Nov 2013

Mining companies caught flat-footed by cyberattacks 20 Nov 2013

Police: Debit card skimming likely linked to gas pumps 20 Nov 2013

Redwood Memorial: Thumb drive with patient data missing; Eureka Internal Medicine records put in trash unshredded 20 Nov 2013

Stuxnet's earlier version much more powerful and dangerous, new analysis finds 20 Nov 2013

Your LG Smart TV is spying on you, even if you tell it to stop 20 Nov 2013

1.2% of apps on Google Play are repackaged to deliver ads, collect info 19 Nov 2013

Cybercriminals use automated attacks to hack GitHub accounts 19 Nov 2013

Google Ads point to fake Snapchat downloads 19 Nov 2013

Phony anti-virus programs evade detection with stolen certificates 19 Nov 2013

6 more arrested in $45M cyber heist, feds say 18 Nov 2013

Battlefield 4 PC servers experience DDoS attack 18 Nov 2013

Facebook URL redirection vulnerability patched 18 Nov 2013

Google completes upgrade of its SSL certificates to 2048-bit RSA 18 Nov 2013

Google to pay $17 million to States in Apple cookies case 18 Nov 2013

Hackers actively exploiting JBoss vulnerability to compromise servers, researchers say 18 Nov 2013

More than 12k Cryptolocker victims in less than a week 18 Nov 2013

Swansea Police pay ransom after computer system was hacked 18 Nov 2013 hacked, hackers trying to sell info on 0-day used 18 Nov 2013

Web hosting provider Hetzner hit by large DDoS attacks 18 Nov 2013

2 arrested on federal identity-theft charges by Homeland Security 16 Nov 2013

City, Dynacare investigate stolen flash drive with information on city employees 16 Nov 2013

Apple iOS 7.04 fixes App Store purchase flaw 15 Nov 2013

Arbor Networks analyzes Athena DDoS malware 15 Nov 2013

Estonia agrees to extradite alleged DNSChanger cybercriminals to the U.S 15 Nov 2013

Google fixes critical Chrome flaw found by expert at Mobile Pwn2Own 2013 15 Nov 2013

Linux machines exposed due to VMware Workstation host privilege escalation flaw 15 Nov 2013

Rise seen in use of Google service for mobile botnets 15 Nov 2013

Cybercriminals target Silverlight users with new exploit kit 14 Nov 2013

Cybercriminals use new Linux backdoor to steal information from companies 14 Nov 2013

Feds charge Calif. brothers in cyberheists 14 Nov 2013

MacRumors hacker says he will not leak the 860,000 passwords he stole 14 Nov 2013

Pwn2Own crackers leave iOS and Samsung mobe security IN RUINS 14 Nov 2013

Remote code execution vulnerability fixed in BlackBerry Link 14 Nov 2013

Sinowal and Zbot trojan collaborate in new attack 14 Nov 2013

3 members of cybercriminal ring plead guilty to taking part in card fraud scheme 13 Nov 2013

Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.152 addresses critical vulnerabilities 13 Nov 2013

At least 100,000 Instagram users fall victim to InstLike scam 13 Nov 2013

Facebook makes Adobe fans change their horrible, horrible passwords 13 Nov 2013

IE 0-day plugged up by TIFF terror continues in November Patch Tuesday 13 Nov 2013

Popular humor site hosted Nuclear Pack exploit kit 13 Nov 2013

Second version of Hlux&#47Kelihos botnet getting smaller, Kaspersky says 13 Nov 2013

Women charged in cancer center identity thefts 13 Nov 2013

Banking malware infections rise to highest level since 2002 12 Nov 2013

Google Chrome 31.0.1650.48 Stable fixes 25 vulnerabilities 12 Nov 2013

New IE vulnerability found in the wild; sophisticated Web exploit follows 12 Nov 2013

NYPD detective pleads guilty to hiring email hackers 12 Nov 2013

Reflected and stored XSS flaws found in DLink 2760N routers 12 Nov 2013

Smartphone PINs skimmed with microphone and camera 12 Nov 2013

Stale Blackhole leads to dried-up spam, claim badhat-probers 12 Nov 2013

Vulnerabilities in RunKeeper allowed cybercriminals to run XSS worm 12 Nov 2013

Jeffersonville reports 'serious' breach of personal data 11 Nov 2013

Power plants and other vital systems are totally exposed on the Internet 08 Nov 2013

Automated hacking tools swarm Web site login pages 07 Nov 2013

Bitcoin wallet hacked, 4,100 BTC stolen 07 Nov 2013

Cybercriminals opting for real-time malware campaigns and phishing 07 Nov 2013

IRS refunded $4 billion to identity thieves, says report 07 Nov 2013

KitKat swats yet another Android 'MasterKey' bug 07 Nov 2013

Microsoft Office, Windows Server and Lync exploits linked to Operation Hangover hackers 07 Nov 2013

PCI council publishes updated payment security standards 07 Nov 2013

Rapid7 researchers discover vulnerabilities in Supermicro IPMI firmware 07 Nov 2013

Silk Road online drug marketplace resurfaces 07 Nov 2013

Unencrypted laptop stolen, 11,000 dialysis patients impacted 07 Nov 2013

CSRF vulnerability in Twitter allowed hackers to read DMs, post tweets 06 Nov 2013

FBI adds 5 hackers to Cyber Most Wanted list 06 Nov 2013

It's the Shiz: Mutant RAT spotted gnawing at SAP apps 06 Nov 2013

Cybercriminals use Android trojan Svpeng for mobile phishing 05 Nov 2013

Harbor Freight Tools hacked, payment processing system compromised 05 Nov 2013

Marketplace for phony Twitter followers is big business 05 Nov 2013

Microsoft warns of zero-day attack on Office 05 Nov 2013

Over 1.9 million of Adobe hack victims used "123456" as password 05 Nov 2013

Spike in traffic with TCP source port zero has some researchers worried 05 Nov 2013

Website of Guilford County Sheriff's Office hacked, malicious code planted 05 Nov 2013

Adobe passwords leaked by hackers not properly encrypted 04 Nov 2013

DOE audit reveals new weaknesses, and unpatched older flaws 04 Nov 2013

Fake LinkedIn profile gathering info for targeted attacks 04 Nov 2013

Hackers take limo service firm for a ride 04 Nov 2013

UH notifies 7,100 patients of stolen hard drive with personal medical information 04 Nov 2013

4 nabbed in skimmer scam of LIRR customers 01 Nov 2013

Gaming trojan Grolker updated to steal banking credentials 01 Nov 2013

New malware variant suggests cybercriminals targeting SAP users 01 Nov 2013

Rogue Bing ads lure users to fake Snapchat installer 01 Nov 2013

Upatre trojan downloads malware that downloads malware 01 Nov 2013

Former employee of contractor obtained Balt. Co. worker's personal data 31 Oct 2013

Mavericks Mail's spam-spewing 'flaw' was scripted by red-faced user 31 Oct 2013

Searching for "Google Chrome download" on Yahoo can result in malware infection 31 Oct 2013

Spike in suspicious traffic and TOR usage, says threat report 31 Oct 2013

10 security fixes included in Firefox 25 30 Oct 2013

Expert finds unrestricted file upload vulnerability in Twitter 30 Oct 2013

HTTP 301 redirections lead to trouble for mobile apps 30 Oct 2013

Researchers find a way to hack Spanish language 30 Oct 2013

Researchers hack counterfeit money detector to accept paper as valid currency 30 Oct 2013

Tax fraud scheme reveals patient security breach 30 Oct 2013

Adobe breach impacted at least 38 million users 29 Oct 2013

Dun & Bradstreet starts notifying customers of data breach 29 Oct 2013

Hackers can hijack Facebook accounts by exploiting flaw in Android apps 29 Oct 2013

MongoHQ scrambles to address major database hack 29 Oct 2013

New injection campaign peddling rogue software downloads 29 Oct 2013

Syrian Electronic Army claims U.S. President social media hijacking 29 Oct 2013

4 Dutch men arrested for allegedly using TorRAT to plunder bank accounts 28 Oct 2013

ATM malware may spread from Mexico to English-speaking world 28 Oct 2013

Buffer hacked, attackers send out spam via customer accounts 28 Oct 2013

Dallas identity thief convicted after eating debit card to conceal tax fraud 28 Oct 2013

IBM warns Storwize arrays can DELETE ALL DATA 28 Oct 2013

Researchers sinkhole several Cryptolocker C&Cs 28 Oct 2013

Scan shows 65% of ReadyNAS boxes on Web vulnerable to critical bug 28 Oct 2013

Tenda seals shut router backdoor found by D-Link hole-prober 28 Oct 2013

U.K. man indicted for hacking U.S. govt networks, stealing confidential data 28 Oct 2013

Allina Health fires employee for accessing 3,800 patient records 27 Oct 2013

7 fugitives charged in the U.S. for role in multimillion dollar cyber fraud scheme 25 Oct 2013

NSA: Website was down because of internal error in the system, not a denial of service attack 25 Oct 2013

Researchers flag security flaws in new LinkedIn offering 25 Oct 2013

Two servers hacked, set up to serve malware 25 Oct 2013

12 are charged in ATM skimming operation 24 Oct 2013

Attackers use smaller botnets to launch high-bandwidth attacks 24 Oct 2013

Cisco fixes DoS, remote code execution bugs in six products 24 Oct 2013 flagged as suspicious website by Google 24 Oct 2013

Apache Shindig 2.5.0 updated to address XXE vulnerability 23 Oct 2013

Experts warn of critical flaws in Netgear ReadyNAS storage devices 23 Oct 2013

Network Solutions apologizes to customers after DNS incident 23 Oct 2013

Aaron's computer rental chain settles FTC spying charges 22 Oct 2013

Apple quietly releases iOS 7.0.3, with new fixes and features 22 Oct 2013

Cutwail cybercriminals replace BlackHole with Magnitude exploit kit 22 Oct 2013

D-Link hole-prober finds 'backdoor' in Chinese wireless routers 22 Oct 2013

Eastern European banking systems targeted by hackers in Apollo campaign 22 Oct 2013

Google pulls all Android apps linked to adware badness THAT MUST NOT BE NAMED 22 Oct 2013

Problems arise with cybersecurity at Shippingport nuclear power plant in Beaver 22 Oct 2013

Seton officials: Stolen laptop has patient information 22 Oct 2013

U.S. enterprises in path of data-hijacking Sazoora campaign, firm finds 22 Oct 2013

U.S. financial institutions complete Quantum Dawn 2 cybersecurity exercise 22 Oct 2013

Dropbox users hit with Zeus phishing trojan 21 Oct 2013

Facebook switches itself off and on again after GLOBAL meltdown 21 Oct 2013

Laptop theft compromise 729,000 hospital patient files 21 Oct 2013

Michigan State University investigates breach of employee payroll accounts 21 Oct 2013

Now swallow: Microsoft hands out cure for Surface RT tabs killed by Win 8.1 21 Oct 2013

Simple bug exposed Verizon Wireless users' SMS history 21 Oct 2013

Vietnamese charged in the U.S. for running identity theft service 21 Oct 2013

Microsoft yanks Windows 8.1 update for Surface RT after 'Blue Screen of Death' reports 20 Oct 2013

Fake Avaya voice message notifications carry malware 19 Oct 2013

Hackers access customer database of hair care company Ouidad 19 Oct 2013

Apache Struts update fixes two vulnerabilities 18 Oct 2013

Apple warns of SSD failures in MacBook Air, offers free replacements 18 Oct 2013

Feds arrest Romanian nationals accused of placing skimming devices in 2 Pittsburgh post offices 18 Oct 2013

Finnish police arrest man allegedly involved with international hacker group 18 Oct 2013

Sophos publishes Dirty Dozen spam report for Q3 2013 18 Oct 2013

Video game forum NeoGAF hacked, user passwords reset 18 Oct 2013

VMware patches flaws in ESX, vCenter 18 Oct 2013

4 charged with stealing $750K in merchandise using patients' stolen information 17 Oct 2013

College networks hit with highest incidence of malware infections, firm finds 17 Oct 2013

DDoS attack used 'headless' browsers in 150-hour siege 17 Oct 2013

New study: Half of federal agency security breaches caused by lack of user compliance 17 Oct 2013

Some DPS students medical records in hands of thief 17 Oct 2013

VA says its patient records weren't compromised 17 Oct 2013

5 vulnerabilities fixed with release of Chrome 30.0.1599.101 16 Oct 2013

Breach at PR Newswire tied to Adobe hack 16 Oct 2013

Global vessel tracking systems vulnerable to hacker attacks, experts warn 16 Oct 2013

Hacker breaks into University of Arizona computer system 16 Oct 2013

Microsoft-DS no longer hackers' top target 16 Oct 2013

Oracle drops shedload of CRITICAL vuln-busting Java patches 16 Oct 2013 hijacking: Theft of employee credentials, not faxed DNS change request 16 Oct 2013

Researchers identify two sandbox escape vulnerabilities in IBM SDK for Java 7.0 16 Oct 2013

Sacramento State employees just being notified about August security breach 16 Oct 2013

Security flaw on 200 government websites blamed on shutdown 16 Oct 2013

"Dexter" malware infects South African restaurants, costs banks millions 15 Oct 2013

Info stealer trojan Nemim used against organizations from the U.S. and Japan 15 Oct 2013

New malware enables attackers to take money directly from ATMs 15 Oct 2013

77% of new malware samples found in Q2 2013 were trojans 27 Sep 2013

Cybercriminals exploit most news within 22 hours 27 Sep 2013

Exploit kit uses VBScript to deliver malware 27 Sep 2013

Google finally squashes IM bug 27 Sep 2013

LinkedIn patches multiple XSS vulnerabilities 27 Sep 2013

London teen arrested for involvement in Spamhaus DDoS attack 27 Sep 2013

Over 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hackers 27 Sep 2013

Unique Vintage hacked, server infected with malware since January 2012 27 Sep 2013

Apple fixes a pair of lock screen bugs with iOS 7.0.2 update 26 Sep 2013

Cisco IOS update patches eight vulnerabilities 26 Sep 2013

Google Hangouts&#47GTalk glitch sends chats to wrong recipients 26 Sep 2013

Icefog cybercriminals launch hit and run attacks against high-profile organizations 26 Sep 2013

Microsoft uncovers Sefnit trojan return after Groupon click-fraud scam 26 Sep 2013

MO HealthNet suffers data breach, over 25,000 individuals notified 26 Sep 2013

New malware Napolar steals information, launches DDoS attacks 26 Sep 2013

Patches released to fix 4 XSS vulnerabilities in IP.Board 3.4.5 and IP.Gallery 5.0.5 26 Sep 2013

Ferris State University ends data security breach probe 25 Sep 2013

ICG America hacked, credit card details possibly stolen 25 Sep 2013

Javascript issue plagues Mailbox app for iOS 25 Sep 2013

Tumblr fixes DOM XSS vulnerability 2 months after being notified 25 Sep 2013

After botched update, Apple releases Apple TV 6.0, fixes 50+ bugs 24 Sep 2013

Holy Cross Hospital informs former patients of data breach 24 Sep 2013

Phone numbers harvested from Craigslist used in SMS scam 24 Sep 2013

Twitter fixes Tweet button issue that downloaded a torrent file 24 Sep 2013

Virginia Tech breach exposes data on 145K job applicants 24 Sep 2013

Apache Struts security update disables vulnerable feature 23 Sep 2013

BLYPT backdoor malware targets U.S. users via Java exploit 23 Sep 2013

Gmail hit by message delivery delays, close to 50 percent of users affected 23 Sep 2013

Hackers bypass iPhone 5S Touch ID 23 Sep 2013 disrupted by DDoS attack 23 Sep 2013

Flaw in iOS 7 lets attackers take control of users iPhones 22 Sep 2013

FBI warning users about Beta Bot malware 20 Sep 2013

New file encrypting ransomware CryptoLocker targets organizations 20 Sep 2013

Another flawed Office update tells users to buy the suite 19 Sep 2013

Apple's iOS 7 update fixes 80 security bugs 19 Sep 2013

Energy Department spends $30M to bolster utility cybersecurity tools 19 Sep 2013

Energy sector companies targeted in watering hole attack, Cisco warns 19 Sep 2013

Facebook Android bug sent users' photos in the clear 19 Sep 2013

New ransomware strain forces hapless users into becoming Bitcoin miners 19 Sep 2013

New wave of Shylock trojan targets bank customers 19 Sep 2013

Crooks hijack retirement funds via SSA portal 18 Sep 2013

Microsoft issued fix it for actively exploited IE 0-day 18 Sep 2013

New virus protects itself by freezing hard disk 18 Sep 2013

Darkleech campaign targets Java to spread Reveton ransomware 17 Sep 2013

Experts analyze operations of state-sponsored cybercriminals behind the Bit9 hack 17 Sep 2013

Microsoft reissues Patch Tuesday fixes to address install glitches 17 Sep 2013

Mozilla updates Firefox 24 with 17 security advisories 17 Sep 2013

Patches for Django framework fix DoS vulnerability 17 Sep 2013

Researchers create undetectable layout-level hardware trojans 17 Sep 2013

Too long passwords can DoS some servers 17 Sep 2013

ZeuS malware found in 23% of spam attachments sent out in August 2013 17 Sep 2013

