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Threat Risk LOW LOW
Destructivity MEDIUM MEDIUM
Payload Backdoor, terminates AV processes
Detection files published
Description created 02 Mar 2004 08:23:00
Description updated 02 Mar 2004 09:17:00
Malware type WORM
Spreading mechanism EMAIL
Summary None



When run this worm will copy itself to the Windows System directory using the file name [SYSTEM]irun4.exe.Registry keys created by the worm:HKCUSOFTWAREDatetime HKCUSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion   Run ssate.exe = [SYSTEM]irun4.exeShare/P2P propagationThis worm will copy itself to local and shared network drives. The worm looks for folders containing the string "shar" and copies itself into those folders as:Microsoft Office 2003 Crack, Working!.exeMicrosoft Office XP working Crack, Keygen.exeMicrosoft Windows XP, WinXP Crack, workingKeygen.exePorno Screensaver.scrPorno, sex, oral, anal cool, awesome!!.exePorno pics arhive, xxx.exeSerials.txt.exeWindown Longhorn Beta Leak.exeWindows Sourcecode update.doc.exeXXX hardcore images.exeOpera 8 New!.exeWinAmp 5 Pro Keygen Crack Update.exeWinAmp 6 New!.exeMatrix 3 Revolution English Subtitles.exeAdobe Photoshop 9 full.exeAhead Nero 7.exeACDSee 9.exeEmail propagationThe worm contains its own SMTP engine and will send itself to addresses found on the local computer. These addresses are picked from files of following containing the following strings are mails have spoofed FROM: addresses. They will appear to come from addresses like the following:management@[recipient domain]administration@[recipient domain]staff@[recipient domain]noreply@[recipient domain]support@[recipient domain]Mails subjects are composed from the following:E-mail account security warning.Notify about using the e-mail account.Warning about your e-mail account.Important notify about your e-mail account.Email account utilization warning.Notify about your e-mail account utilization.E-mail account disabling warning.Mail bodies are created from multiple parts:1. Intro:Dear user of [recipient domain],Dear user of [recipient domain] gateway e-mail serverDear user of e-mail server "[recipient domain]Hello user of [recipient domain] e-mail server,Dear user of "[recipient domain]" mailing system,Dear user, the management of [recipient domain] mailing system wants to let you know that, 2. Main body: Your e-mail account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access.Our main mailing server will be temporary unavaible for next two days, to continue receiving mail in these days you have to configure our free auto-forwarding service. Your e-mail account will be disabled because of improper using in next three days, if you are still wishing to use it, please, resign your account information.We warn you about some attacks on your e-mail account. Your computer may contain viruses, in order to keep your computer and e-mail account safe, please, follow the instructions. Our antivirus software has detected a large ammount of viruses outgoing from your email account, you may use our free anti-virus tool to clean up your computer software.Some of our clients complained about the spam (negative e-mail content) outgoing from your e-mail account. Probably, you have been infected by a proxy-relay trojan server. In order to keep your computer safe, follow the instructions. 3. More information:For more information see the attached file.Further details can be obtained from attached file.Advanced details can be found in attached file.For details see the attach. For details see the attached file.For further details see the attach.Please, read the attach for further details.Pay attention on attached file.4. Closing:The ManagementSincerely,Best wishes,Have a good day,Cheers,Kind regards,The [recipient domain] team http://www.[recipient domain] 5. Attachment:AttachInformationReadmeDocumentInfoTextDocumentTextFileMoreInfoMessageFile extension will be EXE, PIF or ZIP. ZIP files are passwordprotected with a 5-digit password, and in these cases the mail will also contain one of the following statements:For security reasons attached file is password protected. The password is "[password]".For security purposes the attached file is password protected. Password is "[password]"Attached file protected with the password for security reasons. Password is [password].In order to read the attach you have to use the following password: [password].

Payload Details

The worm installs a backdoor on the computer. It listens by default on port 2745. This backdoor can f.ex. be used for uploading and executing a program.It attempts to contact the following web sites: This way the hacker can log who is vulnerable. However, these scripts appear not to be active.The worm also looks for an terminates the following security processes:ATUPDATER.EXEAVWUPD32.EXEAVPUPD.EXELUALL.EXEDRWEBUPW.EXEICSSUPPNT.EXEICSUPP95.EXEUPDATE.EXENUPGRADE.EXEATUPDATER.EXEAUPDATE.EXEAUTODOWN.EXEAUTOTRACE.EXEAUTOUPDATE.EXEAVXQUAR.EXECFIAUDIT.EXEMCUPDATE.EXENUPGRADE.EXEOUTPOST.EXEAVLTMAIN.EXE





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