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Threat Risk NONE NONE
Destructivity NONE NONE
Detection files published
Description created 31 Jan 2005 02:19:00
Description updated 31 Jan 2005 02:19:00
Malware type WORM
Alias W32/Bagz-F
Spreading mechanism EMAIL
Summary None



Bagz.F starts by creating 2 files in the %SystemRoot% directory. These files are: Trace32.exe, 40,448 bytes, UPX packed SysInfo32.exe, 102,400 bytes, UPX packed The worm then executes “Trace32.exe", which registers itself as a service with the following details: Service Name: Windows Secure SSL Description: This service implements the secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) for the HTTP service The service then creates a copy of the ‘dropper’ in the %SystemRoot% directory as: Sqlssl.doc.exe, a copy of the worm Bagz.F then harvests emails from files with these extensions: .TBB .tbb .TBI .tbi .DBX .dbx .HTM .htm .TXT .txt The worm disregards any addresses it finds that contain these strings: winzip winrar webmaster@ update unix support@ support spam sopho samples root@ rating@ postmaster@ pgp panda ntivi noreply noone@ nobody@ news netadmin@ local list serv linux kasp info@ icrosoft hostmaster@ help@ google gold-certs@ gold- free -av feste f-secur contract@ contact@ certs@ certific cafee bugs@ bsd anyone@ all@ administrator@ admin abuse @microsoft @messagelab @iana @foo @avp Bagz.F then uses its own SMTP engine to mass mail itself to all harvested addresses. Mails may have the following characteristics: Subject Allert! re: order re: please re: Andrey Vasia text Warning Administrator best regards waiting attach attachments Amirecans Russian's Hello Have a nice day office Money contract toxic urgent Read this please responce ASAP Body Hi Did you get the previous document I attached for you? I resent it in this email just in case, because I really need you to check it out asap. Best Regards Hi I made a mistake and forgot to click attach on the previous email I sent you. Please give me your opinion on this opportunity when you get a chance. Best Regards Hi I was supposed to send you this document yesterday. Sorry for the delay, please forward this to your family if possible. It contains important info for both of you. Hi Sorry, I forgot to send an important document to you in that last email. I had an important phone call. Please checkout attached doc file when you have a moment. Best Regards Hi I was in a rush and I forgot to attach an important document. Please see attached doc file. Best Regards, Sorry to bother you, but I am having a problem receiving your emails. I am responding to your last email in the attached file. Please get back to me if there is any problem reading the attachment. I am responding to your last email in the attached file. I had a delivery problem with your inbox, so maybe you'll receive this now. Can you please check out the email I have attached? For some reason, I received only part of your last several emails. I want to make sure that there are no problems with either of our accounts. This email is being sent as attachment because it was previously blocked by your email filters. Please view the attachment and respond. Thanks I resent this email as attachment because it was previously blocked by your email filters. Please read the attachment and respond. Thanks I apologize, but I need you to verify that I have the correct contact info for you. My system crashed last weekend and I lost most of my friends and work contacts. Please check the attached (.pdf) and please let me know if your info is current. My last email to you was returned. The reason is that I am not currently added to your "allowed" contact list. Please add my updated contact info provided in the attached (.pdf) file so I can send you emails in the future. Sincerely I have updated my email address See the (.pdf) file attached and please respond if you have any questions. We have made recent updates to our database. Please verify your mailing address on file is correct. We have attached a (.pdf) sheet for you to use for your response. Hello Our contact information has changed. See the attached (.pdf) sheet for details. Sincerely, ***URGENT: SERVICE SHUTDOWN NOTICE*** Due to your failure to comply with our email Rules and Regulations, your email account has been temporarily suspended for 24 hours unless we are contacted regarding this situation. You must read the attached document for further instructions. Failure to comply will result in termination of your account. Regards, Net Operator ***URGENT: SERVICE SHUTDOWN NOTICE*** ***ATTENTION: YOUR EMAIL IS NOT BEING DELIVERED!*** You are currently unable to send emails. This may be a billing issue. Please call the billing center. The # for the billing office is located in the attached contact list for your convenience. ***ATTENTION: YOUR EMAIL IS NOT BEING DELIVERED!*** ***YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED AS SPAM*** Hello, The previous email you sent has been recognized as spam. This means your email was not delivered to your friend or client. You must open the attached file to receive more information.' ***YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED AS SPAM*** Hello, What version of windows you are using? This last document I received from you came out weird. Please see the attached word file and resend the file to me.' Many thanks, User Hello, My PC crashed while I was sending that last email. I have re-attached the document of yours that I discovered. Please read attached document and respond ASAP. Sincerely, User Hello, Your email was sent in an INVALID format. To verify this email was sent from you, simply open the attached email (.eml) file and click yes in the sender options box. Thank You, User Hello, Your email was received. YOUR REPLY IS URGENT! Please view the attached text file for instructions. Regards, User Hello, I was in a hurry and I forgot to attach an important document. Please see attached. Best Regards, User Hello, I resent this email as attachment because it was previously blocked by your email filters. Please read the attachment and respond. Thanks,User Hello, Sorry, I forgot to attach the new contact information. Please view the attached (.pdf) contact sheet. Sincerely, User Attachment backup.doc .exe admin.doc .exe archivator.doc .exe about.doc .exe readme.doc .exe help.doc .exe photos.doc .exe payment.doc .exe archives.doc .exe manual.doc .exe inbox.doc .exe outbox.doc .exe save.doc .exe rar.doc .exe zip.doc .exe ataches.doc .exe documentation.doc .ex