Android WebView vulnerability allows cybercriminals to install malicious software 16 Sep 2013

Apple fixes 30 bugs with OS X Mountain Lion, Safari patches 16 Sep 2013

CSRF vulnerability in eBay allows hackers to hijack user accounts 16 Sep 2013

Do you trust your waiter? Hacked bank-card reader TEXTS your info to crims 16 Sep 2013

NASDAQ website vulnerable to XSS attacks, expert says 16 Sep 2013

Hacker gains access to U of C patient records 14 Sep 2013

Website on malware analysis infects visitors, leads to Zeus-laden spam 13 Sep 2013

Anonymous supporter pleads guilty to launching DDoS attack against Koch 12 Sep 2013

New monitoring, security features for Java 7 12 Sep 2013

BlackBerry fixes vulnerabilities in Webkit, libefix, and Flash Player 11 Sep 2013

Buggy Microsoft update hamstrings Outlook 2013 11 Sep 2013

Multiplayer video game servers abused for DDoS attacks, experts warn 11 Sep 2013

PoC and details published for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 flaw (MS13-067) 11 Sep 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hacks large number of FOX Twitter accounts via HootSuite 11 Sep 2013

1,000 Japanese one-click fraud apps published on Google Play in August 2013 10 Sep 2013

Adobe fixes code execution bugs in Flash, Reader 10 Sep 2013

Android malware uses SMTP to send stolen information 10 Sep 2013

Biz bods STILL don't patch hacker's delight Java and Flash 10 Sep 2013

C&C PHP script for staging DDoS attacks sold on underground forums 10 Sep 2013

Experts spot targeted attack aimed at Asian financial institutions 10 Sep 2013

Microsoft releases 13 bulletins, axes .NET patch 10 Sep 2013

Saboteurs target OAuth protocol to compromise HootSuite users 10 Sep 2013

Shopping cart malware compromises credit card information 10 Sep 2013

AVG warns of fake AVG antivirus apps hosted on Google Play 09 Sep 2013

Fraudsters abuse Google Calendar for Android to send out scam messages 09 Sep 2013

Sykipot malware used to gather intel on U.S. civil aviation sector 09 Sep 2013

Thousands of Social Security numbers exposed in Pierce County 09 Sep 2013

Website hacked: Threats posted on city site 09 Sep 2013

Massive spike of Tor users caused by Mevade botnet 06 Sep 2013

New, advanced banking trojan discovered in the wild 05 Sep 2013

Obad Android trojan distributed via mobile botnets 05 Sep 2013

Personal information of 7,000 MUSC patients possibly compromised 05 Sep 2013

Citadel botnet resurges to storm Japanese PCs 04 Sep 2013

FTC: Negligence by security camera vendor harms customers' privacy 04 Sep 2013

Public exploit available for patched Safari bug 04 Sep 2013

Cisco warned users of four vulnerabilities 03 Sep 2013

Marine website compromised with pro-Syrian president message 03 Sep 2013

Njworm: A RAT with legs and a thirst for no-IP credentials 03 Sep 2013

Digital Product Delivery hit by DDoS attack 02 Sep 2013

Facebook flaw allowed hackers to delete posted photos 02 Sep 2013

Osprey Packs hacked, customer credit card information stolen 31 Aug 2013

St. Anthony's doctor's laptop stolen with patient information 31 Aug 2013

Cisco patches remote command execution flaw in Secure Access Control Server 30 Aug 2013

Cybercriminals attach disassembled malware to malicious emails 30 Aug 2013

Expert shows how hackers can forge application names in Java security dialog 30 Aug 2013

Facebook scammers raking in $200 MEEELLION in illicit profits 30 Aug 2013

Fraud and identity theft camouflaged by DDoS attacks 30 Aug 2013

VMware fixes DoS vulnerability in ESXi and ESX 30 Aug 2013

Arabic text string taking down apps, clients, browsers on iOS, Mac OS X 29 Aug 2013

FTC: Medical lab's lax security led to data leak 29 Aug 2013

Hackers steal credit card information from Midwest Supplies 29 Aug 2013

Hackers targeting Java native layer vulnerabilities to insert malicious code 29 Aug 2013

Melbourne IT confirms that Syrian Electronic Army used spear phishing in latest attack 29 Aug 2013

Cloud hosting company DigitalOcean hit by DDoS attack 28 Aug 2013

Hacker admits to selling access to U.S. Energy Department computers 28 Aug 2013

Kelihos relying on CBL blacklists to evaluate new bots 28 Aug 2013

Remote unauthenticated bug haunts Cisco ACS Server 28 Aug 2013

Researchers detail attacks for compromising Dropbox user accounts 28 Aug 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Australian internet company, NYT and Twitter disrupted 28 Aug 2013

UTHealth computer with patient information reported missing 28 Aug 2013

Chinese cybercriminals leverage G-20 Summit in espionage campaigns 27 Aug 2013

Cybercrime service automates creation of fake scanned IDs, other identity verification documents 27 Aug 2013

FBI warns of "search for missing children" spear phishing emails 27 Aug 2013

Java 6 zero-day spotted in the wild, users advised to update to Java 7 27 Aug 2013

New DirtJumper variant capable of bypassing DDOS mitigation systems 27 Aug 2013

Valpo ambulance patients warned of fraud scam 27 Aug 2013

Amazon cloud packet woes wobble Airbnb, Vine 26 Aug 2013

Phony Adobe plug-in malware bypasses Craigslist spam controls 26 Aug 2013

Pinterest closes hole that allowed anyone to view users' email addresses 26 Aug 2013

Three charged with stealing Flow Traders trading software 26 Aug 2013

Personal data for 4 million patients at risk after burglary 24 Aug 2013

Linux users warned of privilege escalation vulnerability in VMware workstation 23 Aug 2013

Popular Windows downloader has secret DDoS capability 23 Aug 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hijacks GoDaddy account, email addresses of 23 Aug 2013

PayPal fixes vulnerability that allowed hackers to delete any account 22 Aug 2013

SoundCloud users warned of spam, shady software, scams 22 Aug 2013

Chinese ransomware changes Windows login password. 21 Aug 2013

Cybercrooks use DDoS attacks to mask theft of banks' millions 21 Aug 2013

League of Legends hacked, North American players required to change passwords. 21 Aug 2013

McAfee threat report highlights mobile attacks, ransomware, malicious sites 21 Aug 2013

Poison Ivy RAT spotted in three new attacks. 21 Aug 2013

Tumblr flaw lets incorrect posts appear on user blogs 21 Aug 2013

Adware spotted spreading via Google App Engine sites. 20 Aug 2013

Fake web browser updates hide Sirefef&#47Shylock malware. 20 Aug 2013

Google Chrome 29 fixes 25 vulnerabilities. 20 Aug 2013

Sirefef malware found using Unicode right-to-left override technique 20 Aug 2013

Attackers use Ramnit malware to target Steam users 19 Aug 2013

Emory University suffers another data breach, users advised to change passwords. 19 Aug 2013

Fake Adobe Flash Player update extension serves salacious spam ads. 19 Aug 2013

LastPass bug leaks plain text passwords. 19 Aug 2013

Microsoft reissues MS13-066 Windows Server patch 19 Aug 2013

"Jekyll" test attack sneaks through Apple App Store, wreaks havoc on iOS. 18 Aug 2013

Microsoft restores after three-day outage -- sort of. 18 Aug 2013

Google goes dark for 2 minutes, kills 40% of world's net traffic. 17 Aug 2013

Facebook disables some legitimate apps while targeting malicious ones. 16 Aug 2013

Ferris State U. reports data security breach. 16 Aug 2013

Firm found using browser plugins to inject unauthorized ads on YouTube. 16 Aug 2013

Northrop Grumman hacked, linguists program database compromised. 16 Aug 2013

Outbrain hacked by Syrian Electronic Army, CNN, Time, and Washington Post impacted. 16 Aug 2013

Frutas RAT used in targeted attacks against high-profile companies in Asia and Europe. 15 Aug 2013

Google releases patch for Android flaw that can be exploited for Bitcoin wallet theft. 15 Aug 2013

ZeuS variant uses infected systems to check for availability of Instagram usernames. 15 Aug 2013

GitHub code repository rocked by 'very large DDoS' attack. 15 Aug 2013

Thieves use new method in ATM skimming. 15 Aug 2013

At $1.2M, photocopy breach proves costly. 14 Aug 2013

Chinese hackers develop automated tools to exploit Apache Struts vulnerabilities. 14 Aug 2013

Microsoft yanks troublesome Exchange security patch. 14 Aug 2013

New ransomware threat "Browlock" freezes computers and demands payment. 14 Aug 2013

New York Times website back online after 'internal issue.' 14 Aug 2013

Facebook and Twitter accounts of the New York Post hacked by Syrian Electronic Army. 14 Aug 2013

Hacker hijacks baby monitor camera, terrorizes family. 14 Aug 2013

Hackers abuse Google Cloud Messaging service in Android malware attacks. 14 Aug 2013

Philips' smart lights left in the dark by dumb security. 14 Aug 2013

Impact of Xerox character-substitution bug wider than thought. 13 Aug 2013

Microsoft patches plug 23 security holes. 13 Aug 2013

NHTSA servers back online after attack. 13 Aug 2013

Payment processing computer systems of smartphone experts hacked. 13 Aug 2013

Revealed: Simple 'open sesame' to unlock your HOME by radiowave. 13 Aug 2013

Security firm warns of Joomla exploit, users advised to update their installations. 13 Aug 2013

Apple app dev nerve-centre hauled back online after hack scare. 12 Aug 2013

Asbury Park website targeted by Turkish hackers. 12 Aug 2013

Bitcoin wallets on Android at risk of theft, developers say. 12 Aug 2013

Chinese hacker group behind New York Times attack returns with updated tools. 12 Aug 2013

Counter.php found redirecting to sites peddling Styx exploit kit. 12 Aug 2013

Facebook scam: Free tickets to Las Vegas from Southwest Airlines. 12 Aug 2013

Hacker pleads not guilty to stealing 160M credit cards. 12 Aug 2013

Spam email contains malware, not Apple gift card. 12 Aug 2013

Student arrested for hacking into Denton High School's system. 12 Aug 2013

Citizens Bank hit by DDOS attack, customers warned of intermittent interruption. 09 Aug 2013

Hospital security lapse exposes patients' names, birthdates. 09 Aug 2013

Sophos experts find more malware leveraging Android "master key" vulnerability. 09 Aug 2013

'Hand of Thief' banking trojan reaches for Linux - for only $2K. 08 Aug 2013

Chrome not the only browser that stores plain-text passwords. 08 Aug 2013

HP plugs password-leaking printer flaw. 08 Aug 2013

Expect more Android security issues in 2013. 07 Aug 2013

Fort Disco brute-force attack campaign targets CMS websites. 07 Aug 2013

Four critical security holes fixed in Firefox 23. 07 Aug 2013

Malicious snoopware targeting India found at tiny Midwest ISP. 07 Aug 2013

Malware developers migrate ZeuS P2P protocol to new port range. 07 Aug 2013

Malware disguised as "F-Secure Security Pack" browser extension. 07 Aug 2013

Remotely exploitable bug affects wide range of Cisco telepresence systems. 07 Aug 2013

Reveton malware uses fake AV to help crooks make a profit. 07 Aug 2013

Criminals hosting child pornography on 227 business websites. 06 Aug 2013

Digital stakeout of Chinese hacker gang reveals 100+ victims. 06 Aug 2013

DNS servers of 3 Dutch hosting firms hijacked, thousands of sites serve malware. 06 Aug 2013

Experts identify OAuth bypass vulnerability in Microsoft's social network Yammer. 06 Aug 2013 hacked, backdoor injected into download files. 06 Aug 2013

Revealed: Cyberthug tool that BREAKS HSBC's anti-Trojan tech. 06 Aug 2013

Windows Phones BLAB passwords to hackers, thanks to weak crypto. 06 Aug 2013

Xerox copier flaw changes numbers in photocopied docs. 06 Aug 2013

Botnet-powered distributed file storage system uses JavaScript. 05 Aug 2013

BREACH compression attack steals HTTPS secrets in under 30 seconds. 05 Aug 2013

Experts say 10 companies are responsible for 60% of Russian mobile malware. 05 Aug 2013

Feds are suspects in new malware that attacks Tor anonymity. 05 Aug 2013

IPv6 is latest tool for stealing credit card numbers and passwords. 05 Aug 2013

MO HealthNet sends personal information of more than 1,300 participants to wrong address. 05 Aug 2013

Samsung Smart TVs can be hijacked, researchers warn. 05 Aug 2013

Android one-click Google authentication method puts users, businesses at risk. 04 Aug 2013

Defcon researchers reveal tricks behind their car hack. 03 Aug 2013

Attackers turning to legit cloud services firms to plant malware. 02 Aug 2013

Chinese hacking team caught taking over decoy water plant. 02 Aug 2013

Comfoo cyberspy campaign still active. 02 Aug 2013

FBI announces cyberattack-reporting portal for private sector companies. 02 Aug 2013

Flaws in UEFI implementation can be abused to bypass Windows 8 Secure Boot. 02 Aug 2013

JavaScript attacks can be used to steal web browser data, experts warn. 02 Aug 2013

Opscode wiki and ticketing systems hacked, user data compromised. 02 Aug 2013

Phishing attacks show sudden drop as criminals use servers for DDoS. 02 Aug 2013

Smart bot reads your Facebook, mimics you in spear phishing messages. 02 Aug 2013

Black Hat: Diabetic researcher finds insulin pump glitch that almost killed him. 01 Aug 2013

Businesses warned to prepare for evolved Andromeda botnet. 01 Aug 2013

Crooks using Android master key to sneak trojans onto smartphones and tablet devices. 01 Aug 2013

Gmail,, and e-voting 'pwned' on stage in crypto-dodge attack. 01 Aug 2013

Google Code developer site targeted by hackers. 01 Aug 2013

Hackers induce 'CATASTROPHIC FAILURE' in mock oil well. 01 Aug 2013

Malware attacks via malicious iPhone chargers. 01 Aug 2013

Researchers bypass home and office security systems. 01 Aug 2013

72k people affected by University of Delaware hack. 31 Jul 2013

Former Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic employee stole patient information. 31 Jul 2013

Malicious JavaScript flips ad network into rentable botnet. 31 Jul 2013

NASA cloud computing use blasted for security and management failings. 31 Jul 2013

Ubuntu forums back online after attack analysis reveals XSS tactic. 31 Jul 2013

Vulnerabilities in D-Link network video recorders enable remote spying, researcher says. 31 Jul 2013

ZeroAccess malware revisited - new version yet more devious. 31 Jul 2013

Bogus Chrome, Firefox extensions pilfer social media accounts. 30 Jul 2013

Sharp increase in blended, automated attacks. 30 Jul 2013

Shorter, higher-speed DDoS attacks on the rise, Arbor Networks says. 30 Jul 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hijacks Reuters' Twitter feed. 30 Jul 2013

Universities putting sensitive data at risk via unsecure email. 30 Jul 2013

Hackers using spoofed headers as malware runners. 29 Jul 2013

Patch available for DoS vulnerability in BIND nameservers. 29 Jul 2013

Symantec slams Web Gateway back door on would-be corporate spies. 29 Jul 2013

OHSU notifies patients of 'cloud' health information storage. 28 Jul 2013

Record malware growth in China, Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia. 26 Jul 2013

5 charged in 'largest hacking and data breach scheme' bust in US. 25 Jul 2013

LinkedIn snaps shut OAuth login token snaffling vulnerability. 25 Jul 2013

Microsoft: 88 percent of Citadel botnets down. 25 Jul 2013

NYC man pleads guilty to securities fraud in NJ. 25 Jul 2013

Oil, gas field sensors vulnerable to attack via radio waves. 25 Jul 2013

Stanford University computer system apparently hacked. 25 Jul 2013

TOR-based botnets on the rise. 25 Jul 2013

First active Google Android Master Key exploit discovered in the wild. 24 Jul 2013

Hospital patient information compromised. 24 Jul 2013

New Xpiro infectors are persistent and can infect both 32-bit and 64-bit files. 24 Jul 2013

Simple Machines website hacked, database stolen. 24 Jul 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Viber, support page defaced. 24 Jul 2013

'Next big' banking trojan spotted in cybercrime underground. 23 Jul 2013

Indonesia passes the US when it comes to attack traffic, Akamai says. 23 Jul 2013

Pharmacy spammers use Google Translate to evade spam filters. 23 Jul 2013

Syrian hackers hit Tango, The Daily Dot. 23 Jul 2013

U.S. the number one source of web attacks. 23 Jul 2013

US Army sergeant admits to stealing information from Army computers. 23 Jul 2013

Bug bounty hunter details Facebook vulnerability. 22 Jul 2013

Citi exposes details of 150,000 individuals who went into bankruptcy. 22 Jul 2013

Researcher: Apple developer site hack? I meant no harm. 22 Jul 2013

SIM cards vulnerable to hacking, says researcher. 22 Jul 2013

Spam botnet StealRat uses 2 hijacked sites, 1 computer to evade detection. 22 Jul 2013

