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Id SUSE-2012:7087
Name Novell SUSE 2012:7087 cifs-mount recommended update for SLE 11 SP2 i586
Vendor Name novell
Product None
Content Type Recommended Recommended
Operating System(s) Linux 
Released On 22 Nov 2012 12:00:00


Novell SUSE 2012:7087 cifs-mount recommended update for SLE 11 SP2 i586

Vendor Name




Released On

22 Nov 2012 12:00:00



This collective update to Samba includes the following fixes and improvements: * ACL masks incorrectly applied when setting ACLs (bso#9236) * s3-kerberos: also try with AES keys, when decrypting tickets (bso#9272) * lib/replace: replace all *printf function if we replace snprintf (bso#9390) * lib/addns: don't depend on the order in resp->answers[] (bso#9402) * s4:torture/smb2: improve the smb2.create.blob test (bso#9209) * lib/krb5_wrap: request enc_types in the correct order (bso#9272) * Fix net ads join message for the dns domain (bso#9326) * docs-xml: fix use of tag (bso#9345) * s3-aio_pthread: Optimize aio_pthread_handle_completion (bso#9359) * s3:winbind: Failover if netlogon pipe is not available (bso#9386) * Ensure adding the winbind group never can fail * Create ntadmin group only if it doesn't yet exist * quota: Don't force the block size to 512 (bso#3272) * Fix poll replacement to become a msleep replacement (bso#8107) * Fix wrong test == syntax in configure (bso#8146) * Fix --with(out)-sendfile-support option handling in autoconf (bso#8344) * Fix builtin forms order to match Windows again (bso#8632) * Fix RAW printing for normal users (bso#8769, bnc#790741) * Initialise ticket to ensure we do not invalid memory (bso#8788) * Fix 'net rpc share allowedusers' to work with 2008r2 (bso#8966) * Fix crash on null pam change pw response (bso#9013) * Connection to outbound trusted domain goes offline (bso#9016) * Increase debug level for info that the db is empty (bso#9112) * 'smbclient' can't connect to a Windows 7 server using NTLMv2 (bso#9117) * Winbind can't fetch user or group info from AD via LDAP (bso#9147) * Open printers with the right access mask (bso#9154) * Remove non-existent option '-Y' from winbindd manpage (bso#9171) * Add quota support for gfs2 (bso#9172) * Make SMB2 compound request create/delete_on_close/close work as Windows (bso#9173) * Empty SPNEGO packet can cause smbd to crash (bso#9174) * pam_winbind: Match more return codes when wbcGetPwnam has failed (bso#9177) * Fix crash bug in idmap_hash (bso#9188, bnc#788159) * SMB2 Create doesn't return correct MAX ACCESS access mask in blob (bso#9189) * Fix service control for non-internal services (bso#9192) * Don't take 'state->te' as indication for "was_deferred" (bso#9196) * Parse of invalid SMB2 create blob can cause smbd crash (bso#9209) * Bad ASN.1 NegTokenInit packet can cause invalid free (bso#9213) * Fix segfault in smbd if user specified ports out for range (bso#9218) * Signing cannot be disabled for SMB2 by design, so fix the documentation instead (bso#9222) * Fix NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT during slow import of printers into registry (bso#9231) * When setting a non-default ACL, don't forget to apply masks to SMB_ACL_USER and SMB_ACL_GROUP entries (bso#9236) * lib-addns: ensure that allocated buffer are pre set to 0 (bso#9259) * Make tdb robust against shrinking tdbs and improper CLEAR_IF_FIRST restart (bso#9268) * Add support for reloading systemd services (bso#9280) * Warn via the smbd log if AppArmor and "wide links" are in use (bnc#783719) * Backport FSCTL codes and fix segfault in smbstatus from master (bso#9058) * Fix bad call to memcpy source3/registry/regfio.c (bso#9065)

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