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Vulnerability Score 9.0 9.0
CVE Id CVE-2015-0635
Last Modified 01 Oct 2015 01:13:36
Published 26 Mar 2015 06:59:00
Confidentiality Impact PARTIAL PARTIAL
Integrity Impact PARTIAL PARTIAL
Availability Impact COMPLETE COMPLETE
Access Vector NETWORK
Access Complexity LOW
Authentication NONE



The Autonomic Networking Infrastructure (ANI) implementation in Cisco IOS 12.2, 12.4, 15.0, 15.2, 15.3, and 15.4 and IOS XE 3.10.xS through 3.13.xS before 3.13.1S allows remote attackers to spoof Autonomic Networking Registration Authority (ANRA) responses, and consequently bypass intended device and node access restrictions or cause a denial of service (disrupted domain access), via crafted AN messages, aka Bug ID CSCup62191.

Vulnerable Systems

Operating System

  • Cisco Ios 12.2%2833%29ird1

  • Cisco Ios 12.2%2833%29ire3

  • Cisco Ios 12.2%2833%29sxi4b

  • Cisco Ios 12.2%2844%29sq1

  • Cisco Ios 12.4%2825e%29jam1

  • Cisco Ios 12.4%2825e%29jap1m

  • Cisco Ios 12.4%2825e%29jaz1

  • Cisco Ios 15.0%282%29ed1

  • Cisco Ios 15.2%281%29ex

  • Cisco Ios 15.2%282%29jb1

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%282%29s2

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%283%29ja1n

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%283%29jab1

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%283%29jn

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%283%29jnb

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%283%29s

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%283%29s1

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%283%29s2

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%283%29s3

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%283%29s4

  • Cisco Ios 15.3%283%29s5

  • Cisco Ios 15.4%281%29s

  • Cisco Ios 15.4%281%29s1

  • Cisco Ios 15.4%281%29s2

  • Cisco Ios 15.4%281%29s3

  • Cisco Ios 15.4%282%29s

  • Cisco Ios 15.4%282%29s1

  • Cisco Ios 15.4%282%29s2

  • Cisco Ios 15.4%283%29s

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.10s.0

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.10s.1

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.10s.2

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.10s.3

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.10s.4

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.10s.5

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.11s.0

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.11s.1

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.11s.2

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.11s.3

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.12s.0

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.12s.1

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.12s.2

  • Cisco Ios Xe 3.13s.0


CISCO - 20150325 Multiple Vulnerabilities in Cisco IOS Software and IOS XE Software Autonomic Networking Infrastructure

SECTRACK - 1031982

Last Updated: 27 May 2016 11:08:13