States review rules after patients identified via health records. 22 Jul 2013

Ubuntu forum defaced, breached by hackers. 21 Jul 2013

Cybercriminals increasingly use .lc domains in their attacks, experts say. 20 Jul 2013

EXPIRO file infectors distributed with Styx Exploit Kit. 19 Jul 2013

GitHub disrupted by DDOS Attack - 7&#4719&#472013. 19 Jul 2013

Android apps that exploit "master key" bug found on Google Play. 18 Jul 2013

Android backup sends unencrypted Wi-Fi passwords to Google. 18 Jul 2013

Attackers embedding backdoors into image files. 18 Jul 2013

Botcoin: Bitcoin mining by botnet. 18 Jul 2013

Experts find sandbox bypass vulnerability in Java 7 Update 25. 18 Jul 2013

Fake AV "Antivirus System" prevents victims from booting in safe mode. 18 Jul 2013

Hackers knock Network Solutions websites offline with DDoS attack. 18 Jul 2013

Hackers post alleged passwords of Hill staffers; FBI probing breach. 18 Jul 2013

KakaoTalk users warned of malicious applications. 18 Jul 2013

Most enterprise networks riddled with vulnerable Java installations. 18 Jul 2013

Symantec: Google Glass still vulnerable to Wi-Fi attack. 18 Jul 2013

Apache Struts security update fixes critical vulnerabilities. 17 Jul 2013

Cyber-criminals selling fraudulent identity 'kitz' on web black market. 17 Jul 2013

DDoS average packet-per-second and attack bandwidth rates rise. 17 Jul 2013

Elmhurst man pleads guilty to stealing files from Federal Reserve Bank. 17 Jul 2013

Google Glass patch fixes vulnerability through QR code. 17 Jul 2013

Oracle releases July patch batch...with 27 fixes for remote exploits. 17 Jul 2013

Tumblr updates iOS apps to prevent hackers from stealing user passwords. 17 Jul 2013

Amazon 1Button browser add-on leaks data in plain text. 16 Jul 2013

Critical vulnerabilities in numerous ASUS routers. 16 Jul 2013

FBI ransomware scam finds new home on the Mac. 16 Jul 2013

Malware campaign strikes Asian, European governments. 16 Jul 2013 hacked, abused to distribute malware. 16 Jul 2013

New Android malware lowers the bar for cybercriminals. 16 Jul 2013

U.S. still tops spam-relaying 'dirty dozen' countries. 16 Jul 2013

Android malware "hardcore88" poses as Commonwealth Bank security app. 15 Jul 2013

Botch Tuesday: Redmond frags video codec. 15 Jul 2013

Expert finds way to hijack Facebook accounts by exploiting email claim flaw. 15 Jul 2013

EXPIRO file infectors used to steal information from US companies. 15 Jul 2013

Janicab Mac malware uses RLO to hide file extension. 15 Jul 2013

Report: Phone fraud plagues call centers at financial institutions. 15 Jul 2013

Researchers hack Verizon device, turn it into mobile spy station. 15 Jul 2013

Cedars-Sinai Hospital fires 6 employees for breaching private patient records. 13 Jul 2013

Another Android vulnerability allows hackers to turn legitimate apps into malware. 12 Jul 2013

Experts reveal how Chinese APT hackers abuse Dropbox and WordPress. 12 Jul 2013

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital reports data breach. 12 Jul 2013

HP admits to backdoors in storage products. 11 Jul 2013

Patient data may have been breached at Long Beach hospital. 11 Jul 2013

Roy's warns Hawaii restaurant customers of data breach. 11 Jul 2013

Shadowlock ransomware tells victims to complete survey to unlock their PCs. 11 Jul 2013

3 Ukrainians believed to be responsible for Styx exploit kit. 10 Jul 2013

Bluebox releases scanner for Android signing hole. 10 Jul 2013

Konami follows Nintendo as victim of illicit login attacks in Japan. 10 Jul 2013

Local credit union reports $80,000 in credit card fraud. 10 Jul 2013

Microsoft fixes Internet Explorer, .Net Framework, and Silverlight with seven patches. 10 Jul 2013

One critical, four high-risk vulnerabilities fixed in Chrome 28. 10 Jul 2013

Adobe's July patch release fixes bugs in Flash, Shockwave, Coldfusion. 09 Jul 2013

California rapper pleads guilty in credit-card fraud that targeted Shoreline business. 09 Jul 2013

Experts observe RedKit exploit kit attack on Segway website. 09 Jul 2013

FAA's Civil Aviation Registry vulnerable to hackers, report finds. 09 Jul 2013

McAfee details 4-year cyber espionage campaign against South Korea. 09 Jul 2013

POC code for critical Android bug published. 09 Jul 2013

Around 150,000 vBulletin forums compromised, abused to serve malware. 08 Jul 2013

Enfield police arrest three New York men for fake credit cards. 08 Jul 2013

Mass login attempts compromise 24,000 Nintendo site accounts. 08 Jul 2013

Multi-platform Java RAT targeting government agencies. 08 Jul 2013

Quayside Publishing hacked, customer credit card information possibly stolen. 08 Jul 2013

Trojan disguised as "Pinterest Tool" steals users' login credentials. 08 Jul 2013

We interrupt this program to warn the Emergency Alert System is hackable. 08 Jul 2013

New service allows fraudsters to instantly generate scans of fake documents. 05 Jul 2013

Opera 12.16 replaces code signing certificate. 05 Jul 2013

Personal information stolen from Michigan Department of Community Health website. 05 Jul 2013

Private Exploit Pack: New browser exploit kit advertised on hacker forums. 05 Jul 2013

Android master key leaves 99 percent of Google smartphone and tablet users open to attack. 04 Jul 2013

Critical Cryptochat group chat bug fixed. 04 Jul 2013

Customizable mobile number harvesting service found on underground market. 04 Jul 2013

Trojanized Android app collects info, comments on NSA surveillance. 04 Jul 2013

Apple releases security update for Mac OS X. 03 Jul 2013

Microsoft experts warn of "System Doctor 2014" fake antivirus. 03 Jul 2013

Ubisoft urges password changes following hack. 03 Jul 2013

Bulgarian man involved in Shadowcrew hacking forum extradited to the US. 02 Jul 2013

California's first data-breach report finds 131 incidents hit 2.5 million citizens. 02 Jul 2013

Crimelords: Stolen credit cards...keep'em. It's all about banking logins now. 02 Jul 2013

Error may have disclosed info of 187,000+ FSSA clients. 02 Jul 2013

Fake Twitter accounts remain multimillion-dollar business. 02 Jul 2013

Federal charges filed in Pleasantville skimming case. 02 Jul 2013

Litecoin-stealing trojan found. 02 Jul 2013

Man arrested after pulling former employer's website from Google search results. 02 Jul 2013

njRAT espionage malware targets Middle Eastern governments, telecoms and energy. 02 Jul 2013

Skype vulnerability can lead to Android lockscreen bypass. 02 Jul 2013

Android hack tools designed to automatically steal information from PCs. 01 Jul 2013

CNN's Political Ticker hacked, fake Bitcoin operator story published. 01 Jul 2013

Experts warn of unpatched backdoor in Atlassian Crowd authentication service. 01 Jul 2013

MSU: Employee Social Security numbers at risk. 01 Jul 2013

Two malware programs help each other stay on computers. 01 Jul 2013

Win 8 user? Thought that was a CAPTCHA? R is for ruh roh. 01 Jul 2013

ICS-CERT warns of brute-force attacks against critical infrastructure control systems. 30 Jun 2013

Lost piece of thumb drive contained thousands of patient records. 30 Jun 2013

East Liberty man pleads guilty to bank fraud of tech billionaire. 28 Jun 2013

NullCrew is back, launches DDoS attack on UPS, other websites. 28 Jun 2013

Ruby updated to address hostname check bypass flaw in SSL client. 28 Jun 2013

Carberp code leak stokes copycat fears. 27 Jun 2013

Cisco fixes serious vulnerabilities in email, Web and content security appliances. 27 Jun 2013

Citadel Trojan automatically localizes fraud content. 27 Jun 2013

Experts say the "DarkSeoul" gang is responsible for cyberattacks on South Korea. 27 Jun 2013

Facebook fixes SMS-based account hijacking vulnerability. 27 Jun 2013

Gamarue malware-spreading emails purporting to come from Qantas spotted again. 27 Jun 2013

Iowa Mental Health Institute warns of missing backup tape. 27 Jun 2013

Two NASA Virtual Wave Observatory sites defaced by Ecuadorian hackers. 27 Jun 2013

US indictment accuse Chinese company of stealing Mass. Software firms' wind turbine technology. 27 Jun 2013

92% of mobile malware targets Android devices, Juniper report shows. 26 Jun 2013

Blizzard suspends mobile app access following account hijacks. 26 Jun 2013

Expert identifies backdoor in HP's StoreOnce backup system. 26 Jun 2013

Maker of Opera browser said its network was hacked to steal code-signing certificate. 26 Jun 2013

Mozilla fixes 14 vulnerabilities in Firefox 22. 26 Jun 2013

Root exploit on LG Android devices possible due to Sprite backup software flaw. 26 Jun 2013

Stolen laptop containing info on victims, suspects, witnesses and police. 26 Jun 2013

Suspected China-based hackers 'Comment Crew' rises again. 26 Jun 2013

Chinese hackers use PinkStats malware against South Korean organizations. 25 Jun 2013

Mobile malware plays hide and seek. 25 Jun 2013

Researchers reveal tricks for Cutwail's endurance. 25 Jun 2013

Source code for Carberp financial malware gets leaked online. 25 Jun 2013

Android Fakedefender malware attacks Google smartphone and tablet users. 24 Jun 2013

Details of teacher preparation participants compromised, Florida DOE warns. 24 Jun 2013

WordPress hardened with XSS, DoS and SSRF fixes. 24 Jun 2013

DirtJumper malware version dubbed "Drive" sports powerful DDOS engine. 22 Jun 2013

DNS provider Zerigo hit by DDOS attack. 22 Jun 2013

Facebook bug leaks contact info of 6 million users. 21 Jun 2013

Information-stealing Fareit malware used against Wells Fargo customers. 21 Jun 2013

LinkedIn outage caused by DDOS attack on Network Solutions. 21 Jun 2013

Phishing attacks impacted 37.3 million users last year. 21 Jun 2013

PoisonIvy variant abuses legitimate application as loader. 21 Jun 2013

Anonymous OpPetrol hacking campaign targets oil and gas sectors. 20 Jun 2013

Domain name registrar Moniker hacked, users forced to change passwords. 20 Jun 2013

iOS device default hotspot passwords easy to crack. 20 Jun 2013

LinkedIn outage prompts security concerns. 20 Jun 2013

Apple pours OS X Snow Leopard another Java fix. 19 Jun 2013

Google updates Chrome 27 to fix Flash plugin clickjacking vulnerability. 19 Jun 2013

Government Security News and 60 other websites hacked, abused to serve malware. 19 Jun 2013

Oracle fixes 40 Java vulnerabilities with June 2013 CPU. 19 Jun 2013

Big banks brace for cyberattack exercise. 18 Jun 2013

Customized spam uses cell phone users' data against them. 18 Jun 2013

Ephrata Community Hospital notifies patients of unauthorized records access. 18 Jun 2013

Facebook once again accessible via Tor. 18 Jun 2013

Google Docs hijacked by Trojan.APT.Seinup malware. 18 Jun 2013

Phishing gang face 21-year prison stretch for UK bank scam worth £59m. 18 Jun 2013

Remote code execution vuln appears in Puppet. 18 Jun 2013

Robbing a bank? Carberp toolkit now available for just $5k. 18 Jun 2013

Study: 20% of the 50 most popular WordPress plugins are vulnerable to cyberattacks. 18 Jun 2013

ATM skimming suspect arrested in California. 17 Jun 2013

Critical vulnerability in Blackberry 10 OS. 17 Jun 2013

Spammers use black hat SEO to inject jailbreak scams into Google News. 17 Jun 2013

Trojan uses fake Adobe certificate to evade detection. 15 Jun 2013

AnonGhost claims to have hacked Mozilla emails, company responds. 14 Jun 2013

Bad Pigs removed from Google Play after 10k users download bogus app. 14 Jun 2013

Flash Player clickjacking flaw allows hackers to hijack your webcam. 14 Jun 2013

ICS-CERT warns about medical devices with hard-coded passwords. 14 Jun 2013

RARSTONE RAT used in targeted attacks against Asian organizations. 14 Jun 2013

iOS 7 beta bug enables lockscreen bypass. 13 Jun 2013

Kilim trojan hijacks social media accounts with rogue browser extensions. 13 Jun 2013

Zeus money mule recruiting scam targets job seekers. 13 Jun 2013

8 charged in $15 million attempted cyber fraud targeting U.S. banking customers. 12 Jun 2013

Chinese bootkit Guntior abuses Windows Help Center. 12 Jun 2013

DOS vulnerability affects WordPress 3.5.1. 12 Jun 2013

Gamarue malware downloads malicious components from SourceForge. 12 Jun 2013

June updates for Flash and Air close a critical hole. 12 Jun 2013

Linux kernel local privilege escalation exploit modified to work on Android. 12 Jun 2013

Open redirect vulnerability identified in Facebook. 12 Jun 2013

Man linked to Anonymous pleads guilty to hacking. 11 Jun 2013

Microsoft patches critical IE vulnerabilities and actively exploited Office flaw. 11 Jun 2013

Researchers find self-propagating Zeus variant. 11 Jun 2013

Washington Free Beacon website redirects to malware. 11 Jun 2013

Apple Store vulnerable to XSS. 10 Jun 2013

CERT warns of vulnerabilities in HP Insight Diagnostics. 10 Jun 2013

Facebook Apps hosted by Heroku used for viral Twitter phishing attack. 10 Jun 2013

IRC botnet leveraging unpatched Plesk vulnerability. 10 Jun 2013

Mobile version of Cridex banking trojan spotted in the wild. 10 Jun 2013

New backdoor malware 'KeyBoy' used in targeted attacks in Asia, researchers say. 10 Jun 2013

PHI for nearly 4,500 patients found during Calif. drug bust. 10 Jun 2013

After CNN patches vulnerability, diet spammers start abusing flaw. 08 Jun 2013

McAfee says it made a mistake, Koobface worm not on the rise. 08 Jun 2013

New Android trojan app exploits previously unknown flaws, researchers say. 07 Jun 2013

New variant of Bicololo malware disguised as legitimate antivirus app. 07 Jun 2013

Plesk says new alleged zero-day is a variation of old vulnerability. 07 Jun 2013

Web hosting provider Hetzner hacked, users advised to change passwords. 07 Jun 2013

64% of data breaches caused by human and system errors, study finds. 06 Jun 2013

Expert finds XSS flaws on Intel, HP, Sony, Fujifilm and other websites. 06 Jun 2013

ISC patches known BIND 9 DOS vulnerabilities. 06 Jun 2013

Microsoft and FBI storm ramparts of Citadel botnets. 06 Jun 2013

Police 'stumped' by car thefts using electronic skeleton key. 06 Jun 2013

Police bust $200 million data theft ring. 06 Jun 2013

2011 SCADA flaw finally fixed. 05 Jun 2013

Apple fixes irritating Mountain Lion bugs, firms up Java defenses. 05 Jun 2013

Experts identify source code of ransomware, ZeuS and IRC worm on torrent site. 05 Jun 2013

Malware identified on University of Massachusetts Amherst computers. 05 Jun 2013

Malware increasingly uses peer-to-peer communications, researchers say. 05 Jun 2013

One month after recent Java update, 7 percent of users patched. 05 Jun 2013

Security update for Chrome 27. 05 Jun 2013

Systems of DNSimple and easyDNS abused for DNS amplification attack. 05 Jun 2013

Department of Veterans Affairs hacking includes at least eight organizations, official says. 04 Jun 2013

easyDNS hit by DDOS attack. 04 Jun 2013

Expert develops fake Chrome browser for phishing attack POC. 04 Jun 2013

Google researcher discloses zero-day exploit for Windows. 04 Jun 2013

NetTraveler espionage campaign makes 350 high-profile victims in 40 countries. 04 Jun 2013

DDoS sends EVE Online offline. 03 Jun 2013

DNSimple hit by major DDOS attack. 03 Jun 2013

Experts observe increase in Red Kit exploit kit activity. 03 Jun 2013

Financial exchange platform hit by 167 Gbps DNS reflection DDOS attack. 03 Jun 2013

Hackers' Citadel and Koobface trojans pose major threats to business data. 01 Jun 2013

Drupal confirms confidential breach following third party application vulnerability. 31 May 2013

Apache server bug allows remote code execution. 30 May 2013 compromised. 30 May 2013

Electronic health records breach reported. 30 May 2013

Kelihos botnet used for "Only 24 hours left to shop" pharma spam campaign. 30 May 2013

PayPal vulnerability finally closed. 30 May 2013

Red Robin customers victims of months-long skimming scheme. 30 May 2013

University of Illinois computer science department hacked, abused by cybercriminals. 30 May 2013

