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Id SUSE-2014:9209
Name Novell SUSE 2014:9209 java-1_7_0-openjdk security update for SLED 11 SP3 x86_64
Vendor Name novell
Product Novell
Content Type Critical Critical
Operating System(s) Linux 
Released On 08 May 2014 12:00:00


Novell SUSE 2014:9209 java-1_7_0-openjdk security update for SLED 11 SP3 x86_64

Vendor Name




Released On

08 May 2014 12:00:00



This java-1_7_0-openjdk update to version 2.4.7 fixes the following security and non-security issues: * Security fixes o S8023046: Enhance splashscreen support o S8025005: Enhance CORBA initializations o S8025010, CVE-2014-2412: Enhance AWT contexts o S8025030, CVE-2014-2414: Enhance stream handling o S8025152, CVE-2014-0458: Enhance activation set up o S8026067: Enhance signed jar verification o S8026163, CVE-2014-2427: Enhance media provisioning o S8026188, CVE-2014-2423: Enhance envelope factory o S8026200: Enhance RowSet Factory o S8026716, CVE-2014-2402: (aio) Enhance asynchronous channel handling o S8026736, CVE-2014-2398: Enhance Javadoc pages o S8026797, CVE-2014-0451: Enhance data transfers o S8026801, CVE-2014-0452: Enhance endpoint addressing o S8027766, CVE-2014-0453: Enhance RSA processing o S8027775: Enhance ICU code. o S8027841, CVE-2014-0429: Enhance pixel manipulations o S8028385: Enhance RowSet Factory o S8029282, CVE-2014-2403: Enhance CharInfo set up o S8029286: Enhance subject delegation o S8029699: Update Poller demo o S8029730: Improve audio device additions o S8029735: Enhance service mgmt natives o S8029740, CVE-2014-0446: Enhance handling of loggers o S8029745, CVE-2014-0454: Enhance algorithm checking o S8029750: Enhance LCMS color processing (in-tree LCMS) o S8029760, CVE-2013-6629: Enhance AWT image libraries (in-tree libjpeg) o S8029844, CVE-2014-0455: Enhance argument validation o S8029854, CVE-2014-2421: Enhance JPEG decodings o S8029858, CVE-2014-0456: Enhance array copies o S8030731, CVE-2014-0460: Improve name service robustness o S8031330: Refactor ObjectFactory o S8031335, CVE-2014-0459: Better color profiling (in-tree LCMS) o S8031352, CVE-2013-6954: Enhance PNG handling (in-tree libpng) o S8031394, CVE-2014-0457: (sl) Fix exception handling in ServiceLoader o S8031395: Enhance LDAP processing o S8032686, CVE-2014-2413: Issues with method invoke o S8033618, CVE-2014-1876: Correct logging output o S8034926, CVE-2014-2397: Attribute classes properly o S8036794, CVE-2014-0461: Manage JavaScript instances * Backports o S8004145: New improved, ctrl-c now properly terminates mercurial processes. o S8007625: race with nested repos in /common/bin/ o S8011178: improve common/bin/ python detection (MacOS) o S8011342: : 'python --version' not supported on older python o S8011350: uses non-POSIX sh features that may fail with some shells o S8024200: handle hg wrapper with space after #! o S8025796: could trigger unbuffered output from hg without complicated machinations o S8028388: 9 jaxws tests failed in nightly build with java.lang.ClassCastException o S8031477: [macosx] Loading AWT native library fails o S8032370: No "Truncated file" warning from IIOReadWarningListener on JPEGImageReader

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