Payload Details

Bagz.F will delete any registry entries which contain references to any of these strings in its value:mpfagent.exempfconsole.exempfservice.exempftray.exempfui.dllmpfupdchk.dllmpfwizard.exemvtx.exedunzip32.dllmcappins.exemcinfo.exemghtml.exe804mbd1.chk804mbd1.imgappinit.iniashldres.dlledisk.dllemscnres.dllftscnres.dllimscnbin.infimscnres.infmcavtsub.dllmcmnhdlr.exemcscan32.dllmcshield.exemcurial.dllmcvsctl.dllmcvsescn.exemcvsftsn.exemcvsmap.exemcvsrte.exemcvsscrp.dllmcvsshl.dllmcvsshld.exemcvsskt.dllmcvsworm.dllnaiann.dllnaievent.dllntclient.dlloutscan.dlloutscres.dllpatchw32.dllscan.datscanserv.dllscrpres.dllscrpsbin.infscrstres.infshextbin.infshextres.infshlres.dllvsagntui.dllmcshield.dllvsoui.dllvsoupd.dllvsowow.dllwormres.dllalert.zapemail.zapfilter.zapfirewall.zapframewrk.dllidlock.zapprograms.zapsecurity.zaptutorwiz.dllzatutor.exezauninst.exezav.zapzlclient.exezl_priv.htmzonealarm.execamupd.dllcerbprovider.pvxssleay32.dllvsavpro.dllvsdb.dllvsmon.exevsruledb.dllvsvault.dllzlparser.dllaboutplg.dllapwcmdnt.dllapwutil.dllavcompbr.dllavres.dllbootwarn.execcavmail.dllccimscan.dllccimscn.execfgwiz.execfgwzres.dlldefalert.dlldjsalert.dllltchkres.dlln32call.dlln32exclu.dllnavap32.dllnavapscr.dllnavapsvc.exenavapw32.dllnavapw32.exenavcfgwz.dllnavcomui.dllnaverror.dllnavevent.dllnavlcom.dllnavlnch.dllnavlogv.dllnavlucbk.dllnavntutl.dllnavoptrf.dllnavopts.dllnavprod.dllnavshext.dllnavstats.dllnavstub.exenavtasks.dllnavtskwz.dllnavui.dllnavui.nsinavuihtm.dllnavw32.exenavwnt.exenetbrext.dlloeheur.dllofficeav.dllopscan.exepatch25d.dllprobegse.dllptchinst.dllqconres.dllqconsole.exeqspak32.dllquar32.dllquarantinequaropts.dats32integ.dlls32navo.dllsavrt.syssavrt32.dllsavrtpel.syssavscan.exescandlvr.dllscandres.dllscanmgr.dllscriptui.dllsdpck32i.dllsdsnd32i.dllsdsok32i.dllsdstp32i.dllstatushp.dllsymnavo.dllashavast.exeashbug.exeashchest.exeashdisp.exeashlogv.exeashmaisv.exeashpopwz.exeashquick.exeashserv.exeashsimpl.exeashskpcc.exeashskpck.exeaswboot.exeaswregsvr.exeaswupdsv.exesched.exepersfw.exepfwadmin.exeThe worm also overwrites the hosts file, blocking access to the following





Last Updated: 12 Nov 2015 11:06:14