"Beta Bot" marks the latest banking malware to hit the online underground. 29 May 2013

Anonymous member pleads guilty to Stratfor hack. 29 May 2013

Expert reports two security issues to Dropbox, only one fixed. 29 May 2013

Experts find code execution flaw in PS3, password reset bug in Sony Entertainment Network. 29 May 2013

Hackers exploit Ruby on Rails vulnerability to compromise servers, create botnet. 29 May 2013

Secunia accidentally discloses image viewing application vulnerabilities. 29 May 2013

Turkish hackers deface website of Michigan state capital, leak data. 29 May 2013

UF alerts parents of some pediatric patients about possible identity theft. 29 May 2013

Chinese hackers breach top weapons designs. 28 May 2013

DoS vulnerability in ModSecurity fixed. 28 May 2013

Experts find multiple security flaws in Trend Micro's DirectPass 1.5.0. 28 May 2013

ITV and Sky both hit by the Syrian Electronic Army. 28 May 2013

PayPal vulnerable to cross-site scripting again. 28 May 2013

Sonoma Valley Hospital notifies patients of data breach. 28 May 2013

Turkish group hacks into Akron-Canton Airport website. 28 May 2013

U.S. government seizes 28 May 2013

0-days in Novell Client for Windows. 27 May 2013

Attackers use Skype, other IM apps to spread Liftoh trojan. 24 May 2013

Feds slam hacker-friendly backdoors in jalopy, grub factories. 24 May 2013

Microsoft exposes green users' privates in web quiz snafu. 24 May 2013

Researchers find unusual malware targeting Tibetan users in cyberespionage operation. 24 May 2013

Researchers warn of increased Zeus malware activity this year. 24 May 2013

DHS employees' info possibly compromised due to system flaw. 23 May 2013

Event ticketing company hacked, at least tens of thousands affected. 23 May 2013

Google researcher reveals another Windows 0-day. 23 May 2013

NC fuel distributer hit by $800,000 cyberheist. 23 May 2013

Another Max OS X backdoor reported. 22 May 2013

Apache Darkleech PDF and JavaScript attacks infect hundreds more websites. 22 May 2013

Apple OS X Oslo malware linked to sophisticated 'Operation Hangover' gang in India. 22 May 2013

ISU to pay $400K after confidential medical records were exposed. 22 May 2013

NYPD detective accused of hiring email hackers. 22 May 2013

Tampa teen caught with bag of fraudulent credit cards and a list of patients' personal information. 22 May 2013

Twitter locks down logins by adding two-factor authentication. 22 May 2013

Google fixes more than a dozen flaws in Chrome 27. 21 May 2013

IE 8 zero day pops up in targeted attacks against Korean military sites. 21 May 2013

New Citadel malware strain targeting Payza service. 21 May 2013

Researchers find critical vulnerabilities in popular game engines. 21 May 2013

Syrian hacktivists hijack Telegraphy's Facebook, Twitter accounts. 21 May 2013

U.S. power companies under frequent cyberattack. 21 May 2013

Cyber espionage campaign uses professionally-made malware. 20 May 2013

Form-grabbing rootkit sold on underground forums. 20 May 2013

Jailed hacker designs device to thwart ATM card skimming. 20 May 2013

Remote code injection vulnerabilities discovered in iOS apps. 20 May 2013

Yahoo! Japan may have leaked 22 million IDs in attack. 20 May 2013

Hackers from China resume attacks on U.S. targets. 19 May 2013

Mac malware found with valid developer ID at freedom conference. 17 May 2013

ownCloud fixes critical security vulnerabilities. 17 May 2013

Pakistan hit by targeted attack out of India. 17 May 2013

Ransomware adds password stealing to its arsenal. 17 May 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Financial Times Twitter accounts, blogs. 17 May 2013

Exploit for local Linux kernel bug in circulation. 16 May 2013

Four former LulzSec members sentenced to prison in the UK. 16 May 2013

Researchers reveal OpUSA attackers' MO. 16 May 2013

Hospital says credit card information for 2K patients possibly compromised. 15 May 2013

Hundreds of Valley customers' banking information compromised. 15 May 2013

LSU Health: Personal information of 8,300 patients unintentionally released. 15 May 2013

Mozilla's Firefox update fixes three critical holes. 15 May 2013

PushDo malware resurfaces with DGA capabilities. 15 May 2013

Adobe patches ColdFusion, Flash, Reader vulnerabilities. 14 May 2013

Cybercriminals behind DOL watering hole attack target USAID employees. 14 May 2013

Fraudster who hired hackers to manipulate stock prices goes to prison. 14 May 2013

Google Android malware levels rocket as spam threat grows. 14 May 2013

Hospital employee, accomplice plead guilty to using patient information for tax fraud. 14 May 2013

IC3 2012 Internet Crime Report released. 14 May 2013

Mass email by Dent Neurologic inadvertently breaches privacy of 10,200 patients. 14 May 2013

Microsoft fixes 33 vulnerabilities. 14 May 2013

New Dorkbot worm spreads via Facebook chat, steals data from infected PCs. 14 May 2013

Font apps on Google Play deliver spyware. 13 May 2013

Indiana University Health notifies patients of data breach. 13 May 2013

Malicious browser extensions are hijacking Facebook accounts. 13 May 2013

Memphis Regional Medical Center reports health data breach. 13 May 2013

Presbyterian Anesthesia reports data breach affecting nearly 10,000. 13 May 2013

Tool reveals Apple user locations. 13 May 2013

After nearly a decade, NIST reworks federal Cybersecurity standards. 10 May 2013

Alabama state government agency employee admits to identity theft. 10 May 2013

Hijacking Facebook accounts via expired Hotmail accounts. 10 May 2013

Privacy breach on Bloomberg's data terminals. 10 May 2013

Winnti backdoor created with Aheadlib to mimic legitimate system library. 10 May 2013

8 New Yorkers indicted as part of $45 million cyberheist of prepaid debit cards. 09 May 2013

Adobe warns of critical vulnerability in ColdFusion. 09 May 2013

Another Romanian national accused of hacking Subway computers pleads guilty. 09 May 2013

Higher education and research community warned about DDOS attack abusing their systems. 09 May 2013 forces customers to reset passwords following security breach. 09 May 2013

Washington State system hacked, data of thousands at risk. 09 May 2013

A stopgap fix for the IE8 zero-day flaw. 08 May 2013

Former Florida state corrections officer pleads guilty to identity theft. 08 May 2013

Internet Complaint Center warns of phishing attacks posing as telecom carriers. 08 May 2013

Old IE attack finds its way into Cool Exploit Kit. 08 May 2013

OpUSA: Fake leaks, small website defacements, and "pedestrian" DDOS attacks. 08 May 2013

Spotify fixes security hole that allowed free song downloads. 08 May 2013

Stealthy Web server malware spreads further. 08 May 2013

Attackers breach and encrypt TV station's email server. 07 May 2013

AutoIt scripting increasingly used by malware developers. 07 May 2013

Compromised US media sites used to distribute ZeroAccess, Fake AV malware. 07 May 2013

Exploit for new IE8 0-day vulnerability in the wild. 07 May 2013

Hackers gain access to all .edu domains. 07 May 2013

Malicious Flash Player updates hosted on Dropbox. 07 May 2013

NGINX patches major security flaw. 07 May 2013

Pentagon accuses China government, military of cyberattacks. 07 May 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hacks "The Onion" Twitter and Facebook accounts. 07 May 2013

US convenience store chain Mapco Express hacked, payment cards compromised. 07 May 2013

Critical security updates released for IP.Board 3.2.x, 3.3.x and 3.4.x. 06 May 2013

Experts identify 9 full sandbox bypass exploits affecting IBM Java. 06 May 2013

Google fixes CSRF vulnerability in Translator and clickjacking flaw in Gmail. 06 May 2013

IE8 0-day used in watering hole attacks. 06 May 2013

Unpatched building management system exposes Google's Wharf 7 HQ to hackers. 06 May 2013

Use of .pw domains for spam campaigns on the rise, experts find. 06 May 2013

Alleged 'SpyEye' botmaster ends up in America, handcuffs. 03 May 2013

Android virus scanners are easily fooled. 03 May 2013

CakePHP 1.2.12, 1.3.16, 2.2.8, and 2.3.4 released to prevent SQL injections. 03 May 2013

Certificate bug in open source IPsec VPN. 03 May 2013

Flash drive with patient information reported missing at URMC. 03 May 2013

g01pack: First exploit kit to deliver payload via multistage attack. 03 May 2013

OAuth vulnerabilities allowed hackers to access private photo on Instagram. 03 May 2013

Police arrest 11 alleged members of Paterson-based identity theft ring. 03 May 2013

State of Louisiana website hacked, spreads Sirefef malware. 03 May 2013

Systems manager arrested for hacking former employer's network. 03 May 2013

Vulnerability data shows majority of websites are susceptible to a serious flaw. 03 May 2013

D-Link publishes beta patches for IP camera flaws. 02 May 2013

Java applet runs wild inside Notes. 02 May 2013

Security holes in McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator. 02 May 2013

Army Corps database on dams compromised. 01 May 2013

Avatar rootkit uses Yahoo Groups for C&C communications. 01 May 2013

Bitdefender experts identify new TDL malware variants. 01 May 2013

Cybercriminals register more fake SourceForge domains to distribute trojans. 01 May 2013

Mozilla accuses Gamma of dressing up dictators' spyware as Firefox. 01 May 2013

Not cool: Bitcoin mining malware found in ESEA server client. 01 May 2013

Printers, routers used as bots in DDoS attacks. 01 May 2013 hacked, all users passwords reset. 01 May 2013

U.S. Department of Labor website discovered hacked, spreading PoisonIvy. 01 May 2013

FBI: DDoS botnet has been modified. 30 Apr 2013

Ketchikan students trick teachers to access computers. 30 Apr 2013

PDF vulnerability exploited in MiniDuke campaign, used in Zegost, PlugX attacks. 30 Apr 2013

Ramnit sleeping malware targets UK financial sector. 30 Apr 2013

Vulnerabilities in D-Link IP cameras can be used to capture video streams. 30 Apr 2013

Wash. hospital hit by $1.03 million cyberheist. 30 Apr 2013

11 "Guardian" Twitter accounts hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army. 29 Apr 2013

Alabama man charged on suspicion of using prisoner identities in fraud scheme. 29 Apr 2013

Google mandates app updates come from Google Play. 29 Apr 2013

Google pays record $31K bounty for Chrome bugs. 29 Apr 2013

Hackers access personal data of 50 million LivingSocial users. 29 Apr 2013

McAfee spots Adobe Reader PDF-tracking flaw. 29 Apr 2013

Sophisticated Apache backdoor in the wild. 29 Apr 2013

Umbraco developers warn users of severe vulnerability in integration Web services. 29 Apr 2013

Website of Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying hacked. 29 Apr 2013

6 arrested in Westerville skimming investigation. 26 Apr 2013

Child and Family Services reports patient data breach. 26 Apr 2013

Dutchman arrested in Spamhaus DDoS. 26 Apr 2013

Laptop with confidential patient information stolen from Upstate Hospital. 26 Apr 2013

Life Flight informs patients of possible confidential information breach. 26 Apr 2013

Researchers warn over Apple Safari flaw. 26 Apr 2013

Travnet trojan compresses files to send more info to data thieves. 26 Apr 2013

Possible exploit avenue discovered for DarkLeech web server attacks. 25 Apr 2013

5 people arrested in Clarksville accused of credit-card fraud. 24 Apr 2013

Number of DDOS attacks increased by 200% in 2012, study shows. 24 Apr 2013

Vernot trojan avoids detection using blogging platform for C&C communications. 24 Apr 2013

VideoLAN's downloads section hit by DDoS attack. 24 Apr 2013

WordPress cache plugins enabled remote PHP execution. 24 Apr 2013

A fake AP tweet sinks the Dow for an instant. 23 Apr 2013

City's Web site is hacked twice; no files disturbed. 23 Apr 2013

Cyber attack briefly shutters Charles Schwab website. 23 Apr 2013

Cyber attacks growing more sophisticated, targeting IT firms. 23 Apr 2013

Exploit for recently patched Java flaw added to CrimeBoss exploit kit. 23 Apr 2013

Latest Gozi trojan variant comes packaged with rootkit. 23 Apr 2013

Microsoft re-releases 'Blue Screen of Death' patch. 23 Apr 2013

Researcher's serial port scans find more than 100,000 hackable devices, including traffic lights and fuel pumps. 23 Apr 2013

Researchers discover more BadNews on Google Play. 23 Apr 2013

Viber flaw allows hackers to bypass Android smartphone lock screens. 23 Apr 2013

Wireless hack attacks target critical infrastructure. 23 Apr 2013

108,000+ account details of Sims players leaked. 22 Apr 2013

Java 8 release pushed back due to security concerns. 22 Apr 2013

Report: DDoS attacks getting bigger, faster than ever. 22 Apr 2013

Researchers identify Reflection API vulnerability in Java 7 Update 21. 22 Apr 2013

TorRAT malware launches MitB attack to hijack Twitter accounts. 22 Apr 2013

World's largest bitcoin exchange under DDoS attack. 22 Apr 2013

Facebook closes cross-site scripting holes. 19 Apr 2013

Hackers deface Google Kyrgyzstan and Google Bosnia and Herzegovina. 19 Apr 2013

OpGabon: Gabon Ministry of Justice, other government sites attacked by Anonymous. 19 Apr 2013

Reddit disrupted by DDOS attack - 4&#4719&#472013. 19 Apr 2013

Websites of 8 US organizations hacked for OpUSA. 19 Apr 2013

World of Tanks security breach exposes email addresses and password hashes, but financial information remains safe. 19 Apr 2013

Backdoor Trojan uses "magic code" to contact C&C server. 18 Apr 2013

Cybercriminals use fake TPG Telecom notifications to spread ZeuS variant. 18 Apr 2013

Fake SourceForge website serves ZeroAccess malware. 18 Apr 2013

Malware alert: Fertilizer plant explosion near Waco, Texas. 18 Apr 2013

Popular home routers contain critical security vulnerabilities. 18 Apr 2013

Russian malware mines bitcoins through botnet. 18 Apr 2013

Snapchat warns users of spam campaign. 18 Apr 2013

US Bitcoin exchange BitFloor shuts down again. 18 Apr 2013

'Magic' malware detected, with UK firmly in its sights. 17 Apr 2013

Apple updates Safari and Java 6 support. 17 Apr 2013

Arizona behavioral health patients experience data breach. 17 Apr 2013

Bots used to attack Israeli websites on April 7 spread out in 27 countries. 17 Apr 2013

DDOS attacks have increased in number and size this year, report says. 17 Apr 2013

Large-scale Google outage affects customers worldwide. 17 Apr 2013

Malwarebytes cripples thousands of computers with faulty software security update. 17 Apr 2013

NYSEG parent suffers breach. 17 Apr 2013

Official UGG blog hacked, abused for HSBC phishing scheme. 17 Apr 2013

Oracle fixes 128 vulnerabilities with April 2013 CPU. 17 Apr 2013

Schneck Medical Center exposes patient information. 17 Apr 2013

Seven sentenced in credit card scheme at Wrigley Field, city restaurants. 17 Apr 2013

U.S. Army weak on mobile devices security. 17 Apr 2013

"Syrian Electronic Army" defaces NPR website, Twitter accounts. 16 Apr 2013

2.4M cards compromised in US supermarket chain breach. 16 Apr 2013

Attackers gain access to Linode customer data. 16 Apr 2013

Symantec report finds small businesses battered by cybercrime. 16 Apr 2013

Tactics of WordPress attackers similar to bank assaults. 16 Apr 2013

Border officers seize fraudulent credit cards at Nogales crossing. 15 Apr 2013

Google fixes three high-risk flaws in Chrome OS. 15 Apr 2013

Mobile malware up 163 percent in 2012, study says. 15 Apr 2013

Online poker rooms fraught with vulnerabilities. 15 Apr 2013

Security hole can damage heating systems. 15 Apr 2013

Several hacktivist groups to join forces for OpUSA on May 7. 15 Apr 2013

Trojan downloader Nenim deletes components to prevent analysis. 15 Apr 2013

Web hosting company Linode hacked, impacted. 15 Apr 2013

Wilmette police working with feds on credit, debit card fraud case. 14 Apr 2013

Brokerage regulator 'deeply regrets' loss of device with client data. 12 Apr 2013

Brute force attacks build WordPress botnet. 12 Apr 2013

Microsoft shelves patch, asks customers to uninstall, after error discovered. 12 Apr 2013

AMI PC firmware upgrades scare: The global security meltdown that wasn't. 11 Apr 2013

Gaming company certificates stolen and used to attack activists, others. 11 Apr 2013

Hole in Apache&#47NGINX mod_security firewall. 11 Apr 2013

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi safe from home routers flaws; Classic configuration vulnerable. 11 Apr 2013

Rotten spam causing more infections than ever - study. 11 Apr 2013

Twitter OAuth feature can be abused to hijack accounts, researcher says. 11 Apr 2013

