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Id RHBA-2012:1119-01
Name Red Hat 2012:1119-01 RHBA aide bug fix update for RHEL 5 x86
Vendor Name red_hat
Product None
Content Type Recommended Recommended
Operating System(s) Linux 
Released On 07 Jan 2013 12:00:00


Red Hat 2012:1119-01 RHBA aide bug fix update for RHEL 5 x86

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Released On

07 Jan 2013 12:00:00



Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment (AIDE) is a program that creates a database of files on a system, and then uses that database to ensure file integrity and detect system intrusions. This update fixes the following bugs: * The help output of the aide executable did not mention the "-D" option which is a shortcut for "--config-check". The option could only be found on the aide(1) man page. With this update, the "-D" option is mentioned in both the help output and on the man page. (BZ#547658) * Previously, the aide utility incorrectly initialized the gcrypt library. This consequently prevented aide to initialize its database if the system was running in FIPS-compliant mode. The initialization routine has been corrected, and along with an extension to the libgcrypt's API introduced in the RHEA-2012:0484 advisory, aide now initializes its database as expected if run in a FIPS-compliant way. (BZ#553137) * The compare_dbline() function returned an "int" value, even though the function can operate with variables of size larger than "int" (for example, DB_SELINUX, DB_XATTRS or DB_WHIRPOOL). As a consequence, aide could produce incorrect results when checking a database for inconsistencies. The underlying source code has been modified so that the compare_dbline() function now returns an "unsigned long long" value, and aide correctly detects and reports database inconsistencies. (BZ#580253) All users of aide are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.

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