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Id SUSE-2012:7018
Name Novell SUSE 2012:7018 xen-201211 security update for SLE 11 SP2 i586
Vendor Name novell
Product None
Content Type Critical Critical
Operating System(s) Linux 
Released On 02 Nov 2012 12:00:00


Novell SUSE 2012:7018 xen-201211 security update for SLE 11 SP2 i586

Vendor Name




Released On

02 Nov 2012 12:00:00



XEN was updated to fix various bugs and security issues: The following security issues have been fixed: * CVE-2012-4544: xen: Domain builder Out-of-memory due to malicious kernel/ramdisk (XSA 25) * CVE-2012-4411: XEN / qemu: guest administrator can access qemu monitor console (XSA-19) * CVE-2012-4535: xen: Timer overflow DoS vulnerability (XSA 20) * CVE-2012-4536: xen: pirq range check DoS vulnerability (XSA 21) * CVE-2012-4537: xen: Memory mapping failure DoS vulnerability (XSA 22) * CVE-2012-4538: xen: Unhooking empty PAE entries DoS vulnerability (XSA 23) * CVE-2012-4539: xen: Grant table hypercall infinite loop DoS vulnerability (XSA 24) * CVE-2012-3497: xen: multiple TMEM hypercall vulnerabilities (XSA-15) Also the following bugs have been fixed and upstream patches have been applied: * bnc#784087 - L3: Xen BUG at io_apic.c:129 26102-x86-IOAPIC-legacy-not-first.patch * Upstream patches merged: 26054-x86-AMD-perf-ctr-init.patch 26055-x86-oprof-hvm-mode.patch 26056-page-alloc-flush-filter.patch 26061-x86-oprof-counter-range.patch 26062-ACPI-ERST-move-data.patch 26063-x86-HPET-affinity-lock.patch 26093-HVM-PoD-grant-mem-type.patch 25931-x86-domctl-iomem-mapping-checks.patch 25952-x86-MMIO-remap-permissions.patch 25808-domain_create-return-value.patch 25814-x86_64-set-debugreg-guest.patch 25815-x86-PoD-no-bug-in-non-translated.patch 25816-x86-hvm-map-pirq-range-check.patch 25833-32on64-bogus-pt_base-adjust.patch 25834-x86-S3-MSI-resume.patch 25835-adjust-rcu-lock-domain.patch 25836-VT-d-S3-MSI-resume.patch 25850-tmem-xsa-15-1.patch 25851-tmem-xsa-15-2.patch 25852-tmem-xsa-15-3.patch 25853-tmem-xsa-15-4.patch 25854-tmem-xsa-15-5.patch 25855-tmem-xsa-15-6.patch 25856-tmem-xsa-15-7.patch 25857-tmem-xsa-15-8.patch 25858-tmem-xsa-15-9.patch 25859-tmem-missing-break.patch 25860-tmem-cleanup.patch 25883-pt-MSI-cleanup.patch 25927-x86-domctl-ioport-mapping-range.patch 25929-tmem-restore-pool-version.patch * bnc#778105 - first XEN-PV VM fails to spawn xend: Increase wait time for disk to appear in host bootloader Modified existing xen-domUloader.diff 25752-ACPI-pm-op-valid-cpu.patch 25754-x86-PoD-early-access.patch 25755-x86-PoD-types.patch 25756-x86-MMIO-max-mapped-pfn.patch Security Issue references: * CVE-2012-4539 * CVE-2012-3497 * CVE-2012-4411 * CVE-2012-4535 * CVE-2012-4537 * CVE-2012-4536 * CVE-2012-4538 * CVE-2012-4539 * CVE-2012-4544

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