ZeroAccess Bitcoin botnet shows no signs of slowing. 11 Apr 2013

Hijacking airplanes with an Android phone. 10 Apr 2013

Social Media Widget for WordPress a source of spam. 10 Apr 2013

Adobe posts fixes for ColdFusion, Flash and Shockwave. 09 Apr 2013

CAMP for Chrome catches 99% of malware, Google says. 09 Apr 2013

Glitch hits Apple's iMessage, Facetime. 09 Apr 2013

LulzSec hackers plead guilty to hacks on Nintendo, Sony, more. 09 Apr 2013

Malicious HP scan notifications target employees. 09 Apr 2013

Patch Tuesday lands with critical Internet Explorer fix. 09 Apr 2013

Pwn2Own IE vulnerabilities missing from Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates. 09 Apr 2013

SQL injection flaws easy to find and exploit, Veracode report finds. 09 Apr 2013

Vudu resets users' passwords after hard drives lost in office burglary. 09 Apr 2013

Android AirDroid flaw can lead to XSS, DoS attacks. 08 Apr 2013

Doctor Web hijacks control of BackDoor botnet from criminals. 08 Apr 2013

Hackers hit Iowa college database with 125,000 students. 08 Apr 2013

Server attack forces Harmonix sites offline. 07 Apr 2013

Microsoft fixes DOM XSS vulnerability on 06 Apr 2013

Android trojan spreads through Cutwail spam botnet. 05 Apr 2013

Bitcoin wallet service Coinbase faces phishing attacks after data leak. 05 Apr 2013

Coca Cola, Credit Suisse and Mercedez-Benz execs caught up in phishing scam. 05 Apr 2013

Computer stolen from VA hospital in Columbia held records of 7,400 Veterans. 05 Apr 2013

DHS Report: 11 companies from energy sector targeted by cybercriminals. 05 Apr 2013

FTP server in Taiwan leaks AMI BIOS source code, UEFI signing key. 05 Apr 2013

Scribd hacked, some users' passwords possibly compromised. 05 Apr 2013

Shylock trojan going global with new features, resilient infrastructure. 05 Apr 2013

Skype malware stealing victims processing power to mine Bitcoins. 05 Apr 2013

Ukrainian and Russian authorities arrest Carberp trojan developers. 05 Apr 2013

22 people charged as part of credit-card fraud ring appear in Hudson County court. 04 Apr 2013

5 people arrested with hundreds of fake credit cards in Clarksville. 04 Apr 2013

Glen Falls Hospital alerts patients of possible information breach. 04 Apr 2013

Hospice notifies patients about possibility of breach. 04 Apr 2013

In 92% of attacks ZIP files are used to deliver malware, FireEye study finds. 04 Apr 2013

Instawallet hacked, Mt. Gox hit by major DDOS attack. 04 Apr 2013

Japanese web portals hacked, up to 100,000 accounts compromised. 04 Apr 2013

PostgreSQL 9.2.4, 9.1.9, 9.0.13 and 8.4.17 released to address security holes. 04 Apr 2013

Skype, Dropbox patch critical Facebook authentication bugs. 04 Apr 2013

Wide variety of malware lurking in Skype messages. 04 Apr 2013

Banking trojan disguised as innocuous Word and WinHelp files. 03 Apr 2013

Darkleech infects scores of Apache servers. 03 Apr 2013

Information of 14,000 UF & Shands patients compromised. 03 Apr 2013

Sophos' flagship web security product open to attack. 03 Apr 2013

Symantec finds plethora of fraud apps on Google Play market. 03 Apr 2013

The War Z taken offline following forum, database hack. 03 Apr 2013

Twelve defendants charged with 115 federal tax violations. 03 Apr 2013

Firefox 20 has per-window privacy and fixes three critical bugs. 02 Apr 2013

Stealthy BaneChant trojan lurks in Word file, relies on multiple mouse clicks. 02 Apr 2013

Trojan phishes for credit card info through fake Facebook page. 02 Apr 2013

United HomeCare admits security breach. 02 Apr 2013

Ransomware leverages victims' browser histories for increased credibility. 01 Apr 2013

Washington DSHS reports 652-patient data breach. 01 Apr 2013

Schnucks says credit card fraud source 'found and contained.' 31 Mar 2013

Additional medical records improperly accessed from Rensselaer County Jail. 30 Mar 2013

8 in 10 companies suffered web-borne attacks. 29 Mar 2013

Bitcoin exchange faces DDoS, even as the digital currency surges. 29 Mar 2013

Buggy DIY botnet tool leaks in black market. 29 Mar 2013

Has anyone seen a missing scroll bar? Phone Flash update redirects to malware. 29 Mar 2013

Security fix leads to PostgreSQL lock down. 29 Mar 2013

Spammers bypass spam filters with Google Translate links. 29 Mar 2013

UI staff counter attack on campus email system. 29 Mar 2013

Zeus still king of the botnets, say researchers. 29 Mar 2013

Critical flaw threatens millions of BIND servers. 28 Mar 2013

Evernote account used to deliver instructions to malware. 28 Mar 2013

Global credit card fraud network dismantled. 28 Mar 2013

Many S3 buckets leak corporate data. 28 Mar 2013

Reports of credit-card fraud from Schnucks customers continue to grow. 28 Mar 2013

"Dump Memory Grabber" malware steals data from ATMS and POS systems. 27 Mar 2013

American indicted for helping Anonymous with DDOS attacks on Koch Industries. 27 Mar 2013

Attackers shifting to delivering unknown malware via FTP and Web pages. 27 Mar 2013

Egypt: Divers caught while cutting Internet cable. 27 Mar 2013

Feds investigate claims if HIPAA privacy violations at Monroeville 911 dispatch center. 27 Mar 2013

Largest-ever DDoS campaign demonstrates danger of new attack method. 27 Mar 2013

Malware involved in Blanchard's credit card fraud. 27 Mar 2013

U.S. and Russia --not China-- lead list of malicious hosting providers. 27 Mar 2013

Activists now targeted with trojanized backdoor apps. 26 Mar 2013

Dirty smartphones: Devices keep traces of files sent to the cloud. 26 Mar 2013

Five arrested in £1.7 million malware bank scam. 26 Mar 2013

Google fixes 11 flaws in Chrome. 26 Mar 2013

Honeypot stings attackers with counterattacks. 26 Mar 2013

LinkedIn patches XSS and CSRF vulnerabilities. 26 Mar 2013

Two journalism sites of the University of Texas at Austin hit by massive cyberattack. 26 Mar 2013

Websense: Over 93% of endpoints vulnerable to latest Java exploit. 26 Mar 2013

Wells Fargo warns of ongoing DDOS attacks. 26 Mar 2013

9 arrested for identity theft, credit card fraud after multi-agency raid. 25 Mar 2013

Grum spam botnet is slowly recovering after takedown, experts warn. 25 Mar 2013

Lime Pop emerges as the latest strain of Android Enesoluty malware. 25 Mar 2013

MongoDB: Exploit on the net, Metasploit in the making. 25 Mar 2013

OHSU contacts more than 4,000 patients over stolen information. 25 Mar 2013

Phishers can disguise links with Javascript. 25 Mar 2013

Slow Android phone patching prompts vulnerability report. 25 Mar 2013

South Korea data-wipe malware spread by patching system. 25 Mar 2013

University of Mississippi Medical Center admits security breach. 25 Mar 2013

Weak keys in NetBSD. 25 Mar 2013

XSS flaw in WordPress plugin allows injection of malicious code. 25 Mar 2013

Hackers steal photos, turn wi-fi cameras into remote surveillance device. 24 Mar 2013

T-Mobile patches Wi-Fi eavesdrop vuln. 24 Mar 2013

Apple takes tool offline after new security hole surfaces. 22 Mar 2013

Command and control used in Sanny APT attacks shut down. 22 Mar 2013

Google Drive hit by three outages this week. 22 Mar 2013

New Tidserv variant downloads 50 MB Chromium embedded framework. 22 Mar 2013

PyCon incident: Two people fired, DDOS attack launched against SendGrid site. 22 Mar 2013

Security breach in TCC's computer system. 22 Mar 2013

Security hole in control panels of UK registrars led to domain hijacking. 22 Mar 2013

Sykipot cybercriminals use new exploits to target government organizations. 22 Mar 2013

VSkimmer trojan steals card data on point-of-sale systems. 22 Mar 2013

Website and mobile banking service of TD Bank disrupted by DDOS attack. 22 Mar 2013

Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts vulnerable to session fixation attacks. 22 Mar 2013

DHS, ICS-CERT warn of Siemens HMI vulnerabilities. 21 Mar 2013

Experts study malware used in South Korean attacks. 21 Mar 2013

NASA tightens security in response to insider threat. 21 Mar 2013

New Jersey IT administrator admits hacking mayor's email account. 21 Mar 2013

New Yantoo Mac trojan uses browser plugin to inject ads into websites. 21 Mar 2013

Researcher points out critical Samsung Android phone vulnerabilities. 21 Mar 2013

Weakened password hashing found in Cisco devices. 21 Mar 2013

LinkedIn suffers mysterious service outage. 20 Mar 2013

Man allegedly connected with Tilon banking trojan arrested by UK police. 20 Mar 2013

Microsoft: Hackers obtained high profile Xbox Live accounts. 20 Mar 2013

Researchers uncover 'TeamSpy' attack campaign against government, research targets. 20 Mar 2013

South Korean TV and banks paralysed in disk-wipe cyber-blitz. 20 Mar 2013

August 2012 elections in Florida hit by cyberattacks. 19 Mar 2013

Former NASA contractor arrested at Dulles Airport. 19 Mar 2013

Google pays $40,000 for partial Chrome OS exploit. 19 Mar 2013

Massive Chameleon botnet steals $6M per month from advertisers. 19 Mar 2013

Ruby on Rails patches DoS, XSS vulnerabilities. 19 Mar 2013

T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling feature susceptible to man-in-the-middle snooping. 19 Mar 2013

Uracto malware hidden in at least 10 Android apps, Symantec finds. 19 Mar 2013

Credit report breach has link to Zeus banking malware. 18 Mar 2013

Details of Java 7 issue published after Oracle refuses to treat it as a vulnerability. 18 Mar 2013

Flaw leaves EA Origin platform users open to attack. 18 Mar 2013

Google Drive suffers outage Monday morning. 18 Mar 2013

Internal-use SSL certificates pose security risk for upcoming domain extensions. 18 Mar 2013

Professional videoconferencing system as a spy. 18 Mar 2013

What 420,000 insecure devices reveal about Web security. 18 Mar 2013

Huawei USB modems vulnerable. 17 Mar 2013

GSA database may have leaked contractor banking and proprietary information. 16 Mar 2013

Android users hit by evolved NotCompatible malware attack. 15 Mar 2013

Another crypto-attack on SSL&#47TLS encryption. 15 Mar 2013

Apple fixes OS X flaw that allowed Java apps to run with plugin disabled. 15 Mar 2013

China hackers keenest on industrial control system attacks – Trend Micro. 15 Mar 2013

It takes a company 243 days to discover a sophisticated attack, study shows. 15 Mar 2013

Puppet updates close security holes. 15 Mar 2013

Seagate blog compromised, leads to Blackhole and malware. 15 Mar 2013

Security cameras at Australian casino breached, gambler pockets AU$32M&#47€25M. 15 Mar 2013

Virus accesses Salem State University database containing personal information for thousands. 15 Mar 2013

9,776 vulnerabilities identified in 2012, Secunia study finds. 14 Mar 2013

ArchiveLock trojan uses WinRar to encrypt the files of users from Spain and France. 14 Mar 2013

AVG anti-virus software mistakes Windows system file for a trojan. 14 Mar 2013

Downed US vuln catalog infected for at least TWO MONTHS. 14 Mar 2013

Former Tribune staffer accused of conspiring in Anonymous hack. 14 Mar 2013

Kaspersky fixes IPv6 problem in Internet security suite. 14 Mar 2013

NIST National Vulnerability Database down, malware identified on two Web servers. 14 Mar 2013

Treacherous backdoor found in TP-Link routers. 14 Mar 2013

Credit reports sold for cheap in the underweb. 13 Mar 2013

Expert finds way to retrieve Facebook authentication token and hack any account. 13 Mar 2013

Feds: Chesco pair stole patient IDs for tax frauds. 13 Mar 2013

Hackers stole details of officials and celebrities from credit reporting companies. 13 Mar 2013

National Journal hacked, used to push malware via Fiesta exploit kit. 13 Mar 2013

OpBlackSummer: US Government sites and reportedly hacked. 13 Mar 2013

Adobe closes more critical holes in Flash Player. 12 Mar 2013

Andromeda botnet resurfaces spreading malware in spam emails. 12 Mar 2013

Issue with SWFUploader could lead to XSS vulnerabilities, content spoofing. 12 Mar 2013

J.P. Morgan Chase confirms denial-of-service attacks on 12 Mar 2013

Microsoft has access issues with Hotmail, Outlook, SkyDrive services. 12 Mar 2013

Microsoft releases four critical bulletins. 12 Mar 2013

Pop-up browser flaw allows hackers to bypass lock screen on Samsung phones - video. 12 Mar 2013

Zoosk asks users to reset passwords following mass leak. 12 Mar 2013

Dallas is the phishing capital of the world, PhD finds. 11 Mar 2013

HP, CERT warn of critical hole in LaserJet printers. 11 Mar 2013

Medical provider data lost by N.C. gov't contractor. 11 Mar 2013

Miniduke malware linked to Java and Internet Explorer 8 exploits. 11 Mar 2013

New iPhone app may be fishing for feds' TSP info. 11 Mar 2013

Old and new botnets behind spam resurgence. 11 Mar 2013

6 web vulnerabilities identified on social media website Keek. 09 Mar 2013

Apple finally fixes App Store vulnerabilities. 08 Mar 2013

Data breach affects 1400 health center patients. 08 Mar 2013

Europol takes down €70,000 cyber gang in co-ordinated sting. 08 Mar 2013

Flash, Adobe Reader and Java hacked on the second day of Pwn2Own 2013. 08 Mar 2013

Hidden data trick could be malware writer's boon. 08 Mar 2013

Leaked: The 'secret OAuth app keys' to Twitter's VIP lounge. 08 Mar 2013

Mozilla and Google patch browser flaws used in Pwn2Own. 08 Mar 2013

Websites of major Czech banks, stock exchange disrupted by DDOS attacks. 08 Mar 2013

XSS vulnerability identified in Google Fusion Tables. 08 Mar 2013

Flaw in Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 leads to remote freeze. 07 Mar 2013

Freezedroid: Researchers discover cold temps can unblock secured Android phones. 07 Mar 2013

Major browsers, Java hacked on the first day of Pwn2Own 2013. 07 Mar 2013

Malware-flingers can pwn your mobile with OVER-THE-AIR updates. 07 Mar 2013

Patient steals other patient's info in Lancaster: Free ID protection offered to affected patients. 07 Mar 2013

Report: Android is home to 96% of new mobile malware. 07 Mar 2013

Report: VA sent data over unsecured networks. 07 Mar 2013

Asprox botnet proves to be a resilient foe. 06 Mar 2013

Bank DDoS attacks resume. 06 Mar 2013

Cybercriminals likely to expand use of browser proxies. 06 Mar 2013

D-Link fixes router vulnerabilities very quietly. 06 Mar 2013

Java exploit signed with digital certificate stolen from Texas-based firm. 06 Mar 2013

Mobile malcoders pay to (Google) Play. 06 Mar 2013

Raspberry Pi hit by DDoS attack. 06 Mar 2013

Samsung Galaxy S III vulnerable to full lock screen bypass. 06 Mar 2013

Security cameras continue to pose snooping risk. 06 Mar 2013

Virus knocks out Clark County Web site. 06 Mar 2013

6 high-severity vulnerabilities fixed with the release of Chrome 25.0.1364.152. 05 Mar 2013

Gang arrested for hacking and stealing from exchange companies. 05 Mar 2013

New RemoteIt RAT advertised on hacker forums. 05 Mar 2013

Older MiniDuke strain found, raises questions about its origins. 05 Mar 2013

Russian ransomware takes advantage of Windows PowerShell. 05 Mar 2013

USA is number one! (...for spam). 05 Mar 2013

61-Year-Old from Texas Convicted for Hacking into Former Employer's Network. 04 Mar 2013

Blackhole outfitted with exploit for recently patched Java flaw. 04 Mar 2013

Experts identify 5 new Java 7 u15 vulnerabilities leading to a sandbox bypass. 04 Mar 2013

New class of industrial-scale super-phishing emails threatens biz. 04 Mar 2013

Oracle issues emergency Java update. 04 Mar 2013

Police: Man held on $500k bail after planting ATM skimming device in Stamford. 04 Mar 2013

Evernote forces password reset for 50M users. 02 Mar 2013

Flaw in Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera exploited to fill disks with pictures of cats. 01 Mar 2013

New Java 0-day exploited in ongoing attacks. 01 Mar 2013

South Miami Hospital employee accesses patient records. 01 Mar 2013

Anonymous publishes 14 GB of information related to Bank of America, others. 28 Feb 2013

BT Yahoo! phishing scam: Final warning. 28 Feb 2013

Fake Adobe Flash Player Web sites distribute Ransomlock Ransomware. 28 Feb 2013

Oracle confirms Java 7 Update 15 vulnerability, but researchers are still unhappy. 28 Feb 2013

185K spyware images sent to Aaron's computers. 27 Feb 2013

Emergency Flash update to protect Firefox users. 27 Feb 2013

Facebook to fix bug leaking users' phone numbers. 27 Feb 2013

Oracle assigns tracking numbers to Java 7 Update 15 issues, but fails to confirm flaws. 27 Feb 2013

SSNs of 26,000 former US Government employees exposed due to printing misalignment. 27 Feb 2013

Text message scam targeting Bank of America customers. 27 Feb 2013

Attacker exposes ABC forum contributors. 26 Feb 2013

Bit9 says its systems had been compromised since July 2012. 26 Feb 2013

Cyber fighters to resume attacks against US banks on March 5. 26 Feb 2013

Hingham police warn of scam that targeted chief. 26 Feb 2013

New scam targets personal or banking information. 26 Feb 2013

cPanel technical support department server hacked. 25 Feb 2013

Microsoft also victim of recent watering hole attack. 25 Feb 2013

Scam Alert: Ames police warn of a hotel credit card theft. 25 Feb 2013

Sentencing for man convicted in iPad email thefts. 25 Feb 2013

Zero-day vulnerability affecting Java 7 Update 15 and earlier version identified. 25 Feb 2013

HTC promises to fix the security vulnerabilities that plague millions of devices. 23 Feb 2013

Malware on oil rig computers raise security fears. 23 Feb 2013

Certified online banking trojan in the wild. 22 Feb 2013

Chrome 25 fixes nine high-risk vulnerabilities. 22 Feb 2013

Debit card scam circulates locally, police give tips. 22 Feb 2013

Florida community-owned utility company JEA hit by DDOS attack. 22 Feb 2013

Microsoft Azure cloud storage suffers major outage over expired SSL certificate. 22 Feb 2013 hacked and served up malware. 22 Feb 2013

OAuth flaw allowed researcher full access to any Facebook account. 22 Feb 2013

Zendesk hack endangers Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest users. 22 Feb 2013

Huawei welcomes the US's cybersecurity executive order. 21 Feb 2013

US says trade secrets are at risk of being stolen by China, Russia and WikiLeaks. 21 Feb 2013

2nd arrest made in SC Health and Human Services security breach. 20 Feb 2013

Apple confirms being hit in recent watering hole attack. 20 Feb 2013

BlackBerry squashes W-TIFF-F bug that's ripe for malware squirters. 20 Feb 2013

EDUCAUSE hacked, users advised to change passwords. 20 Feb 2013

Fake Delta Airlines emails: Your credit card has been successfully processed. 20 Feb 2013

Oracle, Apple release critical updates for Java. 20 Feb 2013

Firefox 19 brings PDF viewer and 4 critical security fixes. 19 Feb 2013

Deputies catch three men suspected of tampering with ATM. 18 Feb 2013

Shoppers fall victim to skimming devices on grocery store ATM. 18 Feb 2013

Adobe to release emergency patches for Reader, Acrobat. 17 Feb 2013

Facebook hacked in sophisticated attack, Java zero-day used to push malware. 16 Feb 2013

Apple working on Exchange-crippling iOS 6.1 bug. 15 Feb 2013

iOS flaw used to bypass iPhone's lockscreen. 15 Feb 2013

RIM fixes remote code execution flaws in BlackBerry Enterprise Server components. 15 Feb 2013

11 arrested in takedown of prolific ransomware gang. 14 Feb 2013

Adobe offers mitigation for Reader 0-day attack, fix is yet to come. 14 Feb 2013

Broadcasters blame zombie hack on easy passwords. 14 Feb 2013

Hackers offer phone flooding services that "take care" of competitor's phone lines. 14 Feb 2013

LA Times cleans up website, but over 320,000 have been exposed to malware attack. 14 Feb 2013

Palm Beach Health Department clerk arrested for stealing details of 2,800 patients. 14 Feb 2013

Spammers unleash DIY phone number slurping web tool. 14 Feb 2013

Two DOM-based XSS vulnerabilities addressed by 14 Feb 2013

Cryptome email, website and Twitter account hacked. 13 Feb 2013

Cybercriminals hide their malicious code by injecting it into JavaScript. 13 Feb 2013

Feds seize 90K counterfeit cards in Calif. 13 Feb 2013

Flash Player zero-day used to push "legal" surveillance malware. 13 Feb 2013

Flaws in Adobe Reader and Flash 'exploited in the wild.' 13 Feb 2013

Flickr bug made users' private photos public. 13 Feb 2013

Global malicious websites increase by 600%. 13 Feb 2013

Hacker may have accessed records for 43,000 people treated at Froedtert Health. 13 Feb 2013

Ruby on Rails 3.2.12, 3.1.11, and 2.3.17 released to address security holes. 13 Feb 2013

Business Wire possibly hacked, company resets users passwords. 12 Feb 2013

Cybercriminals use ZeuS trojan against customers of Japanese bank. 12 Feb 2013

Executive Order aims to facilitate sharing of information on threats. 12 Feb 2013

Four types of URLs used in 2013 BlackHole spam campaigns. 12 Feb 2013

Hackers: Attacks on US banks will be resumed if all copies of film are not removed. 12 Feb 2013

Microsoft releases 12 bulletins that address 57 vulnerabilities. 12 Feb 2013

Crooks secretly filmed customers' ATM transactions to steal $3M from bank accounts: NY AG. 11 Feb 2013

Dorkbot worm lurks on Skype and MSN Messenger again. 11 Feb 2013

Google warns Myanmar reporters of 'state-sponsored' attack of Gmail accounts. 11 Feb 2013

Kelihos botnet returns from the dead stronger than ever, researchers warn. 11 Feb 2013

TV station's emergency alert system hacked; viewers warned zombies 'rising from their graves.' 11 Feb 2013

Yahoo! pushing Java version released in 2008. 11 Feb 2013

Bit9 says attack likely targeted a narrow set of companies. 10 Feb 2013

Banking malware returns to basics to evade detection, Trusteer says. 08 Feb 2013

cURL goes wrong. 08 Feb 2013

Critical Flash Player update fixes 2 zero-days. 07 Feb 2013

DefenseCode publishes list of routers impacted by Broadcom UPnP vulnerability. 07 Feb 2013

PostgreSQL updates to close denial-of-service hole. 07 Feb 2013

Whitehole exploit kit in the spotlight. 07 Feb 2013

3 charged with hacking Florida A&M computer system to obtain fraudulent financial aid payments. 06 Feb 2013

Barracuda moves to shutter backdoor access to its network gear. 06 Feb 2013

Brazilian banking trojan disguises itself as Avast! Antivirus. 06 Feb 2013

Fed says internal site breached by hackers, no critical functions affected. 06 Feb 2013

Microsoft, Symantec take down Bamital click-fraud botnet. 06 Feb 2013

Nap trojan uncovered copying New York Times attack methods. 06 Feb 2013

Researchers demo building control system hack. 06 Feb 2013

Vulnerability in D-Link routers allows hackers to execute malicious code. 06 Feb 2013

Ariz.-based supermarket chain hit by cyber attack. 05 Feb 2013

Bad Kaspersky antivirus update prevents business and home users from accessing 05 Feb 2013

Feds: 18 charged in $200M global credit card fraud. 05 Feb 2013

Hacker gains access to Foxconn databases, just wants to prove lack of security. 05 Feb 2013

Malwarebytes uncovers digital certificate-spoofing trojan. 05 Feb 2013

"Lucky Thirteen" attacks snarfs cookies protected by SSL encryption. 04 Feb 2013

Android malware carries Windows snooping app. 04 Feb 2013

Anonymous hacks Alabama government site, posts details of 4,000 bankers. 04 Feb 2013

Bank of America suffers website, mobile outages. 04 Feb 2013

Dutch hacker imprisoned for trafficking 100,000 credit cards. 04 Feb 2013

Energy Department networks hit by sophisticated cyber attack. 04 Feb 2013

Google blocks high profile sites after advertising provider NetSeer is hacked. 04 Feb 2013

The rise of mobile advertising malware toolkits. 04 Feb 2013

$140 PiceBOT botnet targets Latin American bank customers. 02 Feb 2013

"Poetry Group" hackers use Citadel to target government offices worldwide. 01 Feb 2013

Estonian pleads guilty in U.S. court to Internet advertising scam. 01 Feb 2013

Oracle releases Java patch update. 01 Feb 2013

RFMC notifies patients of information breach. 01 Feb 2013

Twitter hacked: Company says 250K users may have been affected. 01 Feb 2013

Aerospace and defense firms targeted with clever spear phishing. 31 Jan 2013

ATM hackers skim $3.3 million from 200 customers. 31 Jan 2013

Boca McDonald's employee stole customer credit card information, police say. 31 Jan 2013

Chinese hackers hit U.S. media. 31 Jan 2013

Email attack exploits vulnerability in Yahoo site to hijack accounts. 31 Jan 2013

Hacking the laptop docking station. 31 Jan 2013

Turkish hackers upload malicious browser extension to official Chrome web store. 31 Jan 2013

27-year old hacker accused of blackmailing women arrested by the FBI. 30 Jan 2013

4 security holes addressed with the release of Opera 12.13. 30 Jan 2013

Hackers in China attacked The Times for last 4 months. 30 Jan 2013

Latest VLC version has dangerous hole. 30 Jan 2013

Millions of devices vulnerable via UPnP. 30 Jan 2013

New ransomware encrypts victim data. 30 Jan 2013

Official ComboFix mirror infected with Sality virus. 30 Jan 2013

PayPal plugs SQL injection hole, tosses $3k to bug-hunter. 30 Jan 2013

5 years after major DNS flaw is discovered, few US companies have deployed long-term fix. 29 Jan 2013

Hackers squeeze through DVR hole, break into CCTV cameras. 29 Jan 2013

iOS update fixes browser vulnerabilities. 29 Jan 2013

Over 16,000 Facebook account credentials stolen by PokerAgent botnet. 29 Jan 2013

Over 85,000 HP printers found to be publicly accessible via the Internet. 29 Jan 2013

Ruby on Rails 3.0.20 and 2.3.16 released to address extremely critical vulnerability. 29 Jan 2013

Lost CD contains patients' Medicare information. 28 Jan 2013

Security hole found on IO, AC, SH, TM domain registrar sites. 28 Jan 2013

Hackers take over federal website, threatens 'war' on U.S. government. 26 Jan 2013

Alabama state computer infrastructure hit by cyber-intrusion. 25 Jan 2013

Chrome update closes holes and fixes mouse wheel issues. 25 Jan 2013

Cutwail botnet on spam rampage, delivers Cridex worm. 25 Jan 2013

GitHub forced to disable search after exposing private SSH keys. 25 Jan 2013

SCADA password cracking code available. 25 Jan 2013

Backdoors found in Barracuda Networks gear. 24 Jan 2013

Brit mastermind of Anonymous PayPal attack gets 18 months' porridge. 24 Jan 2013

Capital One website disrupted, cyber protestors claim attack. 24 Jan 2013

Laptop theft compromises Packard hospital information. 24 Jan 2013

Web server hackers install rogue Apache modules and SSH backdoors, researchers say. 24 Jan 2013

DNS attacks increase by 170%. 23 Jan 2013

Mastermind behind Gozi bank malware charged along with two others. 23 Jan 2013

Microsoft addresses XSS vulnerability on Delish. 23 Jan 2013

Most banks experienced DDoS attacks last year, according to Ponemon Institute survey. 23 Jan 2013

Most exploit kits originated in Russia, say researchers. 23 Jan 2013

Security flaws leave networked printers open to attack. 23 Jan 2013

Twitter fixes bug that allowed third-party apps to access DMs without permission. 23 Jan 2013

Cybercriminals compromise legitimate websites to distribute SMS trojans. 22 Jan 2013

PayPal addresses blind SQL injection vulnerability after being notified by experts. 22 Jan 2013

Website of Sony Music Mexico hacked, defaced. 19 Jan 2013

Critical security vulnerability at Amazon fixed. 18 Jan 2013

FAKEM RATs disguise their traffic as Yahoo! Messenger to avoid detection. 18 Jan 2013

Fox-IT analysts demystify the Pobelka botnet. 18 Jan 2013

Polish takedown targets 'Virut' botnet. 18 Jan 2013

Red October removal tool released by Bitdefender. 18 Jan 2013

Researchers easily crack Philips hospital IT system. 18 Jan 2013

Security explorations identifies two vulnerabilities in Java 7 Update 11. 18 Jan 2013

Silent installs of add-ons still possible in Firefox. 18 Jan 2013

XSS, password flaws found in popular ESPN app. 18 Jan 2013

Drupal 7.19 and 6.28 released to address XSS, access bypass flaws. 17 Jan 2013

Foxit patches critical vulnerability in PDF viewer browser plug-in. 17 Jan 2013

Many Fed smartphones have zero password protection. 17 Jan 2013

New version of Shylock malware spreading through Skype. 17 Jan 2013

Tribeca waiter busted for swiping credit card info. 17 Jan 2013

Adobe patches exploited ColdFusion flaws. 16 Jan 2013

Bouncer phishing kit allows only certain users to access malicious website. 16 Jan 2013

Expert finds security holes in sites of Microsoft, Twilio and ProActive CMS. 16 Jan 2013

New Java exploit fetches $5,000 per buyer. 16 Jan 2013

Oracle releases 86 patches in its January Critical Patch Update. 16 Jan 2013

Utah's Medicaid loses control of patient records, again. 16 Jan 2013

Minnesota DNR notifying people of unauthorized access to records. 15 Jan 2013

Patient data breach at Washington University School of Medicine. 15 Jan 2013

Red October cyber espionage campaign relied on Java exploit to infect computers. 15 Jan 2013

Waledac botmasters use Virut malware to build a new botnet. 15 Jan 2013

Zaxby's warns customers of potential fraud. 15 Jan 2013

3 strategies for strengthening internal data security practices. 14 Jan 2013

Apache CouchDB updates handle multiple security issues. 14 Jan 2013

Cybersleuths uncover 5-year spy operation targeting governments, others. 14 Jan 2013

Dangerous remote Linksys 0-day root exploit discovered. 14 Jan 2013

Malware infects two power plants lacking basic security controls. 14 Jan 2013

Microsoft issues fix for zero-day IE flaw. 14 Jan 2013

Two men, natives of Romania, are arrested in ATM scam that netted more than $1 million. 14 Jan 2013

Oracle ships critical security update for Java. 13 Jan 2013

Google revs up Chrome, crushes bugs. 11 Jan 2013

Java 7 zero-day exploit used to distribute Reveton ransomware. 11 Jan 2013

Phone hacking ring targeting New York businesses possibly linked to Al Qaeda. 11 Jan 2013

Sybase fixes nine ASE flaws. 11 Jan 2013

Exploit code, Metasploit module out for Ruby on Rails flaws. 10 Jan 2013

Foxit Reader vulnerable to critical remote code execution flaw. 10 Jan 2013

Nasty new Java zero day found; Exploit kits already have it. 10 Jan 2013

Botnets for hire likely attacked U.S. banks. 09 Jan 2013

Firefox 18 and Thunderbird 17.02 close critical holes. 09 Jan 2013

Hacker hits on U.S. power and nuclear targets spiked in 2012. 09 Jan 2013

Adobe patches Acrobat, Reader, and Flash flaws. 08 Jan 2013

Critical flaws patched in Ruby on Rails. 08 Jan 2013

Critical security update for MoinMoin wiki released. 08 Jan 2013

Cybercriminals mostly targeting LinkedIn, PayPal, and Amazon. 08 Jan 2013

Facebook password reset bug closed. 08 Jan 2013

Former State HHS employee charged with identity theft; hundreds may be impacted. 08 Jan 2013

Microsoft and Adobe issue first Patch Tuesday of 2013. 08 Jan 2013

2 York Co. government websites hacked. 07 Jan 2013

After patients' information was dumped, former Marblehead-based billing practice settles. 07 Jan 2013

Algerian hacker wanted in the US arrested by Thai police. 07 Jan 2013

Crimeware author funds exploit buying spree. 07 Jan 2013

Defense department cracking down on hacking disclosures for defense contractors. 07 Jan 2013

Feds dismantle piracy ring that stole super-expensive software. 07 Jan 2013

Man admits to paying hospital employees to steal patient data. 07 Jan 2013

Ubisoft investigating compromised Uplay accounts. 07 Jan 2013

Penn State battles malware threat. 04 Jan 2013

Popular office phones vulnerable to eavesdropping hack, researchers say. 04 Jan 2013

Researchers bypass Microsoft Fix It for IE zero day. 04 Jan 2013

'Dementia' wipes out attacker footprints in memory. 03 Jan 2013

About 56,000 Sentara patients notified of potential data breach, device containing info stolen. 03 Jan 2013

All Ruby on Rails versions affected by SQL injection flaw. 03 Jan 2013

SJ Healthcare: Patient data stolen. 03 Jan 2013

Turkish registrar enabled phishers to spoof Google. 03 Jan 2013

Chrome clickjacking vulnerability could expose user information on Google, Amazon. 02 Jan 2013

Google false positive flags Twitpic as malicious. 02 Jan 2013

Microsoft confirms zero-day bug in IE6, IE7 and IE8. 29 Dec 2012

Cybercriminals are using digitally signed QQ component as an infection catalyst. 28 Dec 2012

Flaw in Facebook allowed attackers to record video of user and post it on the timeline. 28 Dec 2012

Gibson General Hospital notifying patients of stolen laptop containing patient information. 28 Dec 2012

Hackers take data of Monmouth workers, visitors. 28 Dec 2012

Hospice to pay $50K over stolen patient data. 28 Dec 2012

New Android trojan capable of launching DDoS attacks, sending SMSs. 28 Dec 2012

Researchers find malware targeting Java HTTP servers. 28 Dec 2012

Security update released for IP.Board 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, and 3.1 to address critical issue. 28 Dec 2012

Wholesaler's POS network hacked again. 28 Dec 2012

XSS and cookie handling vulnerabilities identified on HTC website. 28 Dec 2012

DDoS: Citi takes post-holiday hit. 27 Dec 2012

Flaw in Facebook Camera for iOS allowed hackers to hijack accounts. 27 Dec 2012

ID theft found at LSU hospitals. 27 Dec 2012

Researcher finds XSS vulnerabilities in cPanel and WHM 11.34. 27 Dec 2012

WordPress W3 Total Cache misconfiguration leaves some blogs vulnerable. 27 Dec 2012

Hackers threaten Manteca Police website. 26 Dec 2012

Kaspersky warns of malware targeting Kindle Fire. 24 Dec 2012

Montana State University acknowledges online security lapse. 24 Dec 2012

Google to scan Chrome extensions, bans auto-install. 23 Dec 2012

Antivirus solutions still have problems in blocking fake AV, experts say. 22 Dec 2012

Hacker, Verizon duel over customer record claims. 22 Dec 2012

DDoS: PNC, Wells report traffic surge. 21 Dec 2012

Stabuniq malware found on servers at U.S. financial institutions. 21 Dec 2012

Stolen health information affects 4,000 University of Michigan Health System patients. 21 Dec 2012

AMD warns of security hole in its Catalyst Control Center. 20 Dec 2012

Drupal 7.18 and 6.28 released to address security vulnerabilities. 20 Dec 2012

Secondary Twitter "sign in" form found to transmit passwords in plain text. 20 Dec 2012

Apache malware targeting online banking. 19 Dec 2012

US-CERT warns of Adobe Shockwave Xtras vulnerabilities. 19 Dec 2012

Android botnet spreads SMS spam. 18 Dec 2012

Ex-state employee gets 50 months in federal prison for ID theft scheme. 18 Dec 2012

Point-of-Sale skimmers: No charge...yet. 18 Dec 2012

Sweet Orange Exploit Kit offers customers higher infection rates. 18 Dec 2012

Exynos 4 critical security hole affects many Galaxy devices. 17 Dec 2012

Improved Carberp malware targets U.S. banks. 17 Dec 2012

Swedish payment processor sentenced to 4 years for role in scareware scheme. 17 Dec 2012

WordPress pingback vulnerability could lead to DDoS attacks. 17 Dec 2012

60Gbps: Size of some DDoS attacks launched by hacktivists. 14 Dec 2012

Carberp banking trojan goes commercial; Adds bootkit and $40k price tag. 14 Dec 2012

DDoS attacks: PNC struck again. 14 Dec 2012

SMS stealing apps uploaded to Google Play by Carberp banking malware gang. 14 Dec 2012

Upclicker uses left mouse button to execute malicious code when no one is looking. 14 Dec 2012

Changeup malware alert: You have received a secure message. 13 Dec 2012

Hackers breached heating system via industrial control system backdoor. 13 Dec 2012

Latin America targeted by information-stealing Dorkbot worm. 13 Dec 2012

UGA hacker suspect kills self. 13 Dec 2012

Yet another eavesdrop vulnerability in Cisco phones. 13 Dec 2012

4 banks respond to DDoS threats. 12 Dec 2012

Big identity theft ring broken in San Diego. 12 Dec 2012

IE exploit can track mouse cursor - even when you're not in IE. 12 Dec 2012

New findings lend credence to Project Blitzkrieg. 12 Dec 2012

North America and Europe most threatened by money-stealing Android trojans. 12 Dec 2012

Samsung smart TV bug allows remote access, root privileges. 12 Dec 2012

Sisters, teen arrested for alleged card skimming at banks. 12 Dec 2012

U.S. law enforcement busts cybercrime rings with help from Facebook. 12 Dec 2012

'Dexter' directly attacks point-of-sale systems. 11 Dec 2012

5 banks targeted for new DDoS attacks. 11 Dec 2012

Arizona man arrested for fraud after illegal info found on flash drive. 11 Dec 2012

Connecticut federal jury finds Romanian national guilty of participating in Internet phishing scheme. 11 Dec 2012

Critical updates for Flash Player, Microsoft Windows. 11 Dec 2012

Critical vulnerability fixed in Chrome 23. 11 Dec 2012

Federal prosecutors charge former UNL student with hacking into sensitive university database. 11 Dec 2012

Google accidentally transmits self-destruct code to army of Chrome browsers. 11 Dec 2012

Kelihos update includes new TLD and USB infection capabilities. 11 Dec 2012

Nokia engineer: Here's how to hack Windows 8 games. 11 Dec 2012

Records blocked from SC's DHEC website. 11 Dec 2012

Researchers warn of malware attack from WordPress exploit. 11 Dec 2012

State of Calif. mistakenly publishes thousands of SSN online. 11 Dec 2012

Stored XSS that allowed hackers to hijack Tumblr blogs still unfixed. 11 Dec 2012

ABQ Health Partners' patient records on missing laptop. 10 Dec 2012

Beware of Bitcoin miner posing as Trend Micro AV. 10 Dec 2012

Carolinas HealthCare System discloses data breach to 5,600 patients. 10 Dec 2012

Exforel backdoor implemented at NDIS level to be more stealthy. 10 Dec 2012

Facebook restored after site maintenance disrupted some access. 10 Dec 2012

Fraudsters are setting up bogus hotel websites, experts find. 10 Dec 2012

GPS software attacks more dangerous than jamming and spoofing, experts say. 10 Dec 2012

Health Plan's $3 million fine for accessing Medicare files shows new fed muscle. 10 Dec 2012

Only 15% of known malware caught by Android 4.2's verifier. 10 Dec 2012

Ex-Idaho woman hiding after $163m federal judgment. 09 Dec 2012

Saudi Aramco says hackers took aim at its production. 09 Dec 2012

Anonymous affiliate indicted for threats, stolen credit cards. 08 Dec 2012

BlackHole exploit kit has difficulties in infecting Chrome users, experts say. 07 Dec 2012

Hackers said to hit UN telecoms talks in Dubai. 07 Dec 2012

Information from ambulance billing stolen. 07 Dec 2012

Necurs malware infects over 83,000 machines in November 2012, Microsoft says. 07 Dec 2012

Rare critical Word vuln is the star of December Patch Tuesday. 07 Dec 2012

Skimming, trapping threatened ATMs in 2012: Survey. 07 Dec 2012

Tor network used to command Skynet botnet. 07 Dec 2012

'Project Mayhem' hacks accounting software. 06 Dec 2012

BIND 9.9.2 closes IPv6 security hole. 06 Dec 2012

Former Anonymous member convicted in attacks against PayPal, MasterCard, Visa. 06 Dec 2012

Most healthcare organizations suffered data breaches. 06 Dec 2012

80% of attacks are redirects from legitimate sites. 05 Dec 2012

Antivirus solutions inadequate in detecting new viruses. 05 Dec 2012

Exploit kit authors thrive due to PoC code released by whitehats. 05 Dec 2012

How the Eurograbber attack stole 36 million euros. 05 Dec 2012

SC inspector general: Centralize cyber security. 05 Dec 2012

Spoofed RapidFax alert carries hard-to-detect trojan. 05 Dec 2012

'Gameover Zeus' gang launches new attacks. 04 Dec 2012

Alere Home Monitoring data breach affects more than 100,000 patients. 04 Dec 2012

ATM thieves swap security camera for keyboard. 04 Dec 2012

Fast cracking of MySQL passwords demonstrated. 04 Dec 2012

Hackers can use Twitter SMS vulnerability to post on users' behalves, expert finds. 04 Dec 2012

Mayfield Heights man admits to illegally accessing patient information. 04 Dec 2012

Officials: More than 90,000 Iowa residents affected by nationwide insurance data breach. 04 Dec 2012

RoTDL admits It was hacked, takes responsibility for Google Romania hijacking. 04 Dec 2012

Tumblr worm proliferated due to XSS flaw. 04 Dec 2012

Two charged with using medical records for ID theft, fraud. 04 Dec 2012

Vulnerability Lab researchers find 3 remotely-exploitable vulnerabilities in Skype. 04 Dec 2012

"Changeup" cases climb as worm exploits AutoRun. 03 Dec 2012

Bug hunter finds 'blended threat' targeting Yahoo Web site. 03 Dec 2012

Dockster Mac malware planted on website dedicated to Dalai Lama. 03 Dec 2012

Highway traffic monitoring system has exploitable electronic flaw, says CERT. 03 Dec 2012

ID theft scam run from prison. 03 Dec 2012

Season's gr3371ng5 - hacker releases exploits for MySQL and SSH. 03 Dec 2012

Sophos releases technical paper on BlackHole exploit kit. 03 Dec 2012

State audit faults Fallsburg for lack of disaster plan for data security. 03 Dec 2012

Instagram vulnerability on iPhone allows for account takeover. 02 Dec 2012

Device containing patient information missing from UVa Medical Center. 01 Dec 2012

Microsoft can retain control of Zeus botnet under federal court order. 01 Dec 2012

Aggressive worm infection leads to banking Trojan infection. 30 Nov 2012

Crooks inject malicious Java applet into FOREX trading website. 30 Nov 2012

Email hacks router. 30 Nov 2012

Fairfax County police find ATM skimmers at hospitals. 30 Nov 2012

Personal information of about 900 former Ga. ambulance patients stolen by billing contractor. 30 Nov 2012

Rock River Valley's Alpine Bank hit with security breach. 30 Nov 2012

Shylock's new trick for evading malware researchers. 30 Nov 2012

Two accused of stealing patient information from hospital. 30 Nov 2012

1,500 emergency patient records stolen. 29 Nov 2012

Google updates all Chrome editions. 29 Nov 2012

Malicious browser add-on guides victims to phishing sites. 29 Nov 2012

Online service offers bank robbers for hire. 29 Nov 2012

U.S. software firm hacked for years after suing China. 29 Nov 2012

Unencrypted payment data on business networks at 70 percent. 29 Nov 2012

WCSU: Student info may have been exposed. 29 Nov 2012

'Spear phishing' the main email attachment threat. 28 Nov 2012

Fake Angry Birds Star Wars hides Android trojan. 28 Nov 2012

Google Webmaster Tools erroneously reactivates obsolete user accounts. 28 Nov 2012

Malicious ads lead to fake browser updates. 28 Nov 2012

New hack abuses cloud-based browsers. 28 Nov 2012

Pacemakers, other implanted devices, vulnerable to lethal attacks. 28 Nov 2012

Phishing test: Chrome wins, followed by IE10, Safari, Firefox. 28 Nov 2012

SC Revenue's cyber security job vacant for last year. 28 Nov 2012

Sierra Plastic Surgery warns patients of possible records breach. 28 Nov 2012

Western Wisconsin school hacked for $150K, FBI investigating. 28 Nov 2012

4 Las Vegas news Web sites disrupted by DDOS attacks. 27 Nov 2012

Go Daddy says DNS records hijacking was due to phishing. 27 Nov 2012

Hardcoded account in Samsung printers provides backdoor for attackers. 27 Nov 2012

Hotel blames burglaries on hacked Onity card locks. 27 Nov 2012

Java zero-day exploit on sale for 'five digits'. 27 Nov 2012 hacked, attacker adds malicious code to installation files. 27 Nov 2012

PlugX RAT developers release new version, become more confident. 27 Nov 2012

Romanian authorities dismantle cybercrime ring responsible for $25M credit card fraud. 27 Nov 2012

U.N. atom agency says stolen information on hacker site. 27 Nov 2012

DIY mass iFrame injecting Apache module sold online. 26 Nov 2012

Evolving DDoS attacks force defenders to adapt. 26 Nov 2012

Medical records breach affects 1,500 UAMS patients. 26 Nov 2012

Researcher finds nearly two dozen SCADA bugs in a few hours' time. 26 Nov 2012

Anonymous holds school district Web site hostage over student tracking. 25 Nov 2012

eBay closes critical security holes. 25 Nov 2012

Cybercriminals hack DNS records of Go Daddy sites to distribute ransomware. 23 Nov 2012

Cybercriminals use fake digital certificates to sign police trojans. 23 Nov 2012

DDoS attackers cost PayPal 3.5 million pounds. 23 Nov 2012

ENISA releases report on the use of honeypots to detect cyberattacks. 23 Nov 2012

Fake Apple invoices in your inbox could lead to empty bank accounts. 23 Nov 2012

Numerous .eu domains registered to host BlackHole exploit kit. 23 Nov 2012

Sucuri warns of fake jQuery sites distributing malware. 23 Nov 2012

Symantec warns of new malware targeting SQL databases. 23 Nov 2012

Yahoo email-stealing exploit fetches $700. 23 Nov 2012

Experts find way to crack default WPA2 passwords of Belkin routers. 22 Nov 2012

EAST releases ATM fraud update; U.S. still attracts most fraud. 21 Nov 2012

Exploitation of privileged access points: Common vector for high-profile attacks. 21 Nov 2012

Hackers steal almost half a million dollars from City of Gold Bar bank accounts. 21 Nov 2012

HTTP Strict Transport Security becomes Internet Standard. 21 Nov 2012

Mozilla addresses 6 critical vulnerabilities with the release of Firefox 17. 21 Nov 2012

Password-stealing malware Passteal distributed via file sharing sites. 21 Nov 2012

Professional trojan targets SEPA transactions. 21 Nov 2012

Rootkit infects Linux web servers. 21 Nov 2012

White House issues insider threat guidance to agencies. 21 Nov 2012

Beware card- and cash-trapping at the ATM. 20 Nov 2012

Ga. insurance chief warns consumers after breach. 20 Nov 2012

Hacker found guilty of breaching AT&T site to obtain iPad customer data. 20 Nov 2012

Nintendo's Wii U Miiverse accidentally hacked. 20 Nov 2012

Opera 12.11 fixes high-severity vulnerability. 20 Nov 2012

Researchers warn of 'Cool' exploit platform. 20 Nov 2012

Facebook enabling HTTPS by default for North American users. 19 Nov 2012

Google Chrome app grabs identities, forges blogs in victims' name to promote scam. 19 Nov 2012

Hackers break into two FreeBSD Project servers using stolen SSH keys. 19 Nov 2012

Israel draws ire of Anonymous. 19 Nov 2012

Judge approves FTC's $22.5M fine of Google. 19 Nov 2012

Trojan uses Google Docs to communicate with its control server. 19 Nov 2012

Two Colombian government employees arrested for selling sensitive information. 19 Nov 2012

Two former Alabama court employees accused of stealing records database code. 17 Nov 2012

German police warns about Android banking Trojans. 16 Nov 2012

Lockheed's F-35 logistics system revolutionary but risky. 16 Nov 2012

Oregon student pleads guilty to hacking school district system. 16 Nov 2012

PoC malware for remote hijacking of USB smart readers. 16 Nov 2012

VMware security update fixes DoS, other vulnerabilities. 16 Nov 2012

Adobe suffers database leak, user forum taken offline. 15 Nov 2012

Laptop stolen from Landmark Medical Center. 15 Nov 2012

Most organizations unprepared for DDoS attacks, study says. 15 Nov 2012

Opera site served Blackhole malvertising, says antivirus firm. 15 Nov 2012

Report: Fifty-eight percent of Energy computers went months without bug fixes. 15 Nov 2012

Supply chain threats 'hard to detect expensive to fix'. 15 Nov 2012

10,000 ID fraud gangs active in US, especially the Southeast, study finds. 14 Nov 2012

Experts find ransomware that works on Windows 8. 14 Nov 2012

Malware uses social media and blogging sites as part of its C&C server. 14 Nov 2012

McAfee Threats Report shows global expansion of cybercrime. 14 Nov 2012

NASA warns employees that their personal information has been compromised. 14 Nov 2012

Planned cyberattacks on US banks on hold. 14 Nov 2012

Report warns electricity grid vulnerable to attack. 14 Nov 2012

Security contractor didn't detect hacker from SCDOR website. 14 Nov 2012

Skype claims account hijack flaw fixed. 14 Nov 2012

Skype security issue prompts password reset shutdown. 14 Nov 2012

Even a child can make a trojan to pillage Windows Phone 8. 13 Nov 2012

Experts investigate malware used in Gozi-Prinimalka campaign against US banks. 13 Nov 2012

Microsoft fixes 19 security flaws in November Patch Tuesday update. 13 Nov 2012

Phishing attack targets CloudFlare customers. 13 Nov 2012

Lockheed says cyber attacks up sharply, suppliers targeted. 12 Nov 2012

New Java attack introduced into Cool Exploit Kit. 12 Nov 2012

One in four users at risk due to outdated browsers. 12 Nov 2012

PayGate confirms security breach. 12 Nov 2012

Researcher tracks down compromised ICS systems. 12 Nov 2012

Ruby update fixes hash flooding vulnerability. 12 Nov 2012

Worth reading: Dropbox is "quite secure". 10 Nov 2012

Alere Home Monitoring warns of data breach. 09 Nov 2012

Joomla 3.0.2 and 2.5.8 available for download, security fixes included. 09 Nov 2012

Windows 8, Surface slabs already need critical security patch. 09 Nov 2012

Best practices for the DKIM vulnerability. 08 Nov 2012

Cisco patch plugs password security flaws. 08 Nov 2012

Experts find DOM-based XSS vulnerability in 08 Nov 2012

How hackers scrape RAM to circumvent encryption. 08 Nov 2012

Mushrooming ransomware now extorts $5 million a year. 08 Nov 2012

QuickTime for Windows updated to close security holes. 08 Nov 2012

Siemens software targeted by Stuxnet still full of holes. 08 Nov 2012

Stuxnet infected Chevron's IT network. 08 Nov 2012

Twitter user passwords reset after accounts breached. 08 Nov 2012

US-CERT warns of flaws in Symantec products caused by legacy decomposer. 08 Nov 2012

Adobe, now 'married' to Microsoft, moves Flash updates to Patch Tuesday. 07 Nov 2012

Chrome 23 closes holes, promises longer battery life. 07 Nov 2012

Experts warn of zero-day exploit for Adobe Reader. 07 Nov 2012

Information for 14,000 patients missing. 07 Nov 2012

Malware uses password recovery app to extract credentials stored in browser. 07 Nov 2012

Security updates for Flash and Air. 07 Nov 2012

"USPS delivery problem" spam leads to malware. 06 Nov 2012

Android 4.2 warns against malicious apps and premium rate texts. 06 Nov 2012

Cyberheists 'a helluva wake-up call' to small biz. 06 Nov 2012

E-voting chaos: NJ voters sent to official's personal Hotmail address. 06 Nov 2012

Las Vegas man convicted of using stolen credit card numbers. 06 Nov 2012

Most Android malware are SMS trojans. 06 Nov 2012

New Gh0st-related malware discovered. 06 Nov 2012

Plone releases fixes for 24 vulnerabilities. 06 Nov 2012

Sophos fixes critical security vulnerability. 06 Nov 2012

US voters targeted with malware hidden in fake election documents, YouTube videos. 06 Nov 2012

Users take their time over Java and Flash updates. 06 Nov 2012

Virtual machine used to steal crypto keys from other VM on same server. 06 Nov 2012

Agencies join effort to promote use of critical controls for cybersecurity. 05 Nov 2012

Apple releases update for iOS addressing iPhone, iPad critical flaws. 05 Nov 2012

Avira incompatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. 05 Nov 2012

F-Secure releases Mobile Threat Report for Q3 2012. 05 Nov 2012

Malware disguised as an MMS message. 05 Nov 2012

More VMware secret source splattered across Internet. 05 Nov 2012

Researchers find smishing vulnerability in Android, all versions affected. 05 Nov 2012

Hackers use malware to steal photos, blackmail users. 03 Nov 2012

Apple releases iOS 6 and Safari security updates. 02 Nov 2012

Firefox to force secure connections for selected domains. 02 Nov 2012

Malware alert: Discover Card account notes. 02 Nov 2012

New FakeToken Android banking trojan steals logins directly. 02 Nov 2012

One in seven North American home networks full of malware. 02 Nov 2012

Speculation over Facebook access via Google index. 02 Nov 2012

Cyber criminals look to exploit interest in Windows 8. 01 Nov 2012

Cybercriminals continue to improve Skype-spreading malware. 01 Nov 2012

Data security breach expands to 657K SC businesses; suit filed against State. 01 Nov 2012

Ensuring that software security policies reflect user needs. 01 Nov 2012

Free Android apps often secretly make calls, use the camera. 01 Nov 2012

IRS warns of sophisticated phishing scheme using fake IRS website. 01 Nov 2012

Phishers steal email account credentials with shady 'Windows Update' site. 01 Nov 2012

Security research labels over 290,000 Google Play Android apps as 'high-risk'. 01 Nov 2012

Windows 8 'penetrated' says firm which sells to world's spy agencies. 01 Nov 2012

Bank of America customers under phishing attack. 31 Oct 2012

Can the Nuclear exploit kit dethrone Blackhole? 31 Oct 2012

Cisco patches vulnerabilities in Data Center and Web Conferencing products. 31 Oct 2012

Hacker gained access to data using employee credentials. 31 Oct 2012

Meet the network operators helping to fuel the spike in big DDoS attacks. 31 Oct 2012

Multiplatform Jacksbot malware spotted in the wild. 31 Oct 2012

One year after DigiNotar breach, Fox-IT details extent of compromise. 31 Oct 2012

Plone CMS vulnerable to privilege escalation and code execution. 31 Oct 2012

Researcher warns that 'zombie browsers' are skyrocketing. 31 Oct 2012

SQL Injections and DDoS attacks: Most popular topics on hacker forums. 31 Oct 2012

Trojan bargain with Windows 8 support. 31 Oct 2012

Vulnerability in Yahoo's JavaScript framework YUI 2. 31 Oct 2012

Bank phishing gang arrested after hotel swoop. 30 Oct 2012

EFF raises questions on privacy leaks in Ubuntu. 30 Oct 2012

Facebook investigates data leak from 1 million accounts. 30 Oct 2012

Hurricane Sandy could cause problems in cyber space. 30 Oct 2012

ICS-CERT warns of increasing threat to industrial control systems. 30 Oct 2012

Lack of abuse detection allows cloud instances to be used like botnets. 30 Oct 2012

Oops, e-mail marketer left Walmart, Capital One and others open to easy spoofing. 30 Oct 2012

Security breach could cost State more than $12 million. 30 Oct 2012

Ford website hacked by NullCrew, user credentials leaked online. 29 Oct 2012

Hackers crack Texan bank, Experian credit records come flooding out. 29 Oct 2012

Investigation faults handling of Medicare patient data breaches. 29 Oct 2012

Malware authors turn to simpler detection evasion techniques. 29 Oct 2012

Privacy-invading module found in thousands of apps on Google Play. 29 Oct 2012

Ubuntu 11.04 reaches its end of life. 29 Oct 2012

Millions of South Carolinians' Social Security numbers stolen from State agency. 28 Oct 2012

Critical security holes closed in Firefox 16 and Thunderbird 16. 27 Oct 2012

Users lured to Blackhole exploit kit with bogus 'Your Photos' LinkedIn emails. 27 Oct 2012

DoS vulnerability found in wireless chips used by Apple, HTC, Samsung, Ford, others. 26 Oct 2012

Exim mail servers susceptible to DKIM attacks. 26 Oct 2012

Germany gets the most malicious spam. 26 Oct 2012

Largest U.S. energy marketing agency used outdated security patches. 26 Oct 2012

Advanced malware allows cybercriminals to empty a bank account in one go. 25 Oct 2012

Backdoor in computer controls opens critical infrastructure to hackers. 25 Oct 2012

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft fix email security flaw. 25 Oct 2012

Imperva experts reveal the best practices and tactics to mitigate insider threats. 25 Oct 2012

Pentagon cyber-threat sharing program lost participants. 25 Oct 2012

Phishing Websites proliferate at record speed. 25 Oct 2012

RSA, AMD, Intel, Lockheed Martin and Honeywell team up for cyber security alliance. 25 Oct 2012

Scam alert: US Customs and Border Protection Service Department package delivery. 25 Oct 2012

'Download Microsoft Windows License' spam used as launchpad for malware attack. 24 Oct 2012

ATMs may be top targets for crime: Verizon report. 24 Oct 2012

Attackers turn to open DNS resolvers to amplify DDoS attacks. 24 Oct 2012

Aultman Hospital reports data breach. 24 Oct 2012

Barnes & Noble reports breach of U.S. customer credit card data. 24 Oct 2012

Barnes & Noble stores targeted in nationwide payment card-skimming scam. 24 Oct 2012

California man faces new charges in credit card-skimming scheme. 24 Oct 2012

Focus: McAfee updates Endpoint Security to battle emerging threats. 24 Oct 2012

Hackers get 10 months to pwn victims with 0-days before world+dog finds out. 24 Oct 2012

Hackers' new superweapon adds firepower to DDoS attacks. 24 Oct 2012

Lloyds TSB scams: Account payment review notifications and errors. 24 Oct 2012

Operation High Roller banked on fast-flux botnet to steal millions. 24 Oct 2012

Phony certificates fool faulty crypto in apps from AIM, Chase, and more. 24 Oct 2012

Sony PS3 hacked again. 24 Oct 2012

The FBI warns of dating extortion scams and payday loan schemes. 24 Oct 2012

US-CERT warns DKIM email open to spoofing. 24 Oct 2012

Weak crypto allowed spoofing emails from Google, PayPal domains. 24 Oct 2012

Adobe fixes critical Shockwave vulnerabilities. 23 Oct 2012

CyanogenMod logged lockscreen swipe gestures. 23 Oct 2012

Experts locate dropper of Japanese malware responsible for making death threats. 23 Oct 2012

Google Drive opens backdoor to Google accounts. 23 Oct 2012

Malvertising on Yahoo Messenger hijacks browsers' start page. 23 Oct 2012

Security researcher experiments with patching Java. 23 Oct 2012

Vermont .gov Website blamed for spam. 23 Oct 2012

Billabong hacked again, hackers claim to have obtained 37,000 account details. 22 Oct 2012

Cross-zone scripting vulnerabilities found in Dropbox and Drive. 22 Oct 2012

Cybercriminals found to sell access to servers housed by Fortune 500 companies. 22 Oct 2012

Ex-hospital employee pleads guilty to stealing patient information. 22 Oct 2012

HackRF Jawbreaker could bring low-cost wireless hacking to the masses. 22 Oct 2012

Huawei gear is secure, say U.S. network service providers. 22 Oct 2012

Increase in drive-by attacks and infected emails. 22 Oct 2012

Java still has a crucial role to play-despite security risks. 22 Oct 2012

Tracking software company settles FTC charges that it deceived consumers and failed to safeguard sensitive data it collected. 22 Oct 2012

XSS attacks remain top threat to Web applications. 22 Oct 2012

Second DDoS attack hits GitHub, some repositories temporarily unavailable. 20 Oct 2012

'Major interruption' at GitHub as attackers launch DDoS. 19 Oct 2012

Confused by Defense cyber threat alerts? A translation is on the way. 19 Oct 2012

Encryption found insufficient in many Android apps. 19 Oct 2012

Experts develop malware that's capable of bypassing antivirus solutions. 19 Oct 2012

Fake Lookout Mobile Security update steals files from Android users. 19 Oct 2012

HSBC Web sites fell in DDoS attack last night, bank admits. 19 Oct 2012

Microsoft and Secunia warn of FFMpeg vulnerabilities. 19 Oct 2012

MUSTAN malware avoids infecting certain files to hide its presence. 19 Oct 2012

US election-related news planted in malicious airline emails to avoid spam filters. 19 Oct 2012

Ally Financial latest US bank to face cyber attacks. October 18, 18 Oct 2012

Apple updates Java for older Mac OS X - kills browser plugin. 18 Oct 2012

Blount hospital laptop stolen with 27K patients' personal info. 18 Oct 2012

Citadel trojan Rain Edition represents Fraud-as-a-Service at its best, RSA says. 18 Oct 2012

Demo of 'serious' networking vulnerabilities cancelled at HP's request. 18 Oct 2012

FDA tackling medical device security. 18 Oct 2012

French hacker 'admits app fraud' in Amiens. 18 Oct 2012

Information leak in ZENworks Asset Management disclosed. 18 Oct 2012

One year on, SSL servers still cower before the BEAST. 18 Oct 2012

BB&T site outages linked to DDoS. 17 Oct 2012

High bandwidth DDoS attacks are now common, researcher says. 17 Oct 2012

Hospitals' computer hardware also suffers from infection. 17 Oct 2012

Kaspersky to develop a secure OS for industrial control. 17 Oct 2012

Nitol Botnet shares code with other China-based DDoS malware. 17 Oct 2012

One in four customers are card fraud victims, study finds. 17 Oct 2012

Oracle leaves fix for Java SE zero day until February patch update. 17 Oct 2012

Researcher finds denial of service vulnerability in Window 7. 17 Oct 2012

Security beefed up in new Adobe Reader, Acrobat. 17 Oct 2012

Vodafone 'account update' notifications lead to phishing sites. 17 Oct 2012

Blackhole&#47Zeus threat comes via 'You have blocked your Facebook account' spam. 16 Oct 2012

CapOne takes second DDoS hit. 16 Oct 2012

Santander's online banking keeps passwords in cookies. 16 Oct 2012

Steam browser protocol flaws allow cybercriminals to execute malicious commands. 16 Oct 2012

University of Georgia hacked, at least 8,500 employees exposed. 16 Oct 2012

Windows Help files used in attacks against industry and government sectors. 16 Oct 2012

Zero-day attacks thrive for months before disclosure. 16 Oct 2012

Cybercriminals update the eBay logo in their phishing scams. 15 Oct 2012

Cyberthieves loot $400,000 from city bank account. 15 Oct 2012

Fake DHL Express Tracking Notifications bring 'good' news and malware. 15 Oct 2012

Next-generation malware: Changing the game in security's operations center. 15 Oct 2012

Oracle patch update to include 109 patches. 15 Oct 2012

Solar panel control systems vulnerable to hacks, feds warn. 15 Oct 2012

New malware attacks Android smartphones. 13 Oct 2012

Experts: Banks should review authentication procedures to prevent trojan attacks. 12 Oct 2012

Fake ADP benefit services emails lead to malware-serving Websites. 12 Oct 2012

Firefox 16 re-released fixing multiple vulnerabilities. 12 Oct 2012

Former LulzSec member guilty in Sony Pictures hack. 12 Oct 2012

Malicious emails: Republican U.S. Presidential nominee almost President. 12 Oct 2012

Mozilla adds click-to-play plugin security feature to Firefox beta. 12 Oct 2012

Rexburg ramps up cyber security after hacker test. 12 Oct 2012

Turkish hackers leak details of 50,000 users from Pepsi Hungary. 12 Oct 2012

'I will use a bomb to destroy an airplane,' computer virus says on victim's behalf. 11 Oct 2012

Ex-Bridgestone scientist cleared of trade secret theft charges. 11 Oct 2012

Facebook develops 'extensive system' to fix phone number leakage issue. 11 Oct 2012

Feds in south Florida arrest 40 in ID theft-tax crackdown. 11 Oct 2012

Firefox 16 removed from installer page after vulnerability found. 11 Oct 2012

Missouri medical group reports possible data breach. 11 Oct 2012

New security threat at work: Bring-your-own-network. 11 Oct 2012

Regions Bank website attacked by hackers. 11 Oct 2012

A better reason to avoid Huawei routers: Code from the '90s. 10 Oct 2012

BIND DNS server updates close critical hole. 10 Oct 2012

Deluge of election-related spam, threats begins. 10 Oct 2012

Experts warn users to beware of 'Apple ID Cancelled' phishing scam. 10 Oct 2012

Google, Yahoo DNS diverted after breach at .ie domain registrar. 10 Oct 2012

Hackers steal thousands of student records from computers at Florida college. 10 Oct 2012

Mozilla closes numerous critical holes in Firefox 16. 10 Oct 2012

Pwnium 2: Full Chrome exploit earns hacker $60,000. 10 Oct 2012

SunTrust the latest victim in cyber attack saga. 10 Oct 2012

Adobe releases 25 critical Flash patches. 09 Oct 2012

Average insurance cost per data breach rises to $3.7M: Study. 09 Oct 2012

Capital One target as cyber attacks resume on U.S. banks. 09 Oct 2012

CloudStack alert users to critical vulnerability. 09 Oct 2012

Confirmed: Apple-owned fingerprint software exposes Windows passwords. 09 Oct 2012

HTTPS Everywhere plugin from EFF protects 1,500 more sites. 09 Oct 2012

Microsoft patches critical word flaw; certificate key length changes are official. 09 Oct 2012

Microsoft report exposes malware families attacking supply chain. 09 Oct 2012

New TDL4 rootkit successfully hiding from AV. 09 Oct 2012

Sality botnet scans entire Internet in search for vulnerable VoIP servers. 09 Oct 2012

Skype users targeted by malicious worm that locks them out of their PCs. 09 Oct 2012

Surprise! Microsoft patches latest IE10 Flash vulns on time. 09 Oct 2012

Windows 7 malware infection rate soars in 2012. 09 Oct 2012

Bing is the most heavily poisoned search engine, study says. 08 Oct 2012

Facebook's phone search can be abused to find people's numbers, researchers say. 08 Oct 2012

Proxy service a front for malware distribution.